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QuizWitz is a free party quiz game. It’s fun, interactive and fast paced. The goal is simple: you and your friends will test each other’s knowledge. It requires no previous knowledge, and within ten minutes you will enjoy a pleasant and fun evening.
If you’ve always dreamed about a trivia night, but have never found a fun game to play, QuizWitz will be the perfect party game for you.
Key features:
– Play with all your friends and test your knowledge on almost every topic
– No need to watch a boring quiz show
– Test each other with over 30 categories
– Ingenious question types, e.g. multiple choice, button- and mind-click, word search, letters & numbers
– Play with a friend, or get random partners from your friends list
– Discover a huge collection of question topics
– Quiz your friends over a social network
– Now with community leaderboards and much more
Please note: QuizWitz has been designed for all types of devices. It is mobile-optimized and supports tablets and smartphones. But it also plays just fine on computer. You can also use it as a standalone trivia game by downloading the quiz app to your smartphone.
Supported devices
– iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
– Android smartphone and tablet (not all devices are supported)
How to play
QuizWitz is a party game. Play over your social networks, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, and challenge your friends to a quiz.
Just tap on the game icon to start a round or choose one of the challenges to start with.
Show your friends which topics you know best and see how they rank among their friends.
Connect with QuizWitz on Facebook and Twitter and show them your progress.
QuizWitz is a free game developed by a small company in Germany. It is available for Android and iOS devices. It is also available on every Amazon Appstore. If you want to make a donation to us, visit our Website.

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The mobile


Features Key:

  • Games in Wizardry- Style
  • 4-8 Player local/LAN/Internet Multiplayer
  • DelveVenture-esque Storyline
  • Randomly Generated Dungeon/Worlds
  • Wizardry-Style Magic and Exploration
  • Various Game Modes
  • Numenera/Wizardry-Style Picking Options
  • Classic Settings
  • Immediate Save/Load
  • Complete World Replayability

Wandering Gem Jockeying Game Manual Installation Steps

  1. Install with supplied files;
  2. Select Random;
  3. Play.

Installing From The Source

  1. Locate the supplied files;
  2. Extract as Normal;
  3. Select Random;
  4. Play.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95/NT4/XP
  • 2.4 Ghz Pentium II+;
  • 256MB Ram (256MB Ram recommended for random play, 512mb may be better);
  • Windows Media Player 8/7
  • Pair Program;
  • Pair Console for multiplayer.


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Crowdfund your dream project on Kickstarter! Create a world where your imagination can run wild!
Explore the beautifully-crafted world of Caladrius Blaze where you can discover incredible plants, beautiful seascapes, mysterious ruins, dramatic flying platforms, charming inhabitants, fearsome monsters and the nefarious Creel organization!
Wander around to collect gems and find your way to the UNescorted continent. It’s not as simple as it sounds!
Story and music composed by Ricardo Alcantara and Luis Cuesta
Help the fiery red-haired sprite with his quest in this action-packed noir adventure
Play the breathtaking Vorpal Blade mode and plunge into the fight with powerful attacks
Collect gems from the ground, display them on your pants and earn valuable powers
Control the fireball sprite and become a master in the game’s slow-burning duel system
Discover the mystical story of the orange-haired sprite’s ongoing quest in this daring adventure
Put your imagination to the test and create your own special story within the game world
Collect, combine and fuse countless items to become an unstoppable force in the beautifully-crafted world
Hear amazing tunes while you play!
Take the starring role in this thrilling adventure in a world of flying mysteries and wild delights
Behold a vast and unique game world created in high-definition graphics
Discover awesome gameplay and amazing rewards
Control Vorpal Blade — your fireball sprite — using the stylus or analog stick
Discover how to use Vorpal Blade in tricky situations
Wield over 200 powerful attacks and become the next icon on the leaderboards
Meet over-powered characters in the story mode
Fight against a high-class opponent in the duel mode
Showcase your talents in time-gated challenges
Take part in online multiplayer to show off your awesome techniques
Connect to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network for network play
Earn points towards higher scores on the leaderboards
Party leaderboards for arcade mode
In single-player, try and beat the leaderboard
There are 15 characters with their own unique abilities and weapons
Discover amazing items that will boost your combat abilities
There are a huge number of machines and weapons to discover
Power-up a spaceship with the oxygen and weapons to launch a powerful attack
Fly to the tops of mountains and fly through our dynamic world to discover amazing secrets
Every character has two special attacks
Earn medals and collect gems to reach character-specific rewards
Become a master in Caladrius Blaze


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Take your first steps in the graphic adventure game genre! Key FeaturesClear, detailed graphics.Beautiful music.Fantastic puzzle elements.A nice story.Enjoyable gameplay.Doesnt have voice in the beginning. You can change that option in the options menu.Other things that are not mentioned here, are achievements for completing every level and walking through the jungle.
Enjoy a series of whimsical and thought-provoking stories, set across three wondrous worlds, starring your favourite time travelling detectives. New levels are added regularly, and on each occasion a comic strip and soundtrack are included in the main zip file.Available on:
For people on Windows 10: For people on Windows 7 and Windows 8: Xbox360 controller is required to play this game. See by: Q.Lynn.
The very concept of stories comes from mythical legends and is mostly used in books to make a character’s life more interesting. Games are a medium for artistic expression. The reason why so many developers have taken up the challenge of being able to tell a story is because the human emotion that comes from a great story is much more important than graphics or gameplay.
Key Features:Use up to eight different crystals at any one time to make the next moves and solve the puzzles.The more crystals you collect, the more powerful your computer will become, and the more “things” you will be able to handle.The best part is that once you are done with your current task, you can always go back and change your moves as many times as you want, just like in the real life puzzle games.
In Chapter 2: Christmas Elves, join Elfa and her friends on the quest to save the town of Daggerspine from the evil Zag.
The concept of the narrative adventure game is simple, create a story of your liking, and somehow get the player to experience it.
More details can be found in the following video:

Note: The game is a two part game and you need both parts to play. It is available in english and in chinese.
0 – My first attempt at creating a game engine for android. It is very bare bones and at the moment, only has three main views.
In the future, I will make it so that everything in the screen


What’s new:

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  • To Install Wandering Gem Jockeying, copy the downloaded file “wanderinggem.apk” in to your sd card and then move to SD card of their Android Phone and install “wanderinggem.apk” from there.
  • After installation, Tap on “OOM” & select “Restart”
  • After Restart, select “Open Launching app” & Then select “Open”.
  • Enter the email & password & tap on “Login”.
  • Game Launching and enjoy the game.

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