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Verzaken! is a pixel-art survival game. You start out in the middle of nowhere as a single pixel and have to build your way up to become the God of all Pancakes!
– Survive food droughts and deadly hunger!
– Protect yourself against other pixel creatures of the desert.
– Use the environment to your advantage! (What do you use, a stick? No. It works better as a pickaxe!)
– Build the most efficient power-up by collecting items, and brand your Pixel into a true demigod!
– Collect chests to get mighty new items.
– Many powerful weapons, all completely pixel-art-fied!
– Buy new items and weapons with coins you collected from chests.
– Stunning world with lots of camera-effects!
– Play in 2.5d mode (if supported by your computer and head tracking devices!)

– Support the cause!
By supporting the developer through a “Donation” button in the game, you’re contributing to the survival of a game that people love. Also, the developer gets a nice amount of money every time the game is played or enhanced.

You can find the game on Steam, and other torrent websites.
We would love to see your comments and suggestions!
Thanks again for the support,
Verzaken Team!




Also, the game is completely free, but if you prefer to support the developers and get all the features in the game, you can support us by visiting the Patreon.

In The Game
Season 3 Episode 8

As he goes on his daily rampage across the desert, Vodac fails to notice the crystal in the ground. He begins to dig and discovers a long lost ziggurat, carved with golden sigils. One of his dogs begins to pound the stone, but Vodac is too busy to care


Verzaken! VR Adventure Features Key:

  • A new VR adventure, in which you also play a role
  • Play from various different perspectives; You can look from all sides
  • Enter a world full of different puzzle’s

There are many puzzles to be solved. Use your every-day skills and analysis to find out how you can find the right solution to save your sister.

Verzaken! VR Adventure Game Instructions:

  1. Put on your VR-gear (HTC Vive/Vive Pro)
  2. Follow the instructions to have a good time in “Verzaken”
  3. Enjoy the VR Adventure!

VR Game Features:

  • Click, Move, Look
  • Multi-User
  • Perfect Immersion
  • Extremely Light Weight
  • Optimal Visibility


Verzaken! VR Adventure Free Download X64 [2022]

‘Verzaken!’ is a VR puzzle adventure game with platforming and exploration.
A prophecy foretells that a young girl’s sacrifice will unlock a true Ending to our time. After entering into a portal to the chosen one, she finds herself bound by the future and has to free her and return to the real world to save her friends!
An epic story, carefully crafted environments, countless puzzles and platforming obstacles, and loads of features to explore all come together to make Verzaken! VR an incredible VR experience.
So get ready to enter this adventure through the Portal and prepare to conquer every single challenging obstacle!
– 7 labyrinths
– 2 tower areas
– 3 boss fights
– Challenging platforming sections
– Puzzles
– More than 400 unique puzzles
– Epic narrative
– & A brand-new ending!
– As mentioned before, VR is not included in the game for now. You can still play it in ‘Fullscreen’ though!
– TONS more bug fixes and balance improvements
– Some new music and sound effects added
– New artwork by
– New high-quality graphics
– New narrated intro
– New password system with “Astral gates”
– New “Homesick” puzzle. The puzzles in this section are based on atmospheric themes and images.
– New “S.O.S.” puzzle. This puzzle is about rescuing survivors of a crashed spaceship.
– New custom colors for all faces (optional)
– New custom colors for all items (optional)
– New custom colors for all models (optional)
– New “Last Turtle” puzzle. The goal of the “Last Turtle” section is to break the Earth and save all the Turtles from the “Ending”
– New “Punch Tab” puzzle. This puzzle is about having to deflect five punches from a boxing match!
– New “Giants” puzzle. In this puzzle, your goal is to survive a food fight between giants!
– New “Interactive Wall” puzzle. The objects “Interactive wall” is one of our most challenging puzzles as it requires you to interact with the world to progress.
– New “Living Wall” puzzle. The objects “Living wall” is one of our most challenging puzzles as it requires you to interact with the world to progress.
– New “Telepathy” puzzle. The objects “Telepathy” puzzle is a


Verzaken! VR Adventure Crack + With Product Key (April-2022)

Our adventure continues… find the Cube… to finally escape from the cursed island of Port-St. Lucie!
Verzaken! Can you find the way to escape from Port St. Lucie?

You will help the pigs save their friend Piggy and open up new route to escape from Port St. Lucie. Can you save Piggy and escape the Island? Do you have to pass through the many traps and weird worlds of Verzaken?
Now you can play Verzaken! as a VR game!

The major improvements in Verzaken! VR over the original game:
•High resolution graphics (thanks to changed art style)
•High framerate (60 fps)
•Interaction with objects (interact with items)
•Full support for virtual reality. Both room scale and motion controls. No controller is required!
•Smart path navigation with backtracking (if you haven’t solved all the puzzles and restored the map, you can click the map button and start from point where you left off.)
•Easy to use “save and load” feature
•No annoying loading screens
•Original opening theme music
•No loading screens
•Always save the game at the end of each level
•24 unique, entertaining levels
•5 different maps
•4 different worlds
•4 different levels to each world
•Different levels for each of the 4 worlds
•4 levels of difficulty each with its own bonus level
•6 different bonus levels
•New ending
•Some minor changes in controls
*High-score support
*No internet connection required
Verzaken is a game for both casual players and for VR players.
Game is very simple and easy to play and you can use your existing skills to play Verzaken.
You can play Verzaken and improve your skills by one of the challenges
which include time limit, climbing wall, shrinking platform, small maps and so on.

•If you have the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, you can play Verzaken with room-scale and motion controllers!

– Use touch pad to throw/draw pickaxe and torch
– Use the Arrow keys to walk/move
– Use the space bar to activate a checkpoint/door

Verzaken is similar to Small worlds, you need to find and collect gems on small map to progress through the levels. You can play Verzaken and improve your skills by one of the


What’s new: