Windows Sharing Pack V0.9.8 Startimes

Windows Sharing Pack V0.9.8 Startimes


Windows Sharing Pack V0.9.8 Startimes

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August 30,


Hello everyone I hope you’re doing well, I started solving this problem today because I am having the same issue, I hope you can help.
I had the same problem I fixed it with the settings of my router on the Security tab I set WPA2 and AES (or WEP or wep 128).
Then I visited google’s IP scanner to find the IP that was attacking me and then blocked them by searching the site in google and go to the link and click ‘Block a website’ (I set it for 60 days).
I would also recommend you to run the tool that has a router you may have one of those running.
The tool i found that was helpful is :

I hope it helps.

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