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Stones Rage is a prehistoric open-world survival game. Explore a massive open world filled with danger, mystery, and huge animals. When the early humans arrived, the mightiest mammals were on the rise. It was a time of constant struggle, both against the environment and against other human species. Survive the prehistoric era by crafting or stealing weapons and armor and equip yourself for the hunt, whether against saber-tooth cats or overwhelming beasts.
In Stones Rage you will scavenge the environment for valuable resources. To craft essential weapons and armor and build your shelter for you and your colony, you will need to gather the raw materials that you will need for these tools.
To craft and construct more advanced tools, you will need to collect materials. These materials can be found in a variety of ways, but often you will need to kill the wildlife. You will have to hunt and kill dangerous saber-tooth cats, saber-toothed cats, mammoths, and other animals in order to craft. Make sure that you can collect all the ingredients for crafting the needed items.
Build walls, fences, monuments, entrances, and other structures to help you protect your home. Make an enclosure to protect the wildlife that you are hoping to breed, or a watchtower to spy the nature around you. One of the game’s goals is to help you start a tribe, and to help you do this you will need to shelter the tribe in your home.
You can do this either by joining a tribe, or by creating your own tribe. Join tribes that have their own goals and objectives. Your tribe’s goals will help you advance through the game. The aim of your tribe is to help you and your species to survive in the environment.
In Stones Rage you will have to survive the danger and trouble of the prehistoric era. This game has it’s own unique twists to the survival genre and it is very hard to survive.
You are not alone, but your tribe is your support. Work together with other players to survive in this prehistoric world.
Stones Rage is a primitive open-world survival game that is based on your favorite over-the-counter survival games. There are multiple goals and objectives in Stones Rage, and each of these will reward you in a different way.

As a civilization rises to greatness, it


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  • No load times.   
  • Sprite based Game.
  • Play against the CPU (for
    training purposes).   
  • Programmable Palettes.
  • Play the Game in Modes. 
  • Play Single-Player Levels. 
  • Stone Rage Game Tips

    • Adjust the Control
    • Use the Tutorial. 
    • Enjoy!

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    Stone Rage

    Stone Rage Cracked Version:
    Stone Rage is a prehistoric open-world survival game based on the world of the Pleistocene era. Players will find friends and create enemies as they struggle for survival through a prehistoric landscape filled with dangerous animals, scarce resources, and a harsh climate. Scavenge for materials to craft strong or cunning weapons, perfect for securing your next meal or destroying your enemies. Explore the lands for rare materials needed to craft weapons strong enough to face the mightiest beasts of the Pleistocene.

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    The Stone Age, 15000 BCE – 500 BCE

    Stone Age Stone Age

    Homo Sapiens took their first steps in Africa, leaving the forest for open lands. Despite the abundance of the Stone Age, it was still only the dawn of a new era. Tribes of hunter-gatherers struggled with limited food supplies and hostile neighbors. A distant call for a new tribe could be heard in a land where humans would one day build empires and topple regimes.In the Stone Age, all human beings were related. Stone Age tribes were known to have shared tools, stories, music, dance, and arts. Tribes would compete for resources but respected their shared community.The Stone Age lasted from 15000 BCE to 500 BCE and was distinguished by the development of advanced tools and weapons. Art and craftsmanship began to flourish as tools were turned into works of beauty. Craftsmen crafted an array of tools from wood and stone, including spears, arrowheads, knives, and other tools. Stone tools were used to fish, cut meat, and process food. Carts and wagons could haul their loads across the plains. As the first people were so adept with their tools, they could find food more easily and would have had more time to pursue the arts.At this time, people began using edible plants to prepare food. Around 5000 BCE, people started to cook food by grilling it on fire. Crops were kept by more organized means and cereals were developed. Hoofed animals were domesticated to sustain tribes. Humans began to herd animals and they would gradually become more specialized. Humans began to use their minds to survive in a dangerous and unpredictable world.Stone Age stone tools were made using sharpened and filed flints. Farmers would work with the stone tools to cultivate crops. They would dig holes and fill them with organic matter that would rot and help the plants grow.This process was not only time-consuming, but also monotonous. So, people needed a way to easily cultivate crops. Around 4500 BCE, farmers developed the first seeds and domesticated animals. They used seeds and a better technique to grow food. Cattle, goats, sheep, and other animals were raised for meat, milk, wool, and hides. As animal life became more controlled, farmers no longer needed to herd them or to fear wild animals.So, how could people stop their life in the Stone Age to learn about the universe? They could listen to stories told by their elders. Many stories were meant to teach


    What’s new in Stone Rage:

    is a new collection of Stone Age handaxe and arrowhead styles–including innovative and innovative hunting methods–organized by the Midwest Archeological Club. Members of the Midwest Archeological Society proudly contributed these tools to the program. Forming and shaping these projects took 2 years (since July 2015) of painstaking research with many hours spent at the field sites of mines, quarries and informal collections.

    These tools are the first steps towards a project that will include text (history and theory) and tool images alongside the physical and material remains of many of these projects.

    Stone Age enthusiasts from around the Midwest were invited to submit their projects and handaxes. More than 70 projects from 30 states were entered during the year; these varied in location, teaching method, and scope. Throughout the year we feature more and more of our collector-interpreters and interpretation modelers; their names are linked to columns and projects below.

    Toni Baldwin and her team from Wisconsin’s Pass Creek Quarry National Historic Site have been collecting from this quarry site for almost 30 years. They have been changing the membership of various divisions of the site and changing the classification of their collection. The classification of the tools changed from Fike Vertebrates to Fike/Barro Vertebrates to (currently) Potts Fork/Barro Vertebrates based on artifacts and the stratigraphical context of the site.

    Toni Baldwin

    Toni has compiled a great variety of splitting tools and a stunning display of split cores, cores with flakes and various handles. Unlike many split core exhibits where the tools are displayed in three dimensions, Toni’s display of split cores are flat, allowing for a degree of appreciation for the formal and practical skill required to make these tools.

    John Powell and his team at the Skate Creek Site

    John, Toni, and Shane began the collection more than 30 years ago. Using various techniques that they’ve explored, they have amassed a wide variety of stone tools from multiple members of their site.

    Tobi Fairbanks and her team (along with Phyllis Love) have scanned image files for approximately 40 stone artifacts that are part of her project. Though the team’s goal was to image every artifact in her collection, the logistics of this were not attainable. In many cases her collection numbers 20 tools or fewer, and most of those are in storage as of this posting. This will be the largest known addressable collection of many of


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    System Requirements:

    Windows XP or later, Mac OS X 10.6 or later
    1 GB RAM (1024 MB RAM recommended)
    800 MB free hard disk space
    DirectX 9
    The installation package include both DirectX 9.0c and DirectX 10.0b, you can install either.
    ZBrush 4R8:
    3D Studio Max 9:
    Paint Tool SAI: