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How to have different pairings in a made-up problem set?

I have a made up problem set, which I want to assign to students, who have the same A level maths. The problem set is made up, and I’m not sure how to assign this set. I was thinking of giving them each a copy, and naming it something like ‘A Real World Problem Set’ or ‘A Made Up Problem Set’.
I was also thinking of placing the problem set in a sealed envelope, with only the question number showing, and then the students being given a serial number, which would be used to keep track of how many they have answered correctly. Is this feasible?
Edit: Thanks for all the comments, however, some answers have suggested to have students note in on a worksheet how many they have right, and use a built in number counter. However, if these students have 20 problems, it would be physically impossible to write down in order all the correct answers.


I would put the problem in a sealed envelope, with each student being assigned a number; then, when you release the envelope, you can just give the students their numbers. For example, with 20 problems, you might assign students 1-20 in order. Then, when you open the envelope, you would distribute the numbers in groups of 5 to students, so that each student would be assigned, for example, 4, 6, 9, 11, 14.


This is very likely the best solution:

Have students note the number on their work sheet
Have them keep work sheets in a binder or notebook
Have them show up when they want to move on to the next problem
Take all the work sheets and put them all in a box
Open the box one problem at a time, and assign the problem based on the work sheet number

Remember that you shouldn’t reveal the correct answers in case someone gets the idea to look them up; to change something the wrong way, would be to correct the problem.


A worksheet is a good idea. I think at this stage it would be best if you did not let students know the answers to the problems that were previously given

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