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This is a 2 player co-op puzzle game. There are two levels in the game. Each level will force you and your friend to show your synergy.
The game is about cooperation and pvp. You and your friend should decide what to do with the player’s synergy.
You can put your hero in shield, fireball or double jump. With the combination of the abilities, you will discover your synergy.
The pvp mode features an arena that test your rival player. Show him your advantage.
If your ability is damaged, it will be difficult to finish the level. Take advantage of your abilities.
Try to solve all the puzzles and defeat your rival in the pvp arena.
Oh you think this game is not tough?
Stick together and give it a try.
About This Game:
This is a 2 player co-op puzzle game.
To achieve the level requirement, you and your friend will be pressed to work together to complete the challenges.
But there’s a problem. Your friend is not cooperative, so you will have to defeat your friend to get the special task.
With your ability, you can do that and use your “double jump” to help your friend kill your rival.
* Attempts to create a smarter and more friendly user interface.
About this Game:
A 2 player co-op puzzle game.
The objective of the game is to collect as many items as you can.
Your main character is a clumsy mouse who can move, jump, throw, and shoot.
He needs to collect all the items in the room to move on to the next level.
Your rival is a genius cat who can teleport, protect, and dodge attacks.
The puzzles in the game are made to challenge the player.
To achieve the level requirement, you and your friend should cooperate to overcome the challenge.
Special abilities are called “Synergy”.
Shoot with Fireball to destroy fragile walls to open the path for your rival to escape.
Shield your rival with your shield to make your rival temporarily invincible.
Throw an apple to yourself to distract your rival.
This game contains 3 levels. Each level has 6 doors, which your main character can open or not. If he open it, you will get more items. If he close it, you will lose life points and lose the opportunity.
This game will challenge your friendship.
You can destroy your rival.
The rivalry comes to a


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