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Putting top margin in table – border in footer

I’m trying to create a table with a border of top margin of 10 pixels, and there is a footer which contains 1px border. I have tried to put “footer” in in the div with table tag, but it didn’t work.
I have tried to put footer in the span and the footer worked as I wanted, but the margin is in the table.
Here is my code:


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Command sequence to check if fields in list are populated (with or without “0” or NULL)

I have a collection of objects that I’m maintaining in a database. Some of the objects are optional. When I first save them, if they’re not part of the main entity they are saved as NULL for all their fields. I’m going through and doing some field-checking before I save them, but I want to be sure I’m doing it safely and not leaving any NULL values. I’d like to check the list of objects and say if any are NULL, then do something to that object. Is there a built-in command I can check them, or do I need to do a loop with a SELECT COUNT?
Code Sample:
foreach (MyObject o in objList)
if (o.Name == NULL)
// Do something