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Kasens Ks1680 Driver 26


Some Background Info:

I have Windows 7 installed on my laptop.
Every time I power up my laptop, I have to run a program that is called “Windows update” to get my laptop up to date.

I have tried both of the following programs:

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013/2015


Kaspersky LiveSafe 2013/2015

However, each time I do one of the programs, I get the following error message:

The Settings service cannot be started. (Error 5).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I gave up on the Kaspersky Anti Virus program for a number of reasons.
The first was because it doesn’t work to well with UEFI. It no longer had any free space and was hanging all the time.
I then tried LiveSafe. The reason I used LiveSafe was because I wanted to try a program that allowed me to scan online as much as I wanted while I used my PC. I was able to get into Windows, but I wasn’t able to be logged into LiveSafe. I wasn’t able to access the Start Screen either. I’d have to exit Windows and go back to the desktop. I’d then have to close LiveSafe before I’d be able to open it back up again. Also, if there was a security update available, the LiveSafe icon would be dimmed.
Eventually, I found another program that seemed to work better for me.

Sophos Safe.

However, I was still not able to run LiveSafe and get into Windows, so I had to give up on LiveSafe.
I also felt that Safe was more intuitive. It would check your computer before you turned it on, which was nice. I also could open it up in a completely different window and not interfere with the Windows UI. There wasn’t an option to disable the UI from opening, but there was an option to disable the UI from running. I liked that.
However, I did also like the ability to have a desktop background in LiveSafe. When I was using LiveSafe, I had a desktop background, so it seemed nicer to have that, but I guess it was just personal preference. I got so used to having my desktop background that I felt weird without it.
Either way, I’ve been using Safe for a number of years now

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