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Features Key:

  • Fight arena
  • Elegant game design
  • Multiplayer mode
  • VR combat experience in a virtual scifi arena.
  • Fight for your life.
  • You can hone your skills during single player mode by challenging other players.
  • Challenge yourself to battles in unlimited game modes.
  • Enjoy your favorite fantasy or sci-fi series and fight to prove that you are the best warrior of your species!
  • Fight on top of the arena or in the entire city.
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    Saber Fight VR Free Download X64 [Latest 2022]

    Laser Sword Fight is a touch and motion based space combat game. Easily pick up and use your sword. Reach any goal by slicing everything in your way!Slicing Lines

    Each unit has a line, called a sliceline. Every object on the screen reacts to your attacks. Slicing the objects will cause them to explode, break, pass through, or fall off. When slicing an object, you can destroy a part of it, or create a new line that can be sliced. After slicing, the sliceline will continue moving. When the sliceline reaches a boundary it will explode, break, or flip.

    Each object has a protective boundary. When you slice the objects’ sliceline, you will break through the boundary. If an object is penetrated you will lose a part of it.

    Prepare for the dangerous space battles. Use your power to build and defend bases, fight your enemies and build your reputation as a powerful hero.

    This is a game where only the combination of skill and power will determine who will be the survivor.

    Saber Sword Combat System
    You can use an infinite number of combinations with the sashes and grips that you can combine to form your own style of sword combat.
    With your actual laser sword in hand, you can attack with you favorite variety of attacks!

    With 18 original weapons you can attack everything in your way, while also being able to move your sword easily and sweep it through your opponents!


    Saber Fight VR Free Download Latest

    About This Game Saber Fight VR is a new VR first-person action shooting game. Firing a high powered laser that can cut all kinds of materials. Fight against countless enemies, and destroy all who stand in your way. Using your power and sword you can hit and destroy anything in the path. The game simulates real time physics, and the aim of the game is to cause as much damage as you can to the objects and people in your path. Then you will unleash your own power to cause massive damage, and the world crumbles beneath you. Use the in-game workshop to customize your Blade and Hilt. You can combine different savers for different stats to find your optimal combat gear. The game has a story mode and a sandbox mode. The Story is epic and unique. The game features many kinds of weapons, costumes, bonuses and power abilities. All are welcome and ready to be yours to use, no matter how you want to play it.

    VR Gameplay!

    Casual & Realistic Gameplay

    Nonogram Gameplay

    Laser Sword Fight – Cut Everything Fight various enemies with a laser sword. Advanced physics engine allows you to cut every object into pieces, there is no limit, you can cut through everything!Use Your Power Use your power to push and pull objects and smash enemies with heavy boxes. Throw the Saber with a satisfying spinning effect! Unleash unlimited power!Defend With Style Deflect enemy fire with your blade! Use two different techniques for different behavior. Master your dodge abilities and raise your fighting style even higher!Choose Your SaberA single blade? Double blade? Reverse grip? Maybe dual wield?Use the in-game workshop to customize your Blade and Hilt.Random Level GenerationGame levels are randomly generated to ensure unique gameplay every time you play. Choose random missions on the tactical map based on strategic factors!Rebuild Your TempleYou have your very own temple. It is in ruin but you can rebuild to its full shape and establish there a base for operations. You can repair it with resources from missions.Frequent Updates and Community Based DevelopmentThis game is actively updated. It is developed together with the community. The Developer listens carefully to what players like and implements the communitys best ideas. Take an active role in game development!
    Game “Saber Fight VR” Gameplay:

    About This Game Saber Fight VR is a new VR first-person action shooting game. Firing a high powered laser that can cut all kinds of materials. Fight against


    What’s new in Saber Fight VR:

    : Rumble

    Saber Fight VR: Rumble is a PlayStation VR supported weapon training sim that allows players to alter their gamerscore with a minimum of 3 hours a week.

    The name Saber Fight VR: Rumble was chosen as it is a leading title of the Saber Fight series with official branding of +Saber Fight VR: Rumble.


    The game is player driven. Through a combination of user-created profiles and a notification system, the player chooses their own personal weapons and work out their loadouts for their character. Each of them are created with a unique look and the full set of 8 (or 4 with Razer Hydra) gamepads are equipped with SKULLCRUSH.

    The user accounts are then loaded into the headgear to access the stats tracking that the game has prepared for them. Weapons that have been claimed can be activated. Blades can be used through a simple tap of the trigger buttons followed by the pull of the trigger. Once thrown, the blade will fly towards the opponent. Upon contact, they will attempt to parry the incoming attack. This system of gameplay works to the player’s advantage.

    When a player parries, they provide both offence and defence. If parry is successful it negates or reduces their damage rating. If they fail to parry it reduces their total health based on their stamina rate, the amount of stamina is based on their pulse rate. However, if someone parries and they are hit with a parried strike, then they become paralyzed for a few seconds.

    Once the opponent hits someone, depending on their strength, they can detect if it was a hit, a counter, a parry or a lunge. While it works on the offensive side, it is most commonly used as a defensive manoeuvre with a block. This is done by standing near the opponent and then in a parry timing during the push away press of the block button. If the block button is released in the correct way, then it will block.

    Each player can unlock their class at the level that they reach. For example, a defender can unlock their Defender class, then they can unlock their Defender level.

    Skullcrush Sensor
    The Skullcrush Sensor is a PSVR compatible technology that can be attached to a gaming device to provide different screen modes. The sensor is available on a Razer Hydra.

    Here is how you set the mode, you will need to set it to “headset” or “any other game


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