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Name Necromunda: Hired Gun
Publisher jesscata
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-Choose from 13 different unique guns
-Traversal and combat on roofs, walls and balconies
-Customise your cyber-dog with various guns and augmentations
-Become a legendary Necromundian
-Choose from 13 different weapons and up to 16 Augments
Fight through the dark and dangerous streets of Necromunda using a variety of heavy weapons. You’ll need to overcome obstacles and enemies to achieve your bounty target. Prove yourself as the ultimate killer in a sprawling arsenal full of equipment.

Gunblast is an indie platformer influenced by video games like Contra, Contra III, Gunstar Heroes, Castlevania and Super Mario Bros, and adds a tactical shooting mechanic that mixes anime weapons, item-based progression, and a big, colorful world.
With the power to mash anything into anything else, you’ll discover a myriad of creative ways to manipulate the environment to create a bullet-smashing path. While it’s easy to plow through enemies by running and shooting, Gunblast also lets you use different weapons to give you edge against tall ones and to seek out new and useful items hidden in the environment. By searching for hidden keys or remote turrets, you can unlock special abilities like the ability to transform into a giant or gain invincibility.
Instead of a traditional story, Gunblast takes the idea of “rules are made to be broken” to a whole new level. You’ll destroy anything in your way and use objects like doors, walls and floors to create unique shortcuts that work together to beat a level. If you try to leave your home base, you’ll be instantly sent back. But the weapons and items you find along the way let you destroy the environment and create new opportunities.
Different weapons and items have different abilities, so be sure to switch things up when you see something new. For example, the powerful sword heaves a projectile that you can use to stop oncoming traffic. The rocket launcher shoots flames that can melt ice and turn walls into platforms. The energized attack boosts the damage of all other weapons. All weapons degrade with use and some weapons need to be collected to be upgraded.
Gunblast will take the player on a challenging journey through more than 20 levels full of colorful enemies, powerups and secrets. Will you survive?

“We’ve been developing Patch Quest for about two years. It’s an action-RPG with crafting gameplay and we’re


Features Key:

  • Deep story with strong characters and impactful choices.
  • Multiple locations, each with its own atmospheres and features.
  • Over 40 weapons and gear.
  • Different enemies and campaign size.
  • No random encounters – every battle is strategy and skill based.
  • Unprecedented variety – all Homunculi come in three different sizes, and range from stubby to mountainous.>
  • Dozens of unique homunculi and super heavy ordnance with special abilities.
  • A detailed crafting system and resource management.
  • A detailed and unique base building system.
  • A host of new survivor traits to build, buy and upgrade.
  • Unique Pagan, Caravan and Sicaran survivor units.
  • Deep and precise melee combat.
  • Necromunda: Hired Gun Game Play Video:

    I have tried “Array savedata” no luck.
    Any body know any good documentation on game settings like this?
    Please post your answers here I want to be really clear on my question.


    So i found the plugin i was looking for called’server.savegame’.
    So I was creating new save data after a successful episode with the
    Savedata : “Array” “Array”, which works fine here.
    In the SP wiki I searched for a way to remove players and homagionculi from a save Data which i could not find.
    I got the answers as per below :

    You don’t actually need to create a Save game. Whenever a mission
    successful, you are automatically saving, with the savegame directive
    recorded in the Episode list.

    You can skip create save data by setting the directive to none.

    You can remove ‘Necromunda: Homunculus’ survivors by adding directive :

    Doing a bit more research I found a tool on


    Necromunda: Hired Gun Crack + With Keygen [Mac/Win] [2022]

    WASD – Move
    ESC – Jump
    Space – Throw Grenade
    Arrow Keys – Aim and shoot
    Left click/Spacebar – Switch between cybermastsiff and submachine gun in one hand and grenades in the other
    F – Focus ability on one hand
    G – Devastation ability
    Use CTRL or SHIFT to deploy the stealth mines from your cyber-mastiff
    You can move over the terrain to sneak up on enemies
    If you find that your cyber-mastiff is out of sight and takes a few bullets from enemies, you can jump over to the spot, and the cyber-mastiff will follow you on the jump
    Shoot an enemy with the SMG and pick up the weapon as it falls
    The shotgun is also a great weapon to throw when sneaking up on enemies
    If you see that you are being flanked by two enemies then call your cyber-mastiff onto them, and then focus on the one you don’t want, if you kill the one you don’t want, you will get their credit
    When you are running in an open environment the cyber-mastiff will run out of ammo so make sure you stock up on ammo
    You can equip and switch between one or more cyber-mastiff for each player
    You need to equip the submachine gun and grenades in both hands to always be able to use them, and place the stealth mine in the left hand
    Grenades cost a lot of ammo, so keep them in your right hand for that reason
    The Devastation ability will stop time and allow you to flip over walls and jump over enemies
    If you do fall, you can slide back to the area you started from
    The Focus ability will slow you down to a crawl for a short time
    You can use the Devastation ability and then move as if time had paused if you release your aim as fast as possible before the Devastation effect takes place
    If an enemy is engaged with you, and you jump or otherwise move off of them they will be left un-engaged
    You can upgrade your cyber-mastiff with cyber-upgrades, and augment it with cyber-augs
    If a cyber-mastaiff runs out of ammo, it can call in a support cyber-mastaiff
    You can upgrade your cyber-mastiff with cyber-upgrades, and augment it with cyber-augs
    You can issue orders to your cyber-mastiff through a communicator
    You can


    Necromunda: Hired Gun [Win/Mac]

    A brief word of introduction here. I have been a game developer for over 30 years, doing strategy games, high-fidelity 3D graphics, and now a new genre: SHADOWCASTER!

    My Shadowcaster game is an action platformer/shooter hybrid, featuring classic pixel graphics, 3D physics, action adventure elements, and shmups. It has all the elements of action and platformers with a lot more creativity than the games of that genre. I personally find these two genres quite incompatible (all except the latter on occasion), but my friends and relatives enjoy this type of game. The only thing is I need some nice levels.

    I am constantly seeking for free levels, mostly because I can only test my game without a room full of enemies and bosses. The best way to test levels is to play them, that’s why I am writing this!

    I write for the following reasons:

    I have been wanting to do this for some time. I had created a webcomic ages ago, but it was a funny webcomic for a long time, so it’s almost forgotten (and I forgot to post it here). The characters are still there though and I wrote new ones for my Shadowcaster project.

    I was running my tests on my phone, until I found out I can use my iPad. Now I can better control how the levels are tested.

    For people who are interested in this project. Well, I make no promise that you will be able to play it. Well, maybe you will, but you will probably have to wait until I release a beta version.

    Also, there are some webcomics about online games being made by other people. However, they are all about games that are already made.

    I am also considering asking people to give me levels to test for free, but if I do so, you will all be able to play the finished product! I can see myself spending years doing all the development, and I would love to share it with you. So if you would like to help out, send me your levels!

    Shadowcaster EpisodemrDeMorte watched and waited. He knew this would happen sooner or later, but he hoped he would have more time before it happened. He watched, waiting for the person in the basement to appear and open the door.His windows were covered with sheets. The snow from the previous days was slowly melting


    What’s new in Necromunda: Hired Gun:

      There were two features in Peter Schmitt’s Avatar that practically guaranteed a close encounter: the 10,000-strong criminal population and the small ecosystem of Securocracy that was exploited to allow them to thrive. The orcs were loud, brutish thugs – however intimidating they may have looked as in the novels – and environmental effects matched a landscape ravaged by bloodshed. If Hirelings revealed a glistening, shallow water world and Light Hands suggested an arid, urban planet, then the Necromunda setting – which I first explored in copious detail with the first couple of games – promised landscape, wilderness and diversity.

      After three books and barely a decade on the tables, I still remember reading this book with the shudder of first awe, and the sense that the world of Necromunda was not just legal and law-abiding, but somewhere frozen in time. The depths of the “underbelly of the savage Old World”, as Marie Jodoin’s colony might’ve been dubbed, were a place of unimaginable violence, scrub and temptation. Everything seemed wilder than it really was, and the work that went into creating the setting and its inhabitants could practically be compared to the planning of a biological virus.

      Now that the setting’s established, let’s go more in-depth. As with the Corebook and Rulebook, Avatar contains this time a setting-book packed with historical touches about the colonies, and a character-book that tells more about each of the ten colonies and their inhabitants. As we look at the latter, let’s also go as in-depth as a planet and a setting can possibly be, shall we?

      Hired Gun: Mars Colony

      Mars Colony is the closest Titan gets to “an old terran world”. Deep-frozen, harsh and desperately well-protected from the harsh truths of the outside world, its surface wreathed by permanently-twilighted, star-pocked plains and frozen canyons. A place of giant, towering Redhani mountains and, of course, dwarfs.

      As in the setting, the story of Mars Colony begins during the first wave of three war-ships from asteroid settlements in the outer Solar System. The settlers have recently arrived, eager to claim their new world, only to be halted by the arrival of the Elites. Once the interplanetary wars between the Anarchs and the Crimson Ring are over, Mars Colony is briefly established a sanctuary planet for Crimson Ring and later for the Court of


      Free Download Necromunda: Hired Gun Crack + For Windows


      How To Crack Necromunda: Hired Gun:

    • Unrar the downloaded package
    • Run the setup
    • Follow the instructions on the screen

    Install Setup Files

    • Installing Necromunda With GameDVR (Unrar)
    • Cracking Necromunda With GameDVR (unpck)


    • Set DxDiag
    • Set Firefox
    • Configure XULRunner

    GAMEPLAY (10)

    • How To Play Necromunda
    • Characters&Ganger
    • Equipment
    • Taxes & Resources
    • Disasters (Rappolly)
    • Tercimes


    • Adding New Ganger
    • Right click on character and select Ganger


    • Necromunda – The Game
    • Necromunda

    I created a this thread over at the forum. Check it out if you need more support on installing Necromunda and/or GameDVR. 

    Don’t forget to watch this UrT Roll-In:

    Note: I was not paid for this!

    Necromunda is a dice based cyberpunk style tabletop roleplaying game, set in a morally grey and violent futuristic era of anarchy and corporate influence


    System Requirements For Necromunda: Hired Gun:

    Mac OS X Version 10.8 or later

    Latest Flash Player (version 10.2)
    JavaScript and Plug-in Support:
    Adobe Flash Player:
    Windows Version 10
    Latest Flash Player (version 11.0)
    Mac Version 10.8 or later
    Linux Version 10.8 or later