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Your students get on a train that takes you to the heart of the city for a week of adventure at the prestigious school “the Roylston Preparatory Academy”. You get there early though and take part in the boxing tournament that the prepare of the school is to hold.
5 different characters ready to listen to you every time you click on them
Blank timeline and user friendly interface
Different emotions and expressions to react to from the character you make
(if needed)
In game made famous comment for character
Make your own personality sounds and beats from scratch or sound existed in game
Made Color correction on your character
Made animation on the character that are not going to act
Please note that content of this DLC will be updating. After buying the DLC you will get all updates for free.
Every description of the character and all content of this DLC will be available in the menu where you are making settings of the timeline.
The description will be available in game directly in front of the character that you are going to make as empty avatar.
You will receive a download link from where you purchase this content directly in the game.
Future plan:
We are planning to make other packages in the future including all characters of the first DLC for free. But before, please try the rest of the content of this DLC. Enjoy!
If you have any suggestion, bug report or request please post a comment below.
DLC bought:
Layla (download link:

This is a good alternative to the complicated and complicated video editor of Poser. You will love this mode. It’s simple, intuitive and everything that you have heard about Poser is very simple.
– Select a video file, insert it and click the last button in the toolbar where Poser shows your timeline
– Select your character and easily turn it on or off
– Select the camera that you want to use, choose your background and insert the timeline
– Poser loads and you have access to all the settings and buttons in a very simple and intuitive manner
– Move the character and IK in your Poser scene
– Pose your character in any environment that you like
– Try out the many transformations that


Victorian Characters For Clip Maker Features Key:

  • You can set background as your screen resolution.
  • Shapes can be drawn and exported.
  • Frames have parameters such as spread, frequency, line thickness, line color, line..
  • You can put function on onmouse press event.


Victorian Characters For Clip Maker Free X64

Made for beginners, intermediates and professional artists looking to make a short clip, movie, live action video or animated character.
We have included a set of characters with different features, designed to give you inspiration while creating your own characters or to learn how to make the most of existing characters. All of them are compatible with our Unreal Engine.
Each character has its own move controller and some can be animated through the different properties of the timeline and several you can play with it in real time.
You can cut and paste your character from the character artist in a few clicks, with their movement, pose, animation and expression options. You can also use the character artist as a reference to make your own character.
Material : Material is a non-human object, example: floor, wall, paper, etc.
Material Group : Each material you pick up will define how the different parts of the character will be.
Character Details : Define the set of tools you will have and what they will perform, example: cube, plane, sphere, rag doll, etc..
Tools : Each tool you pick up will define what parts of the character will be affected by the tool.
Character presets : You can find a variety of characters you can use, created by our artists, ideal for beginners, intermediates and professionals.
This pack will be free after the deadline of the crowdfunding campaign (

About this DLC

What’s New

SDK version update 9.04 to 10.01

This release contains all the features of SPULSE Character Creator, all the tools/presets are also there.

How to Install?

1. Go to your Battle for the Big Hood folder.

2. Insert the content of SPULSE Character Creator into Battle for the Big Hood.

3. Before installing the DLC, install the last version of SPULSE character creator.

All the content of SPULSE Character Creator will be available directly from the game, in the menu where you are making settings of the timeline.


V7.08.17 – 23.7.17


SDK version update 9.04 to 10.01

System Requirements

V7.08.17 – 23.7.17



V7.08.17 – 23.7.17

– Bug


Victorian Characters For Clip Maker Download

Clip Maker is a tool that allows to create various visual objects with a set of characters. Using a set of pre-built faces, characters can perform predefined animations in an unlimited number of combinations.
Realistic facial expressions, 2D and 3D characters:
Have you ever wanted to create a movie or a clip video with nice characters? Now it is the time to look at this pack! The facial expressions of the characters are exactly real, so use them!
Click On Me! (Blend Mode) animation:
The characters can perform click on me animations. Just click on the character and you will see that they all move!
Vectors of rotation of every character face on X, Y and Z axis. Then you can play with rotation, translate and scale to do almost anything you like with your characters. You can also rotate around a point in the scene.
Every character has two arms and each arm can do different animations. For example: poo, smile, fist, raise and down the fist and so on.
You can add subtitles to your characters. They will be displayed on top of the image and any subtitles will display on top of the character. You can also add multiple subtitles on the same character!
Characters Switch:
Every character is a separate model with skin (you can change the skin color too).
Character Sorting:
Now you can arrange your characters into groups. You can group them by gender and by name.
Head Cycles:
Characters can perform head cycles, by turning their head. You can specify how many times the head is turning, and where should the head be placed in the scene.
Extra characters:
Two additional characters are included with this pack, a boy and a girl.
I will always try to add new characters to this pack if there is interest for another one!
Please note, that I do not own all images of this pack. If you want to use images from this pack in your video, please link back the creator!
Thanks! ?
You can visit my channel for more interesting stuff about Game Makers here:
Follow me on twitter:
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In this part we have Susan, a girl


What’s new:

    Clip Maker is a free screen recorder for Windows and Mac that allows you to record your screen, audio, and even video and take step-by-step screenshots. It is free to use, and comes with over five hundred characters to choose from and fifteen fonts. By using the characters from Clip Maker, as well as playing around with the few available theme options, you can express yourself with a variety of settings and effects. Clip Maker itself is very user friendly, requiring only a few simple mouse clicks to start and stop the recording, play a short clip or a selected portion of the screen, or take a screenshot. Based on the mind-bending RTS game Age of Empires, and due to Copyright issues I’m unable to tag the character on clip maker. However all the characters still exist on Yuri Hero and the 18+ Age of Empire board. Here is how they look.

    Kingdom of Limbo. For only 23 bones, you can become King of Darkness.
    Claim your shield from those who would use you for their own evil purposes. Only a fantasy
    of horror allows you to devour the minds of those around you.

    Darkness is a state of being. Whether light or shade, life or death, mute or singing, the people of Limbo
    get up each morning and see life as they know it.
    You move through the world as a shadow moving in the world.
    You’re in no way a part of life, moving in and out of the corporeal world like a dark mist. Your
    existence is fleeting, yet yours. Once a notable person, you now number about 200. Sometimes
    you’re even mistaken for a ghost and are talked about.

    You are The Guardian.
    Guess what, everyone is afraid of Them.


    You see no one, only their reflections.
    You communicate through radio, guarded speakers and a play-by-play.
    You record on reel-to-reel tape, but of course there is only one cassette.
    You wear no pants and move like an insect to confuse your enemies.
    Your rage will propel you and you alone against any foe,
    and the people of Limbo bow in fear. Your mind controls the world.


    To gain experience and improve you might need to break into a mansion and wreck it in a
    couple of RPG style battles.


    Free Victorian Characters For Clip Maker (Latest)


    How To Install and Crack Victorian Characters For Clip Maker:

1. Click on links
2. Download files
3. Read softwares manual for how to install.
4. Run installer
5. Follow instructions to finish installation.

Front end

Huge vignette removed from movie. Simple design using 3D border. Creates nice design.
This is work in progress.


  • Download info.txt
  • Download main.rar.torrent – CyberLink PowerDVD 4, with source code for CLIPS