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Monday, October 7, 2009

John Stith Pemberton

John Stith Pemberton, known as John T. Pemberton (September 4, 1828 – March 10, 1912) was an American entrepreneur from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who developed the infamous Pemberton’s French Wine Soda, which he patented in 1880. The patented beverage was later renamed Coca-Cola and was a large contributor to the rise of the Coca-Cola Company.He also created the company, H.J. Heinz Company which makes some of America’s best known foods and products including Heinz ketchup.

John Pemberton was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1828. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and studied pharmacy at the Washington College of Medicine. Later he moved to New Orleans where he worked as a pharmacist. From there he moved to San Francisco where he became one of the founders of many new industries, including the San Francisco and Oakland Railway, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and the Lick Observatory.

At age 34 he was elected mayor of San Francisco, but his hyperactive, erratic and uncontrollable behavior quickly turned him into a laughingstock. In 1861, he was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

After his release he moved back to Philadelphia where he became a successful entrepreneur. In his spare time he loved to play the piano and write poetry. He married twice, first to Emeline Pemberton, who died in 1860. The relationship was very short-lived, but they still were married when she gave birth to their first son in 1865.In 1874, at age 45, Pemberton met Olivia Newton-John, who was 19 years his junior. They fell in love and were married the next year.

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