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Fully randomized magic items to discover. Completable single player story campaign. The first chapter of the new story arc. Unravel the mystery behind the Wildcard Items!
The Tlaloc Crystals have been corrupted!
Nameless villains are hunting down the only remaining Wildcard Items!
Together, the powerful seven heroes must fight for the fate of the world. If they fail, the kingdom of Faeria will fall!
Key Features:
– Invent your own combination of powerful weapons and magic items.
– Battle the villains of Faeria and learn about the history of the Tlaloc Crystals!
– Defeat bosses with unique combinations of items!
– Face the ultimate challenge with the Adventure mode.
Story Campaign
The Tlaloc Crystals have been corrupted!
A sinister clique has seized control of the ancient Tlaloc Crystal mines. Dark magic has been spreading over the land, corrupting the people and creating a rift between the gods.
In the wake of the destruction, the seven faeria champions were sent forth to draw the ire of the gods. But some heroes have turned their back on the faeria…
Will the heroes of Faeria return to their roots, or will they heed the call of the dark gods?
Roguelike, Challenge and Adventure Game
– The player is meant to become lost in a vast world, featuring randomly-generated landscapes and encounters
– Retry, stop or explore. Discover new dungeons as you unravel the secrets of Faeria!
– Rogue-like gameplay
– Team up with up to 3 friends and fight together with the party of heroes
– Determine the outcome of each battle by choosing your champions wisely
– Adaptive music track
– Difficulty level can be adjusted to every players’ skill level
Competitive Mode
No more hidden boss. Play roguelike challenge. Beat your friends and other players!
The Tlaloc Crystals have been corrupted!
Six heroes have been brought together by the Clandestine Council. They must compete in a challenge to determine the fate of the seven Tlaloc Crystals.
Can the heroes of Faeria return to their roots, or will they heed the call of the dark gods?
Roguelike Gameplay
– Play solo or in local coop, or with up to 3 friends
– Choose your heroes, magic items and weapons
– Daily login rewards – awards and accessories
– The Tlaloc Crystals have


Rustbucket Rumble Debut Character Pack Features Key:

  • All Main Characters, Bosses and Decorations for Rustbucket Rumble
  • 6 new Tilesets, which include a new interior for the start of the Hive.
  • New, original equipment for Insectoids in Rustbucket Rumble.
  • Six new Minimap Tilesets.
  • Resolved Rendering Issues in Welded Level.
  • The Rustbucket Rumble Debut Character Pack includes:

    • Carnody, Cassie, Blennys, Jamison, Pyro, Roach, Disbon, Gauges
    • Ships
    • Medieval versions of Common items and decorations
    • Rustbucket Rumble theme
    • Phasmatrope, first boss music

    Rustbucket Rumble has been out for a couple of weeks now. This pack will allow you to pay your dues, and evolve as you map or play the game with the new deadly Insectoid, ‘Phasmatrope’. The Hive included in the pack is based on a new location from Rustbucket.

    Spacer Management in Ye Olde Game of Rustbucket Rumble

    We’ve got a massive management problem. There’s so many spaces, each with their own management needs.

    Rustbucket Greedy creepers wax in over the Goode shotgun game

    The Tyranny of Spaces

    The Spaces in the game were designed for players to manage. We don’t provide specific guidance, as everyone has their own toggles in their games. Our combination of spiders, boars and Creepers are over the top, and cater for games that manage their spaces by trapping, masking and coursing through them. This update will change all that. Specifically the we’ve introduced spaces, that are specifically designed for Glint-o-Lanterns.

    The spaces in the


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    Catch all the action and revel in the fast paced racer with 20 playable characters and up to 8 player online multiplayer!
    Character Pack: Includes 20 playable characters, 8 unique designs, 4 replayable tracks, 20 coins and 20 chat shout.
    Additional content and in-game purchases may be required to play, depending on your local laws.

    Rustbucket Rumble
    Browser or Shockwave Player required.

    About The Rustbucket Rumble:
    Build your team from up to 8 players using up to 20 unique playable characters in the fast paced racer with 8 unique tracks and 8 unique designs.
    Official site
    Buy Rustbucket Rumble

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    What’s new in Rustbucket Rumble Debut Character Pack:

    @40% Off

    Humble Bundle – This time I will have a new first character on the Line of Duty, he is a Police Officer named Banker which is him in the middle. Along with him will be a NG version of both Robin and the Joker, these two will be $9.99 until the launch of the new Compilation Game known as Sam and Max and the Perilous Dalek. After the games launch we will have another freebie, this time it is a poseable companion character called Albert the Card Carrying Robot.

    Note: If you plan on purchasing a Gamestop card to purchase or rent this download, it will be required to be done by signing in with your Microsoft or Xbox Live account. It is also important to note that you should be always diligent to look for the newest patch for Windows 10 and Xbox live as they contain updates that might include this cap.

    Lead in to our new Gigantic Character Pack at Midnight (UT), I would like to thank to Wizards of The Coast and all the Heroes they have provided in the latest levels. We will have the Delta Chronicles for Hero of the Month and we will have our weekly Loot tables to provide your Class, Deity, Image, Mount, and Pet of the Week.

    Your Wallet will be at 140 Dollars if you participate in our month long promotion, which of course at 11:59PM (UT) you can select this bundle and get two ‘Spheres for your game, or you can also purchase both bundles to get both. Additionally we will have a new class which is known as The Cleric, who along with her companion will be available for sale until March 25, 2018 (UTC).

    If you have any questions regarding our discount bundle or extras please feel free to comment or message me.


    New Class: The Cleric

    The help of the Cleric is mostly focused on positive events such as healing and protecting your allies, allies feats will be more commonly available. Usually it will be if they are in a heated battle with the help of an ally such as a Demi Man, Specter, or Guardian they may be able to turn this hostility into a deep friendship.

    As for two weapon fighting techniques, one of which will be grappling combat and the other will be a normal fist fighting system, this control system will rely on attack direction then depending where the enemy is targeting your allies the other techniques will be used to in effect deflect and redirect your enemy


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    How To Install and Crack Rustbucket Rumble Debut Character Pack:

  • Install Game Rustbucket Rumble Debut Character Pack on your PC using the Download button from our site.
  • Run RustbucketRumbleDeButtton as an Administrator.
  • Now open the downloaded RustbucketRumbleDeButtton file.
  • There is a readme.txt file inside the RustbucketRumbleDeButtton folder.
  • It will ask you to Run the installation. Run the Setup file. (if there is already a shortcut created for the RustbucketRumbleDeButtton on your desktop then you dont need to create one)
  • Once the setup completed, you will see the installation log on the desktop.
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