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Download Setup + Crack 🗹 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Quality: This game is professional and polished, it is very pleasurable and enjoyable. You can do one task at a time, focus on one thing at a time, and stop if necessary. It has everything you need to make you a successful hidden object game player.

Action: The game is non-stop action, and it’s your responsibility to find the essential clues, all the while avoiding the dangers!

Intrigue: The game challenges your ability to think outside the box. You must find clues without knowing what they mean. You must search for items and puzzles that make no sense in terms of the story. You have to ask yourself: What is the significance of this object? Which clues could lead to more evidence? How can you figure out if this person is trustworthy?

Stunning visuals: The settings are challenging and dark, but the game maintains a beautiful and elegant aesthetic throughout.

Entertainment: The game combines hidden object games with role-playing games and action games. You will be involved in a multi-step, multi-object quest in gorgeous landscapes.

Beautiful characters: You will meet many intriguing characters. You will have to read clues to unlock their backstory.

Completion: There are 51 locations in the game, plus there are three bonus locations. You get everything you need to solve puzzles and unlock the story. The game has been designed to guarantee you will find everything you need before you are forced to stop the game.

Options: You will have the possibility to turn the game on or off, hide or show objects. You can choose the brightness on your screen, improve audio, change screen orientations, save data, and more.

Community: You are bound to meet other players who have been on the same journey.

Relaxation: If you like relaxing games, this game will be a perfect fit for you.

Conditions of Use:
You must be at least 18 years of age to play this game.
This game contains in-app purchases, which means that you have to pay in-app.
This game has no connection with any other game, or has any connection with other people or sources.


Features Key:

  • The Mystery of a Lost Planet features one player from a starship, two computer controlled opponents, a random board that appears, as well as other random events, all to unlock doors, collect trophies, and escape certain death. Once in the game, the player must travel in order to collect specific artifacts, medals, and the mythology behind each of them.

    The player begins the game with only one technology card to spend. Each rank usually has a specific cost, but like most other games of chance, each case can vary. All available technology cards are revealed to the player which provides them information on what a specific rank reveals.

    As the game continues, more technology cards appear, are added to the player’s deck, and are used to determine what types of artifacts, medals, and random cards and tiles appear on the board. Once the technology deck is used up, more replacements can be made only through money. However, using money is limited by the amount of secret levels that the player has saved.

    Board Layout and Play

    The board is composed of five sections: Metropolis, Tower, Acropolis, Sector, and Control.
    Each section has its own specific spot effects. For instance, falling into the bottom of Metropolis, causes a player to lose a health.
    If the sector pieces are in a proper order, in whatever order they are placed, then they are also removed.<


    The Mystery Of A Lost Planet Download [Win/Mac] 2022

    Space Hidden Objects Game is inspired by the following themes: space exploration, alien life, paranormal phenomena, survival.
    The story of The Mystery of a Lost Planet:
    The Mystery of a Lost Planet is a Space Hidden Objects Game made in various versions to match the increasing enthusiasm for the subject.
    Working with the Game Elements:
    The main focus of the game is solving a complicated case. It involves many elements: puzzles, investigation, exploration, solving of mysteries, secrets, spaceships.
    We worked with a variety of elements to develop a program that would minimize problems when editing and verifying data during the gameplay. All of the elements are designed specifically to help You on this journey.
    The atmosphere of The Mystery of a Lost Planet:
    The game is set in a universe that is unknown, but very close to our own. You can observe beautiful landscapes, floating islands, strange underwater creatures, abandoned ruins, deserted villages and much more. A lot of detective work is in this adventure and our goal was to have the game as interesting as possible. It’s a challenging game, but the characters and the fantastic landscapes we create will keep You immersed throughout the game!
    The game has been designed to work on computers of almost all sizes, it can be played on small mobile phones, netbooks or very powerful gaming PCs.
    More About Space Hidden Objects Game (the real titles):
    The above-mentioned hidden object games that we have created are Space Hidden Objects Game, The Search for Space Spy, Star City Hero, The Mystery of a Lost Planet and Space Mystery: Search for the Hidden Coin of the Lost Princess.
    Additional “Behind the Scenes” Materials, we did some things to make the game a bit better – we added extra realistic locations and characters in the game, improved the graphics and sounds.
    We hope you can play The Mystery of a Lost Planet and enjoy it like we do.
    Download The Mystery of a Lost Planet here:

    A game that makes You use your brain.
    We tried to break from the standard formula most hidden object games follow these days, which is “Your father/brother/husband/sister/daughter/son has been kidnapped/put under a spell/otherwise crapped on by a witch/sorcerer/mad scientist/evil stepmother/generic evil doer and it’s your job to save them.”
    The crew of a marooned spaceship must uncover the secrets of an unknown planet to survive. After a crash landing on the lost planet, you�


    The Mystery Of A Lost Planet Free [Win/Mac]

    * Explore this worlds many different landscapes
    * Complete many quests and puzzle
    * Chat and explore with your new crewmates
    * Collect bonuses and items to enhance your experience
    * Win achievements and unlock rewards!
    * Play for free! No in app purchases or offers
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    Indie game that doesn’t follow the trend set by others.
    My name is Davin Klein and this game is inspired by one of my biggest passion: space.You play as the first comer of a spaceship which crash landed in an unknown planet, and since your ship was damaged during the crash, you will need to repair it and leave this place to find a new home,
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    Sofia the Galactic Girl is a cute young girl who lives in a planet that orbits the center of our Milky Way galaxy. She has just found out that her planet has passed the danger point where the sun will cause it to explode, and it’s up to her and her friends to travel from the outskirts of the galaxy into the danger zone to avert the end of their planet! You are now a part of the adventure. You decide how to proceed. The galaxy is vast and full of dangers. Sofia and her friends will need to travel through time as well as space, solving puzzles and danger to achieve their goal. Travel in time to build structures for powering up the spaceship to travel into the sun, Travel in space to intercept the approaching sun and catch it before it hits the planet. Travel into the sun and help Sofia and her friends to repair the ship and ride it back to the home planet before it’s too late. Collect hints to solve the puzzles and help Sofia and friends survive!
    Game “Sofia the Galactic Girl” Gameplay:
    * Travel in time to build structures
    * Travel in space


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