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Two weeks before his wedding, Tom Morgan suddenly disappears. No one has seen him for days, and when his groom-to-be disappears too, the investigation leads to the most haunted manor in England: the Grimstone mansion. As a Department 42 agent, find the artifacts that hold the secret of Tom and Margery’s disappearance, as well as the dangerous artifacts that are hiding themselves inside the house.
Black Blood is a fully realized Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game that takes place in a magical fantasy world. Assemble clues, solve tricky puzzles, and find objects and artifacts hidden in the most dangerous and mysterious locations. The bizarre objects and unusual characters will both challenge your brain and please your senses!
Dark secrets are waiting to be uncovered at the Grimstone mansion. Explore it in this treacherous game! Go ahead and play it.
Hidden Object and Match-3 Games:
* Find and assemble objects hidden in 25 captivating locations by discovering puzzle patterns
* Solve over 20 brain-bending mini-game puzzles
* Play the spectacular story of the mysterious Grimstone mansion
* Enjoy the full graphics and advanced game engine
* Take full advantage of the cool and unique levels and objects
* Use the 6,000+ high resolution objects and backgrounds
The graphics are high-resolution pictures of the game which are taken directly from the game source code.
High-quality music combined with amazing scenery and voice-overs help create the perfect atmosphere.
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    The princess Tamamo no Mae was cursed by a witch.

    Now you are working as her mysterious servant.

    She has a bunch of great servants, but you don’t know anything about them.

    All you know is that you have to act like a servant, your life is at her disposal, and you have to do everything she commands.

    The problem is, you’ve been cursed so you can’t talk.

    Tamamo no Mae likes to dress up as a witch and chase after boys.

    When she wears a mysterious outfit, she attracts a lot of attention.

    So… you are a maid.

    You know nothing about her servants.

    You just have to get along with them and do as you’re told, and maybe you’ll find out more.

    And that’s all you know.

    The problem is…

    The more you clean, the dirtier you become…

    If you can’t stop talking,

    You’ll turn into a frog!

    Nusurf Adventures: My Princess Princess Tamamo is a free girl-led SRPG.

    My Princess Tamamo is a free girl-led SRPG about a clumsy young girl named Kuni, who works as a maid at a certain house in Japan.

    She has no choice but to follow the orders of the mysterious girl, that lives in the mysterious room.

    She has no idea what her true power is, and she also has no idea about the servants that she has.

    But she’s curious about their power, so she has to live with them.

    In My Princess Tamamo, you’ll have to clean and wear their clothes, follow their orders.

    The more that you do that, the less she’ll like you.

    But it seems that she’s also increasing your power somehow.

    And you end up becoming a frog in the process.

    Nusurf Adventures: My Princess Tamamo is completely free and does not include any payment.

    There are no items to purchase in the game.



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    The game is perfect for the person who is looking for a game that will not leave the player depressed, similar to well known games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and Metal Gear Solid 5, but with a twist.Playtime Frog’s PrincessThe gameplay for Frog’s Princess is very simplistic, the difference comes in the story, where the player must help this frog princess by completing a variety of missions, also, each mission will require you to make choices throughout the story. This allows the player to impact the events in a way that will ultimately result in the princess being saved. Here are the review’s for Frog’s Princess, posted on Steam:Steam page: Steam Page:
    User reviews reviews of Frog’s Princess on SteamIt goes on to say, “In conclusion, I have to say that I’m an Animal Crossing player, however, I’m extremely surprised by the quality of Frog’s Princess, because it is very different than Animal Crossing”.Steam Forum: Frog’s Princess forum feedback (4.8 stars):
    I chose this game to be featured because of the more niche setting, the events of the game remind me of the hit show, Once Upon a Time. There is this small storyline of this other world where it is a mix between Animal Crossing and Disney. Within the world, there is a witch who is really evil and when the player finds her, there will be more choices to make.What sets this game apart?
    In this game, you can choose to do missions, or you can choose to just be free and do whatever you want, within the laws of your world.The events that transpire within this game are also very unique, because it is not just a mix of everything, it is a mix of everything that Disney Princesses have to offer.There are challenges that are slightly different from what you see in most games of this genre. For example, there is the ability to sneak up on someone or cause ripples in the environment in order to affect someone’s mood.With all of these events in a realistic setting, I would recommend Frog’s Princess for people who enjoy fantasy and the medieval feel, but are interested in a slightly more unique story.It’s quite possible to have two playthroughs where one would cause you to do good things and one would cause you to do evil things.
    Overall, the game is worth playing and has an interesting story, if you are interested in Disney’s brand of fantasy, this is the game for you.Quality of gameplayVery good storyVery good combatGood musicVery


    What’s new:


      Frog’s Princess Bride is a 1996 American-Canadian animated computer-animated fantasy comedy film based on the 1987 motion picture of the same name written by William Goldman and directed by Robert Altman. It is the third and final installment of the 1995 film anthology The Rocketeer, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation. The film follows the adventures of a dream-affected young prince after he’s sent by his witch aunt to confront his older self as it attempts to kill his mother and take over the rule of the land. While the film was delayed from its original summer release date of 1996, it was released on June 13 of that year. The film was a moderate box office and critical failure, but critics note that the animation was of higher quality than that of the first film.

      The Prince of Atlantean (voiced by Seth Green) awakens in his bedroom in a castle-like room. He has a dream of Battle Bunny (voiced by James Belardino) and a young version of Princess Bride (voiced by Marta Kristen) who ask him to find the world of the living. Once they disappear, the young Prince is magically transported to an island where he meets a group of other dream characters.

      Meanwhile, the Baroness’s niece, Princess Blumhardt (voiced by Renee Jones) flees from her Aunt Nina, who is a powerful “Mistress of Nightmares”, by hiding in the world of the living, nearly being executed in her attempt. The Baroness finds her, and reminds Blumhardt that she can never escape the island without her family’s blessing. The Baroness later tells Nina that her niece has fallen in love with one of the male Valmontian guard, Drakkar Rook (voiced by Drew Carey). Nina threatens to kill Blumhardt and her parents, the Baroness and the King (Prince’s father), if Drakkar continues to pursue the princess. As she gives Blumhardt a horrible seaside hallucination, Nina leaves the girl chained to a rock to die.

      Drakkar arrives at the castle after sensing the princess’ presence; he asks the King to give him permission to marry the princess. The King, deeply in love with Nina, gives the consent, but ignores his son’s offer of help. When the King leaves, Drakkar looks out of the window, seeing the Valmontian army. The Prince gives his older self a life coach, and does not warn


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    System Requirements For Frog’s Princess:

    Downloading The Game
    The game can be downloaded at both of the official downloads page :
    Direct Link to the Game:
    Can I use my existing save files?
    Yes. The game saves your player data and the game path to where