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Inspired by the hit game of the same name, Sword of the Necromancer is the definitive, challenging and extremely deep dungeon crawler – a steampunk/fantasy game for RPG enthusiasts.
Set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world that is besieged by evil creatures. You take on the role of a brave Necromancer (fantasy version of a witch doctor), who goes on an epic quest to save the world. Along the way you can find other characters and learn about their histories.
Along with your journey through the varied dungeons that are created for you, you are also on a mission to recover the mystical Staff of the Necromancer, which gives you powerful skills, new weapons and even new customization options.
Story-driven, hand-crafted RPG where the world is at stake.
A charming and colorful world full of realistic steampunk aesthetic.
The character designing feature allows you to create your own character, with full animation and digitalisation.
Epic RPG dungeon crawler gameplay.
No saves or reboot since the whole world is at stake!
Battle various dangerous bosses, find new weapons and skills, learn and keep track of the stats of your character.
Discover a highly detailed and colorful world.

Sword of the Necromancer is a free-to-play MMO F2P by Codemasters and published by Sega. It is a fantasy browser-based online game where players take on the role of a brave Necromancer, who goes on an epic quest to save the world from the otherworldly enemies. The game also features multi-player gameplay, customizable levelling experience and real time combat. Players can choose to play it solo, with other friends or in their party. The game is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish languages.Sword of the Necromancer is not required to play but players do need to register their account on the official website.

Key Features:

• Novel fantasy universe.

• Free-to-play game with no fees or in-game purchases.

• Add-ons to improve gameplay and appearance.

• Create your own character and change his appearance, skills, power and appearance of his equipment.

• Deep and unique battle system and special actions to achieve high results.

• New weapons and special armour, and a wide range of skills to choose from.

• Large range of different maps.

• Competitive and cooperative multiplayer gameplay.

• Highly detailed


Sword Of The Necromancer Soundtrack Features Key:

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    Sword Of The Necromancer Soundtrack Free Download X64 [Latest-2022]

    The official soundtrack of Sword of the Necromancer, a roleplaying video game directed by Benoît Sokal and co-produced by R.A.I.N., was released in January 2017.
    In addition to the 32 original tracks written by Inés Mirás (Sinesita), the soundtrack includes 5 songs from Band Aid America and Michael Azzolina, the designer and founder of White Night Studios.
    About R.A.I.N.:
    Founded in 2003, R.A.I.N. (“Réseau Associatif d’Intervention Numérique”, is a French association providing assistance and support to indie game developers. Focused on independent video game development, it offers financial and legal help, and organizes various events including a game jam at the annual Game Developers Conference.
    In 2009, R.A.I.N. became a Joint Stock Company with an initial capital of 1.5 million euros. In 2016, funds raised from private investors allowed the company to increase its capital to 2 million euros. Its shares are publicly traded on the French stock exchange under the symbol: R.A.I.N.
    About The Game:
    Sword of the Necromancer is a roleplaying video game made in 4X4 using a series of objects that you will manipulate with words.
    Based on a particular system for logic and deductive reasoning (“deduction in ordinary language”, developed by Jean-Luc Ponty, the game is in development for several years in the city of Île-de-France, in France.
    The goal of the game is to protect the population of the city from a power obsessed with darkness, by playing with objects that serve to answer a series of puzzles.
    This game has been announced for PC, Linux, Mac, tablets and mobile devices, in both developed and Early Access versions.
    Master System:
    Huge thanks to the one and only Jon Haefstad from XBMC Developers for providing me the original soundtracks and features of the game of the first generation to a new release!
    Visit him at for more information.


    Sword Of The Necromancer Soundtrack Incl Product Key

    1) There are now 32 tracks (but we’re still in the 1st part of the game)!
    2) Each track is played in a new RPG situation where you play with the new elements introduced in the new part of the game.
    3) There are 4 different difficulty modes:
    Easy, Advanced, Expert and Hard.
    4) High quality soundtrack of the game with different tracks of different difficulty.
    5) All the lyrics of the game are provided as well.
    6) You will be able to download them in mp3 and FLAC format.
    7) You can enjoy them on your smartphone or tablet with an app dedicated to the game.
    8) You can play it as a ringtone on your phone or tablet.
    9) You will also be able to download it in an ogg FLAC file, if your music player does not support mp3.
    10) You will be able to extract and burn it to a CD in a format compatible with your computer.
    11) You will be able to also burn a cue file from the game’s file and burn it on a CD with a dedicated software.
    12) You can use the lyrics to prepare your day better with the 10 new tracks containing more RPG spirit… and hope that they help you enjoy the game.
    This game is for the fans of RPGs and adventurers and for those who want to be more involved in the game.
    The official soundtrack is the exclusive free tool for all the contents of the game… you are free to download or not.
    Visit the official website of the game:

    Enjoy, and thank you for the support!
    App comprenant:

    How to install:
    -Download the Sword of the Necromancer.
    -Extract the file, copy to the installations folder of your mod manager, import the files to skyrim and you are ready to go!
    -Remember to update your game!
    Enjoy and have fun 😉
    Mod without sound:

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    Free Sword Of The Necromancer Soundtrack For PC [2022]


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    • Languages Support
    • Cool Gameplay & Graphics

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