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The elephant in the room, it seems, is foreign aid. As the elite look on in horror at the Western world’s crippling economic collapse, the U.N. (and its sister organizations like the IMF, World Bank and WTO) are about to provide the answer to the economic crisis. They will provide the aid. The U.N. plans to find a way to fund a $1 trillion bailout package.

The Working Group on Financing for Development (WGfD) was established in 2001 as a technical body to recommend ways of improving the effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of external aid. In its two annual reports, the WGfD has called for more accurate and complete data on flows of international aid and argued that less aid, better targeted, would generate more economic development. It has also stressed that donors themselves should take responsibility for public finances, and called for closer ties between donors and recipient countries.

The WGfD has never been widely welcomed. Its ideas have never been taken up. The reason, I suspect, is that for all its pretensions to normality, something far more sinister is going on at the U.N. The issue is not that aid is unimportant; it is that it is extraordinarily important, and that it is responsible for the economic misery with which the rest of the world is coping. Aid cannot be solved with a bailout package. But so that billions of dollars can be deployed to sustain the elite, some people are going to have to be sacrificed.

The elite — the diplomats, the political apparatchiks and the media — are going to have to work a little harder to transfer their wealth and power. And the English-speaking world, the United States in particular, is going to have to spend a few more dollars and provide a bit more material support to the developing world — not least as a demonstration of goodwill and as

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How do I get a list of all scripts run on the site?

When you log into your StackExchange account you can view your ‘Recently Banned’ and ‘Recently Asked’ tabs.
Is there a way to pull a list of all the files that were run by the server when you access this page?
I’d like to know when stuff has been run so I can have a log of when a script has run, maybe a log of when various libraries, widgets or plugins have been loaded.


I can’t find any way to get that information. Unfortunately all we have at this point is “hey, it looks like they did something, here’s a list of files”, and we are not even sure if it’s always the same list.
You could download a log file from the site to your local machine, and then review that file if you wanted, or write a script to read that file if it’s always the same format. But that’s really not going to be very helpful to someone looking to “see when stuff was run” unless that information is somehow embedded in that log.

The new trap at the Knightsbridge nuclear power station has become the first in the UK to use the Sentry Multi-reactivity monitor.

It provides a continuous real-time reading of what is happening around the facility and its waste.

The monitor provides an early warning and can give an accurate prediction of the rate of contamination spreading in the earth and atmosphere, which could be an indication of something coming up on the horizon which might be dangerous.

Image caption
The new monitor is able to detect contamination before

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