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Linch is a multiplayer first-person card game where all the gameplay takes place in the train coupe. You play as a condemned prisoner, sentenced to death but you are a genius and a true mastermind.
You’ll take the role of a card game mastermind who plays for his life as the stake. The game takes place in a train coupe, and there are 21 objects on the table:
– 3 sentries. They are “neutral” but can be turned against you for punishment
– 2 cards of each color: red and black. A red card means that you lose one of your cards, and you’re condemned to death – but a black card will let you “cheat” and gain another life.
– 1 last card. It will save your life.
You’ll play one card per move. Draw a card and play a card – if you have a card of the same color, you’ll merge them and gain a bonus – but you’ll lose a card as well. An important one – it will be taken away from you!
If a card is taken away, you have to take a move. Collect 3 black cards and you can get an additional move.
If you keep the last card, you win the game. If you play cards which are higher than the ones on the table, you’ll take a move of punishment.
In addition, there are 22 bonuses – use them wisely, and survive!
And always remember – if you play close to your life, other prisoners can find your secret! You don’t want to reveal them, right?
About Developer:
Viktor Bodkau has always been a gamer – he can play more than 80 hours a day when he’s at home. He has been developing games since the 7th grade and he is currently working on his own game Flux.


About This Game:
Fluxx is a realistic sliding tile game.
Using physics simulation, you will control a unique piece of furniture, through 2D world of unique graphics and physics simulation.
You can play a mini-game and receive bonuses.
Some tiles are double or even triple.
Fluxx is a tile puzzle game.
You can play mini-game, collect bonuses and win to unlock levels.
Replay and enjoy!
Game Features:
– Many different mini-games.
– You can play


Rhythm Mage VR Features Key:

  • Fight with simple VR controls, get used to maneuvering a 2D videogame in 3D space.
  • No mazes, no gliders, no locomotion – just two characters fighting each other.
  • Unique tactical combat system.
  • Control your own personal customized spell casters. Enhance their combos.
  • Spellcasters with unique interactions – Fireball wants to eat the Wizard but needs the Archer to wake him up.
  • Special abilities make fights more exciting. Learn to use the Wizard’s fireballs while dodging the Warder’s ability to move them all around.
  • Dodge, duck, jump and grab in a 2D Virtual Reality world.
  • Option to fight the Mage in two different directions – blind and distant.
  • Unlock new spells and combos as you proceed through the game.
  • Fight as a Mage in training and fight as a Wizard – two very different approaches to fighting!
  • Fight a newer version of the nevelimd mage.
  • Single player mode allows you to practice combos and fight through tutorial levels.
  • As the game progresses, you will upgrade your character in the personal vault system.
  • Fight the ultimate mage enemy – The Fallen Executioner.
  • Head over to and try out the still in development game! Why don’t you also like our Facebook page to be notified when we have a new, cool release on our store!

    Possible Ways of Playing the Game:



    Rhythm Mage VR Free

    Discover the rhythm you’ve been longing for in VR!

    Play the iconic rhythm game of old – the Gameboy era – in virtual reality!

    Perfect for all ages, the game is also fully adjusted for different VR motion controllers.

    Use the accelerometer on a VR motion controller to play the game with your body movements, drag across the floor to spin and kick your way through the level to reach your next goal.

    Swipe your fingers across the touchpad on Vive Focus or Vive Trackers to play the game with your hands.

    Capture the rhythm of the game to play your best score.

    [*Note: Due to the enhanced sensitivity of the motion controllers, on macOS you’ll need to provide your VR headset with accurate VR motion controllers. In other words, they need to be set as external controllers, not as Vive Trackers.]

    For all questions or support please email us at support@indeedit.com

    You know what? It’s “monkey” time. Go to the Hare Hare Jungle and find fun in the snow to get your monkey back.

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    About The Game

    Take a trip to a warm and sleepy island. Before you’re hit with the sun and sand, enjoy the island’s forest.

    Take your time and explore these cool and mystical areas. Play the games and hunt for rare and precious tokens. Collect as many as you can and work your way up to a big reward.


    Rhythm Mage VR Full Version Free Download [Mac/Win]

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