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A Unique Hunting and Survival Experience
Online multiplayer survival where you can form community of like minded players to solve your survival mysteries. Each player is unique: Each has a starting wealth, know-how and items, and must defeat opponents, rival gangs, and a wide variety of wildlife that may attempt to eat you. Players can take part in a multitude of weather scenarios as the world changes around them.
Improved Graphics and Realistic Survival
The game is beautifully rendered using Unreal Engine 4. With more than 10 years of experience crafting the CRYENGINE technology, we were able to push the visual quality to a new level bringing out the beauty of the complex open-world, the sheer detail of each object and environment, and the varied and diverse foliage and animals, all in real-time.

Originally released on Steam in January 2019. More recent updates were added to the Steam client on May 24, 2019.


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Features Key:

  • Haunted campus map with over 800 rooms
  • Great graphics
  • Realistic weapons.
  • Awesome music.
  • Impressive Sound FX.
  • A well balance game.
  • Multiplayer game.
  • Limited game time (3-10 minutes depending on patience)

    How to install the game:

    1. Download ZombiShooter2 APK (
    2. Sign UP or sign in to “Google Play Console”
    3. In “Select APK” section > APK file
    4. Open APK file after downloading
    5. Select “Install”
    6. Done.

    How to clear the game:

    1. Open “Google Play Store” from the home screen (IOS)
    2. Tap the hamburger button from top-right corner.
    3. Tap “Recent apps” from there.
    4. Look for Zombi Shooter 2.
    5. Tap on “Delete Application” and select “Yes” (IOS).
    6. Tap back to the “Google Play Store” screen.
    7. Re-login by tapping the “logout” button from the hamburger menu.

    How to play the game:

    1. Tap the screen to shoot.
    2. Tap the crosshair to aim weapon.
    3. Hold down the screen to slow down or stop the game.
    4. Tap the extra ammo button to get more ammo.
    5. Tap the weapons to swap the currently active weapon with it.
    6. Tap the extra weapon button to get more extra weapons.
    7. To reload your current weapon, tap the weapon button again.
    8. Tap the back button to go back to the level selection.

    Zombie Shooter 2 Game Screen Shots:



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      Zombie Shooter 2 2022 Crack: gun system modeled on the M61 Vulcan anti-aircraft missile. Improved ballistic model for the gun.
      Recoil model for the engine for smooth and stable shot.
      Type C gun, extended sight and ballistic calculator.
      Based on a fictional data for a so-called, “Battle of Mexico City” in October 1972, when infantry, armor and artillery units of the US army clashed in new urban combat conditions with hordes of guerillas, common people and terrorists.
      Zombie Shooter 2: weapon specula.
      Zombie Shooter 2: weapon system constructed for a Soviet Railgun.
      Zombie Shooter 2: weapon system equipped with type of the Vector rocket.
      About the battle of Mexico City:
      The battle of Mexico City took place on October 20 to 27, 1972, when three entire divisions of the U.S. army met with a guerrilla army in a fierce confrontation in a state called “Mexico City” on its territory. The enemy had managed to reach “City” from the north and east at the time of their arrival.
      The result of the battle was the death or wounding of approximately 10 thousand soldiers, including more than 7 thousand combat casualties.
      Your task is to simulate all combat actions on the American forces during the first days of a confrontation with the guerrilla.
      Zombie Shooter 2: you are part of the response team and on the battle field you must save your comrades from the assault of an overwhelming enemy. While you advance you must defend yourself with deadly weapons.
      Don’t stand still, but advance for a considerable distance and do not miss at any opportunity to destroy enemies using various types of weapons.
      Shooting up a target with a gun changes the tone of the weapon. The probability of achieving a hit depends on the characteristics of the weapon.
      Using a machinegun, an M60 machinegun, a sniper rifle or a submachine gun kills the target instantly.
      Enemies attack with hand grenades and automatic machinegun fire.
      Weapons reload automatically with weapon’s magazine after every shot.
      If necessary, you can attach a scoped sighting attachment to the weapon to increase the gun accuracy.
      To defeat the enemy you have to squeeze the trigger of the firearm and use full-auto mode. You can activate this mode pressing the button F under the text of the weapon.
      The game’s difficulty is adjusted to your skill level. If you are an experienced soldier, you’ll be given a medal of honor if you manage to successfully complete the battle.


      Zombie Shooter 2 Download

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      What’s new:

      Zombie Shooter 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by American video game developer Gearbox Software and released by Atari on its Arcade and Atari Jaguar platforms in 1993. A sequel, the original title Zombie Raider, was released by Gearbox as a separate game for Jaguar; the rights to the game are now owned by Atari, who has also published a remake for Microsoft Windows. In both versions of the game, the player’s character can assume human form.


      In both games, the player controls the main character through levels of which the player can recall at their leisure. The player must also execute certain secondary actions in order to progress through the game and to defeat enemies, such as rescuing allies, opening doors, using cybernetic armaments and health kits, etc. Players can also use the map function to see how many rooms are in each level. In both games, one can also get the opportunity to rescue a hostage who has been captured. If the character is shot, the game is over. Unlike Horror? A Game of Chills?, Zombie Shooter 2 features more than just a single character. The player could switch places with the new protagonist at any time during the game. The player can finish the game with any of the two protagonists and all the action that took place with said character will have no effect on the game.

      The player can become Max Payne, a well-paid FBI agent (first in the standard version; later, a second version of the game switches between the protagonists Rambo and McCrae) and start following a drug conspiracy. Learning about the death of his family, he moved to Mexico to track down the killers. He learns how to use two weapons, the.38 Police Special and the new bulletproof Kelly skin-head coat. If the first protagonist is pursued by zombies, the second character appears as a character who was killed and becomes undead, gaining superhuman speed, strength and durability. By pressing the fire button, one can shoot the undead minions and drop them behind the enemy to be killed later on.

      In the futuristic version, up to three additional characters come into play with their own loadout of guns. One is Niki, a police lieutenant, who has gained this special weaponry as a proof of his superior martial skill. The other two are named Ben and Audrey. Ben’s abilities are the most impressive: he can render himself invincible and has access to a range of cybernetic devices, including a shield, a flamethrower, a


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      How To Crack Zombie Shooter 2:



      System Requirements For Zombie Shooter 2:

      Stable Internet Connection
      Internet Explorer 7
      2GB of RAM
      2GB of Available Hard Disk Space
      Microsoft Silverlight is required to play the game. This can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website. If you don’t already have Microsoft Silverlight installed, you will need to do so.
      Upcoming Updates:
      These are currently being worked on:
      Team Member:
      Ravi Kumar
      Completely Free-to-Play (No IAP)
      Single Player