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Sailors who get lost in the storm always follow the flames of a lighthouse. It is a shining beacon of hope that guides them through even the heaviest of rains. StoryEthani lost her way and ended up in a mysterious place, shrouded in fog. She is out of time, but the dense gray veil spreads as far as the eye can see. Where did she come from… and where should she go? While on the brink of despair, Ethani notices an attractive light in the distance. That light leads the poor girl to the Lighthouse, where she meets the Keeper. However, Ethani’s journey is far from over. She needs to make a choice and set sail once more.FeaturesInverse chronology. For all travelers who have gone astray, the Lighthouse is a place where the past and the future converge. Learn Ethani’s story and decide what happens next.Interactivity. Each of your choices affects Ethani’s fate, leading to three alternate endings.25+ CG ART (720p)Original soundtrack from a professional musician.1,5-6 hrs of immersive story written by TomoToro team

About this Game:
The journey of Pirate Ship Snow White as she goes on a quest to find the sea’s undiscovered treasures for you. After completing your adventure on the White Ship, you will be asked to choose between a Pirate’s Lost Treasure and a Pirate’s Gold. Visit a new area to complete this quest and find a new pirate ship among your rewards! It’s a Pirate’s life for you! Features:
– Inviting Graphics and Sound Effects
– Explore a Pirate Ship
– Dozens of Pirate Houses and Challenges
– 20 Pirates to Explore and Befriend
– Play through in Easy, Normal or Hard mode
– New Pirates to Explore
– Discover a Village with a Pirate House
– Randomized Loot and Treasure

About this Game:
Yippee! You’re finally part of the Pirate’s crew. Meet a crew and start sailing this Pirate Ship! Your adventure begins with a complete tutorial, where you will learn all basic actions and controls. Follow a pirate treasure map and help the crew to find the most sought after treasure! Begin your trip in Easy mode, then upgrade to Normal or Hard mode. Help the Captain to avoid all water attacks from other pirates and crew, and make sure to keep the other ships away from the desired treasure. You will be able to find a variety of pirate houses along the way, as


Features Key:

  • The lighthouse is an interactive game
  • Objective: Guide the group of mariners to the next relay post. The mariners need to move non-stop. The lighthouse emits a radio sound that guides the sailors to the next destination.
  • The lighthouse moves along the 20 levels, all the sailors will finish a level as soon as each of them runs out of fuel. Also, the lighthouse will stop if the sailors gets locked in a room.
  • Gameplay

    You control the lighthouse and play the game by guiding the ships of young sailors to the next relay post. You need to move the lighthouse from one post to another. You need to move along the litometric band 20 levels and solve all puzzles to get more points. You need to operate a system that will calculate all the directions to move the lighthouse from each location. You can unlock new items like new sails, new lamps. the lighthouse is in action non-stop so you need to keep in mind Time Management.


    Main Controls (Forward, Back, Left and Right)

    Use your move keys and place the model at the needed point. Use the break dash to change positions. Use the spacebar to go back.

    In the next stages, you need to use the mouse. Simply, place the model at the wanted position. Click the mouse to move.
    Close Control (Stop, C)

    Use this key to pause and stop the action.

    Last Control (Left and Right Arrows)

    When you use the left or right keys, the lighthouse moves very fast.

    How to Play

    1- Choose the desired layout (W – Wycza / B – Tobie)

    2- Select the sailor waves from 1 to 20. Then go to the game play.

    3- Press the space key to place the lighthouse at the location. Use the mouse to place it. Click the mouse when you are in the right place.

    4- As soon as the team finishes a level, the team will


    Lighthouse Of Guiding Flames For Windows

    In this dark, cold and misty sea, one can find only two things: the Lighthouse at the horizon and the flames of the lighthouse on the horizon.
    You know the Lighthouse well. It is a place to find hope, but also dread. Nothing is sure and one can feel a dramatic, almost supernatural power.
    But the Lighthouse is now burnt. The last beam slowly burns in the light. The keeper wakes up an old woman, but it seems that he got up the wrong way.
    He manages to light another lamp.
    He is not on his own. An old woman is in a hurry. She longs to see the light and she is not alone.
    What will happen? Will the Lighthouse burn? Will the keeper be saved by the last beam?
    Decide yourself: will the Lighthouse burn?
    About the Author Ethani The artist behind the book and the name of the game is Kozachok Michal (Mooncalf) – a design and animation artist from Cracow, Poland. We are a small team of indie game developers, we’re working hard on a mature YA game.
    Our team includes illustrator Alix, engineer Marcin, me and sound designer Michal.
    For backers – we would love to have your thoughts regarding the game and your thoughts on the price.
    We’ve never done this before and this game has eaten our entire savings, so please help us spread the word and try to upvote.
    We’re really looking forward to hear your thoughts!
    Thanks and have fun!

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    Lighthouse Of Guiding Flames

    The Lighthouse is a 2D game with a chibi art style and a touch of RPG. It is a romantic tale with plenty of lightheartedness and moments of reflection. Ethani is a charming female protagonist, whose fate is linked with the Lighthouse, a place in the sky.

    Reviews”The strange things and the mysterious surroundings from the story are animated well, and the charming sound effects, ambience and sound design are complemented by subtle piano and strings. There is also a musical suite that plays during certain parts of the game. It is relaxing but still manages to keep its fast pace. … The basic game mechanics are easy to understand, but the story will bring you to tears.”–Dark Solis”… the characters are really cute, the music is a treat to listen to and, for the most part, everything is done pretty well, except the last part of the game. “–viral tip”On the other hand, the ‘gameplay’ is actually very easy. Every time you take a photo, you can shoot it as often as you want, you can change the settings, you can explore the world and unlock events and even save them at will. … The best part is the music which is a mix of classical and modern, and the ambience of the game is just sublime.”–Local Shisa,

    1,4-3 hrs of flirting at your leisure:Presents a collection of provocative pictures, in the order they are presented.In one of those pictures, you will be able to see the body of a “companion” floating in a more intimate state.This virtual image is located on Ethani’s bed. During the game, you can pick whichever picture you like, depending on your mood and appearance.

    Ethani on Ethani:A story of love and loss, with many twists and a very special ending.

    What do you want to know about Ethani?Why does she have a companion in her bed?What can she do to make him disappear?When was her last boyfriend?

    With more than 50 characters from the story, you can find answers to all those questions…In two parts.

    A reminder that this game will have in-app purchases.The choice is yours.Purchase one of the two parts, or just play the game for free.

    Start reading Ethani and you will soon discover the secrets of a girl who has lost her way.Follow


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