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Name Tentacular
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.86 / 5 ( 2484 votes )
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Tentacular Crack Free Download is a single-player, puzzle adventure VR title featuring a delightful story with a colorful cast of characters, giant mechanical tentacles and a bit of whimsy.
From the creators of the award-winning Frog Fractions and for Gravity Bone, Tentacular 2022 Crack throws you into a bizarre and wondrous world where the very fabric of space-time has begun to fray. As a valiant Tentacular Full Crack hero, you must escape the deadly tentacles and find a way to rescue your friends.
As you embark on your adventure, you’ll delve into a vibrant and colorful world brimming with lush levels to explore, and unique puzzle design to challenge. Armed with your wits and cool-headed thinking, you’ll be able to outsmart the Tentacular Crack Mac’s wacky enemies and solve the puzzles that they put in your way.
That being said, Tentacular 2022 Crack is a highly stylized game – the kind of game that the psychedelic indie scene is known for. It’s a game with a quirky art style and even a bit of humor.
At the heart of it, Tentacular is a game about VR: the ultimate immersive experience that lets you step right into its worlds. With no controllers, no buttons, no physical play mechanics – just VR… where you can feel and interact with your surroundings.
Tentacular is a very early-access title, and right now you can only play the game on Rift, through the Oculus Video app.
Tentacular features:
– Vivid and vibrant world that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fantasy movie.
– Unique and creative puzzle design with over 80 challenging levels.
– Huge, bouncy worlds to explore with multiple locations and side-sections to dive into.
– Smooth 4K, 30 FPS visuals that feel like you’re actually there.
– Three unique game-modes to tackle the levels in your own way.
– Intuitive puzzle solving with over 40 clever puzzles to solve.
– Dozens of characters with their own unique abilities to help you along the way.
– An original and clever story that will have you laughing, thinking and playing through the entire adventure.
Play as a tentacular hero
As you play through Tentacular, you’ll play as a tentacular hero, armed with a tentacle sword and a wacky hat. Your mission: to help our brave friends escape before the Tentacular kills them.
But this isn’t


Name Tentacular
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.86 / 5 ( 2484 votes )
Update (7 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Graphics and sounds don’t recreate the original Nintendo game
  • Quick and short gameplay
  • 5 game modes
  • 8 different characters
  • Double player (vs AI/w. AI)
  • Separate game options (adjust game rules and increase the difficulty)
  • 10 unlockable characters


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    The game’s name is perfect. Your tentacle is your only reliable friend in this game.

    As a very clumsy human, your only way to get around the entire game is to use tentacles, and you have to do it while avoiding dangerous obstacles and climbing your way through fun mini-games.

    The game lasts about 20 minutes, and will have you laughing, jumping in excitement and seeing what the game can actually do to you. It’s difficult to describe, and should be played to be appreciated.

    If you like games that are fun to watch as well as fun to play, then Tentacular is a game for you.

    i have played tentacular 2 many times and i have to say this game is very well made and the main system is really fun, the levels are well designed and i believe the developers have really put effort into making this.

    it is something you should play, its easy to pick up but with effort you get the best part out of it.

    i have played and completed tentacular 2 (the game sequel of the original) and i have loved it just as much as the first one.

    love how you can easily swap levels when you make a mistake.

    i have only have one good problem, that would be with the “resume” system.

    it crashes if the sae levels are connected during the game.

    it cannot be fixed but for me it is not a problem because i dont play during the save feature.

    also the “finish” screen is kind of strange.

    on this game theres a map feature but i believe it would be better if it showed you where you are during your game time, because it would help you save your life.

    also there is a feature to skip or go through certain minutes of the game but if you do that you have to restart the “resume” feature, i believe there should be a way to skip the skipped parts if you activate the “skip” button before you are killed or something like that.

    also how much points you get depends on your tentacle movement, when you reach the top you get points faster. if you perform well and push your tentacle faster you will get more points, if you are playing the game and you manage to complete the level without killing yourself or the game crashed you will lose your points.

    the “attacking” system is a mystery but i guess thats the fun


    Tentacular Free License Key [Win/Mac]

    It’s a little more than a jigsaw puzzle game, but not much. You’re basically given a compilation of varied puzzle pieces to put together. The bigger and/or better looking you can make your pieces, the more points you get, and the higher the number at the end of the level.1/10 5Lag
    I know loading screens take a lot of RAM, and this is a pretty basic, simple game. Thats not its fault, and it’s not in the game to be the best looking game ever, so this one is a low mark.3/10 5OS – SMP – Light VR
    I just sat in VR, and it worked without issue. There are two other players in this room, although I havent had any communications with them, so I’m not sure if this works with multiple players.1/10 5OS – SMP – Heavy VR
    I just sat in VR, and it worked without issue. There are two other players in this room, although I havent had any communications with them, so I’m not sure if this works with multiple players.1/10 5Controls
    There are a total of 7 buttons on the Vive Controller, and whilst there is a fairly nice implementation of touchpad support, it doesnt work too well, as there are no on-screen buttons. Personally, I’d rather just have the extra butons implemented into the game aswell.1/10 5Immersion
    Considering this is a VR game, the lack of immersion was pretty appalling. It wasnt terrible, but it didnt bother me much, and didnt really seem like my brain was working in VR. It was the standard ghosting motion that every VR game suffers from, and even without that, the illusion is just not there. However, I could manage to suspend my disbelief for quite a while, even disregarding the lack of immersion.3/10 5Now I understand why PSVR would be better.CoG Connected
    Go into the room and I spent most of my time just wandering around in a giant room, looking at the walls, trying to figure out how to complete the levels. There’s no puzzles, no secrets, and no narratives. It’s a little bit like checking out a museum, only worse, as theres nothing to see unless you already have the level.2/10 5Difficulty
    Pretty tough. I’d easily estimate it to be the hardest game that I have played on the HTC Vive so far. It’s not


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