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My #1 gigabyte of space is fully-occupied and I’ve got it down to very little room.
Now what?
• Oh, yeah… I’ll get back to that.
• I just really wanted to share these photos with you and thanks for listening!
• Most of the stuff I’ve got, you probably already know about…
• No, I’m not dead, I’m just working on being creatively invigorated.
• The gifs are cute, thanks!
• Sending smaller video clips for a while.
• I’ll continue to blog… just not here…
• I get to see a whole bunch of really awesome work and interesting threads.
• I will also definitely take advantage of this opportunity to not take your $3.00 for you.
• I’ll work on a new editor this year, too…
• I just happen to have time for this right now.
• And I love all of you!

Cute and Awesome? This is my first time posting anything here. My names Mick, and I’m here to share! Something I noticed while surfing around, is that when I look at the tags, they all get listed in alphabetical order. While I’m fine with that, I figured there are lots of users out there who’d rather have their tags categorized. So I’m writing this for myself and for them.
1. Cute and Awesome…
2. Cute and Awesome
3. Cute and Awesome
4. Cute and Awesome
5. Cute and Awesome
6. Cute and Awesome
8. Cute and Awesome
9. Cute and Awesome
10. C


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