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My question is, is there any way to mitigate this?
I am quite novice to file system, so I have no idea what’s going on.


I’m assuming that the android device is running in ntfs file system and thus, windows is treating it as a read-only file system.
C:\>attributes \\computername\storage\jason-walker.epub >attrib-out.txt

It will list all attributes of the file. Files having the Attribute, “Read-only” will show up in output and do not allow you to modify the attribute.
In my case it was the very first file on that partition. I don’t see anything like that on your output file but could be as case is different.

You can select all files in this location and then right click on any of them and properties from the context menu and see if any of the attributes are Read-only. If you find that some of them are not marked, then you can manually modify them and try to save changes.


Is it a bad idea to set a timeout handler when using XP’s SendMessage?

I’m creating a program which occasionally sends out a background process of messages.
While doing this, I’m sending out a msg via SendMessage() with the timeout handle.
When the timeout occurs, some error checking code is executed and then I kill the background thread.
Is it a bad idea to use a time handler when sending the message?
I’ve got some critical systems that might crash if the send message fails.
Note: I’m sending out fairly long messages (~20kb).
MessageLines and MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH are defined in winuser.h
int WriteMessage(HANDLE h, LPCTSTR lpsz, HWND hwnd, int wMsg, int wParam, unsigned long dwTime);
int MessageLines = 0;
unsigned long MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH = 80 * 1024;


Some programs send a series of messages in a loop, waiting for a reply. If they all fail, the program goes into an infinite loop and fails to respond to any more requests until it is restarted.
I believe this is common practice when dealing with network communications. The idea is that you send as much data as the recipient can understand. If



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