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“A genre-defining experience.” – IGN

“Intuitive gameplay. You can’t buy this experience, or buy players. It comes with the game.” – Time

“Let me just say, as an enormous fan of Kratos and the God of War series, I am completely and utterly blown away by this game.” – Kotaku


* Hundreds of unique scenes and hours of dialogue!

* Collect scenes to gain experience and save your game in the Story Mode.

* Multiple endings, learn from your mistakes as you play through the story a second time.

* Interesting characters to interact with, and interesting scenes to view.

* Enjoy improved facial and lip-sync (based on your input), and a brand new soundtrack!

* New characters to interact with! Get to know them all!


Story Mode – Defeat bosses, progress through the main story, and unlock the exciting new characters and quests!

Side Missions – Explore the Labyrinth, fight enemies, and collect secret treasure!

Marathon Mode – Play through the game with or without the help of a ghost to gain experience faster.

Yellik – Journey through hundreds of unique scenes and explore the haunted Oasis.


Polish & attention to detail

Original voice cast

New soundtrack

New facial features

New Lips sync – includes an improved lip-sync system based on the input of the player

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For more information about Dungeon Clicker: Fated Babel visit night, I came to the frightening conclusion that those of us on the left are on the verge of merging, to the point where the left will soon become a single political entity, like many of the descriptors of Christendom in the 19th century (e.g., the Death of God movement) or the USA as it developed in the 19th century (e.g., the rise of the transcendentalist “newness”), lacking any internal division.

I realize that this is quite a distortion, but one that is at least superficially true. The left has so lost its internal division on the issue of abortion that it might as well be a


Features Key:

  • Over 28,000 words of text to be deciphered and 39 tokens.
  • A group of words designed to challenge solvers of all skill levels.
  • Everything in this edition is unique. This database does not contain identical words. The words are unique.
  • 14 indexed databases, each containing 13 months of words in a novel format of groups.
  • A token system that is designed to be easier and more effective than a traditional puzzle.
  • A stochastic program that generates 26 distinct word lists.
  • Each stochastic program was designed with specific attention paid to words within the text.
  • An innovative token balancing system that allows you to use fewer tokens to decipher words.
  • An advanced groups token system that encourages you to refer to other groups.
  • A world in which you can receive instant feedback on your work, pace yourself to go easy on yourself, or use all of the tokens you have and still beat your previous score.
  • Innovative group puzzles designed to enhance recall of words within a group, and long term memory.
  • Authentically created puzzles, which are carefully researched and chosen, each are a true challenge.
  • Puzzle choice is not random. It is well researched so that you are given something that is different.
  • The concept of “OTL” encourages solvers to look at the words in the puzzle in the order they are presented, not solve the puzzle in the order it appears.
  • Difficulty ratings not higher than 450 for the purposes of high-end solvers.
  • The numbers and tokens of this database were carefully formulated to allow solvers to use the most effective, most efficient method of solving this puzzle.
  • Solutions where not available when this database was being developed.
  • Multiple instances of groups of words with the same token count allowed.


  • Download.ZIP
  • Download.PDF


VERSUS: The Deathscapes – Fated Babel Database With Keygen (Final 2022)

The game originally came out on the PlayStation Network in February, 2016. This DLC is the complete cross-platform version on both PS4 and PS Vita.
The Fated Babel Database has 22 Chapters spread across 2 CDs. This DLC also has a UMD version on the disc.
The material on this page may not be representative of this DLC’s exact content and mode of availability on other platforms.
U.S. and EU PS4 owners can access this DLC exclusively through their PSN accounts.
Completely under construction here.

The content is free for all PS+ subscribers

Table of Contents:








The Fated Babel Database features chapters 1 through 22. The following includes a complete list of every ending.

The base game features chapters 1 through 14. The following includes a complete list of every ending.

PS+ Owners can access this DLC exclusively through their PSN accounts.



Features only the Fated Babel Database on this page.


Updated the graphics and performance for the PS4 version of the Fated Babel Database.

Reviewed the Japanese assets for correct references to the titles used for each item’s description.

Updated the Kani Ma and Argai masks to be the same as the latest release on the PS4 version of the Fated Babel Database.

Improved the resolution of several decoy assets.

Added a temporary fix for the following bug reported by Lost Heaven:

The character would appear to be working normally right before the message in the Daydreaming Room or the Cave of Blows.



When not logged in, selecting a Staff option from the Start menu during the Cave of Blows will end up with the player’s staff removed.

There is a glitch during the Cave of Blows where the player’s speech won’t continue past the section where the player fights Argai.

When the player kills Argai and defeats the matchmaking, the player will see a message saying “Your final score is zero.”

There is a bug where if you play through the Daydreaming Room or Cave of Blows


VERSUS: The Deathscapes – Fated Babel Database Crack Free Latest


Play as every Fated Class, and let your Origin decide!

Previously in the series:

Play the first part now:

Expand on previous games:

Links to previous games:

The Fated Babel Database is the culmination of all the endings and a chance to see all the ending of your role-playing life in one massive book.

For the first time ever, Fated is putting a game where you can play as every Fated Class and see their endings! Now is your chance to explore the greater mysteries of Fated. And it’s also your chance to see all of your role-playing life’s outcomes. You are going to see all the endings that have been recorded, and you are going to see the characters that you have played and the stories that you have created together come to life. The information within the Database will give you a chance to know every ending, every outcome, and every Fated Class you’ve experienced in a game.


What does the Database cover?

A summary of what is contained in the Fated Babel Database.

What is new in this version?

This is the full text of the Database. The previous version of the Database is now offline.

When will the Database be available?

This database is currently being written. The final draft will not be available until the entire Fated series is finished. The Database will be released in four parts, one per game in the series.

What format will it be in?

It will be a document that you can view online. It will contain the text of every ending of every Fated Class you’ve experienced, and as a PDF, you will be able to print it. We will also make this available as a JPG for those who prefer.

Is it going to be free?

The Database is the culmination of all of your Fated Class’ endings and their stories. We don’t want it to be free, but it is our hope that it is free.

How much is it going to cost?

The Database will be available for the price of an average game of Fated.

I am not interested in buying the Database. Will it be available for free?

There is no ‘free version’. We want this to be a complete compendium of your role-playing life. If you want access to this now, you will have to buy


What’s new:


    The Fated Babel Database (hereafter referred to simply as ‘the Fated Babel Database’) contains
    several different parallel universes or bibles where the city world of Polarity
    Jaguar reveals how to create and operate a more efficacious universe
    where the unity is seen as a provocation to hasten the creation of a new
    consciousness, the fruits of which we are now beginning to harvest.

    The first time a manuscript records something that
    happened here or when it could be evidenced that it had been recorded,
    it is recorded as a birth. During a birth, our
    Existence is Born through the
    “fated” start of a new cycle
    by a Big Bang. The size of this Big Bang is limited by the number and
    size of the people who are able to work most efficiently together to
    bring forth their attention as one body. When people are born and therefore able to more
    quickly and accurately estimate the magnitude of success of their own
    efforts they are able to plan which Existence they will attempt to
    create here.

    The reason why we believe this way is that quantum mechanics
    states that every atomic event also affects everybody else. We are all affected by the view of others
    and are therefore very closely connected with everybody else. Every other Existence experienced
    is therefore like an indication to the focus of an Existence.
    This view is mostly supported by neuroscience that shows that our
    brains are much more connected than we think. A baby for example takes in
    information through the eyeballs. This
    seems to work right from conception on.

    When people are born, they have acquired the ability to solve
    their own problems, to put “left brain” processing into gear. By the time we reach
    our current age of 70 most of us have failed to solve
    most of our own problems. Many are either completely lost or we are stuck in
    certain pre-occupations that no longer work. None are facing
    the future with any challenge and a handful are experiencing enormous problems
    with the management of their physical lives and continue to experience
    disastrous lifestyle choices.

    put: Nobody is entirely happy here. Some
    are unhappy and are trying to heal.
    Some are unhappy and are trying to maintain a war. Many are unhappy and are just stuck where we are now.

    Something big is changing now. In fact, something is changing


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