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Facegen Modeler V3 5 3 _TOP_ Keygen Cr

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Facegen Modeler V3 5 3 Keygen Cr

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PIC16F877A microcontroller won’t work properly when connecting to an arduino uno r3 and the 28BYJ-48

I started working with the PIC16F877A microcontroller in order to be able to interface my project with a raspberry pi 3, and I faced this problem when connecting the PIC16F877A to an arduino uno r3: I can’t get serial readings from the rpi. When I connect the PIC16F877A to my arduino and get readings from serial, the PIC16F877A acts like a serial communication with my computer, but nothing when I connect it to the raspberry pi. I have checked everything many times, and I don’t think this is a hardware problem. Also I have tried this with a different micocontroller without success.


As stated in the comments, you need to give some more details about the problem. The problem has not been stated that it is a hardware problem or a software problem. (although it could be a software problem).
If you can take a photo of the PCB diagram, post that.

If this is not clear already, I can do some guesswork, but you will need more information:

Is the “Serial RX” line connected to anything? Do you have any parts between the RX line and the RX signal?

Will a multimeter measurement of the RX signal show any changes when you change the RX line to the PIC?

Is any other pin on the PIC connected to ground?

Are you sure that the RX signal (that you see on the multimeter) is on the PIC?

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