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Roll the dice and build a railroad across the US and sometimes part of Canada.
Easier than it sounds. With only $50,000 dollars, you have the chance to win one of the $5,000,000 available prizes. And it gets better. You can receive up to $60,000 for bringing a federal railroad into service! That is a real fortune!
• A brand new free real life map.
• One of the most detailed maps of all online games.
• State map and route information.
• Solved maps with US, Canadian and Mexican borders in all leagues.
• Detailed RULES of map for beginners (also for advanced players).
• Detailed information in order to enhance the player’s experience.
• An innovative design with proven game play.
• Detailed information on road and rail construction
• Intuitive gameplay, perfect for new players.
• Possibility of extending rules from one country to another.
• 30 railroad projects for building each game.
• You can start building railroads from cities and later extend them to outposts.
• All possible combinations of states!
• Flexible rules of construction of railroads from cities: the fastest carriages.
• New technology is being tested.
• 12 different values of dice rolls.
• A wide variety of game pieces: USA, Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the world.
• Realistic scenario and resources.
• Game of chance with the highest profit margins and winning chances.
• A different version of the game rules for advanced players, with a flexible learning experience.Installation_es

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Gerald V. Watson – Saxophone, Flute
Alberto Ginastera, Quarteto Alegre Bauls, Oscar Castro-Neves – Keyboard, Bass
Jose Vidal – Guitar
Eddie Gomez – Drums


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Steam: Rails To Riches – USA-Canada Map Features Key:

  • 6 Different tracks
  • 5 different passenger types
  • 15 different models
  • 11 passenger vehicles
  • 20 different freight cars
  • 2 Different freight train types
  • 1 Huge rail yard with capacity for up to 300 trains!
  • 2 Hootville (Factory and Power Plant)
  • Passengers can be assigned to a train based on their passenger type
  • Track splits or joins based on whether the freight rail will fit!
  • Two types of freight rails – Normal or spare
  • Track can be instantly loaded with freight cars
  • Dozens of different set ups possible including single or double stack cars or a wide variety of models/makes
  • Approx. 24 hours of gameplay
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Realistic cars, engines and track


Steam: Rails To Riches – USA-Canada Map Activation [Win/Mac]

Rails to Riches is a turn-based multiplayer strategy game for 2 players. One player gets the USA and the other the rest of the world. The goal is to be the first to gain 1 million GPs (Gold Points). Players use their “Artillery” (goals) to change the money flow, by building new locations and to conquer other countries.
– Select Play mode to choose the game type.
– Select map to play on.
– Select goals for the USA and the world.
– Select the number of turns and money for each player.
Support me on Steam:

– 2×2 boards
– 200+ goals (rewards)
– 6 different game types
– 2 styles of maps (America, Europe)
– Highly detailed maps
– Adaptive tile sizes
– 8 different map tiles
– GPU rendering option
– 2 Unlimited turns.
– 2 Unlimited money.
– 2 Custom matches with random map names.
– No expansions, no additional pieces.
– No rules / limits.

Best strategy game of the year!
Graphics:9/10Gameplay:9/10Overall: 9/10
Strategy games deserve extra points here, as they go above and beyond the graphics and gameplay. While Rails to Riches does a great job of offering a great strategy title, it still has a bit of an undercooked feel about it and I don’t feel it has a truly polished strategy gaming experience. This is a brilliant game that deserves a lot of credit for the way it is made, but there’s still a few things I’d like to change and that I think could make this game shine a little brighter.
-Great use of concepts from the genre; resource management and politics.
-Has a great variety of game types and areas to explore.
-Has a very good combination of strategy and luck.
-That beautifully hand-drawn art style goes a long way to making this game feel more like an old school board game.
-Has many different types of gameplay that not only make it feel different from other strategy games, but also different from one another.
-The strategy aspect of the game isn’t an afterthought. The variety of game types and the game-changing abilities


Steam: Rails To Riches – USA-Canada Map Crack Keygen Download

“Do you have enough money to build up your city or will you be bankrupt?!?”

“The New American Land is a land you have never seen before, full of opportunities and opportunities. You can get rich but not fast, earn money and not have to worry about it while you have to build your own tracks to earn money…”




Dozens of steam locomotive rolling stock models with more and more complex parts…

This DLC is intended for persons who can actively play a railroad game – for each player is his own company with railway, freight and passengers!

Steam: Rails to Riches comes with 6 maps – one will be used for a secret game.

Steam: Rails to Riches – USA Map brings you to the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico map. It adds a great opportunity to rule the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. There is a wonderful opportunity to get wealthy with the help of beautiful scenery. There are lots of ports and naturally in the mountainous areas: steep hills.


The game is played on one map. You can build up as many as 5 cities and borders can be as long as 100 hexes.

You start the game with 10 000$ (available money) in your wallet and you can earn up to 200 000$ in the game. The money is earned by the building of tracks and the transport of freight.

Depending on the number of players in the game (3 vs. 2), the game can be played as a 4-player game or as a 2-player game. In the former the railroads start in the US and run through a combination of the USA and Canada and across the boarders – with the intention to earn money for the company. In the latter the railroads start in the USA or in Canada and it is up to the player to build all railroads from the very beginning. If you are the 2nd player you can start building the railroads but not the first.

Earning money:

1) Build and connect the cities using the new, powerful construction and linking goods.

2) Road and build railway: build stations, construct terminals, add power stations and maintenance buildings, build railroad lines and terminals, repair damaged tracks, build tunnels and bridges, build trains for freight, passenger and intercity traffic.

3) Build a huge


What’s new in Steam: Rails To Riches – USA-Canada Map: