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Circuit Dude Cracked Accounts is a physics puzzle game where you build contraptions from wires, push blocks, step on switches, rotate walls and more to get your contraption to work. Plug in chips, push blocks, stepl push buttons, twist tubes and watch your contraption move. It’s time to get building!
A physics puzzle game, it’s about finding the best way to use the rules to your advantage, work out what the contraption’s limitations are, and then build your contraption from there.
It’s physics puzzle meets construction game. When something moves, how do you know if it’s because of gravity, or because of a contraption you’ve built? Physics are deceptively simple, but the game’s rules are not and you’ll need to think carefully about what to do to your contraption to get it to do what you want.
Once you’ve finished, you get to see how your contraption works, and that’s when you find out just how clever you really are.

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Circuit Dude is rated PEGI 3.

Alone, together, or with your friends? Upgrade to the full version and build your very own audience of Circuit Dude fans. One of your creations may even get added to the in-game levels list!

System Requirements:

iPhone OS 4.3 or later, iPad OS 3.2 or later, iPod Touch OS 4.2 or later.

Game Play Video:

What’s in the Box?

Circuit Dude follows its deluxe design with the exact same design and content as the iPhone Game “Circuit Dude Deluxe”Week in Review: Transformer getting an update

It’s been a busy week for Transformer fans, with fans getting to finally see the first trailer and gameplay footage for the upcoming game.

In news, Sony has said that the PS3 version of the game will be released on the 13th of February. There was also a change to the website, which also gives us our first look at new artwork and screenshots. Check it out below.

Boss Battles



Circuit Dude Features Key:

  • Your puzzle game on the iPhone!
  • You can create your own puzzles
  • You get a choice to start the game right at the title screen
  • The background music has 4 exciting variations each unique for you to track down.
  • All your achievements get saved on your profile
  • Save your place at any time
  • Teleport option for longer puzzles
  • Option to cycle quickly when a puzzle is already solved
  • Experiment with all 16 puzzle themes
  • Solve all 8 or 16 stories of a mystery
  • Generates a list of the most common words for everything you solve
  • Multiple languages supported
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    “Not only does Circuit Dude Game has probably the best puzzle game around, it’s a good time too.”
    -Por: Livelink Gadget


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    From the original developer of Snake: Frenzbyte, comes a new puzzle game with over 15 hours of gameplay that will keep you busy for days! Circuit Dude Free Download is a unique take on the classic puzzle genre, combining 2D platforming with pinball aesthetics.
    Why Play Circuit Dude? Circuit Dude is a unique take on the classic puzzle genre, combining 2D platforming with pinball aesthetics. It’s easy to get into, but challenging enough to keep you hooked for hours. The beautifully illustrated levels are carefully crafted to offer unique gameplay experiences and earn you challenges. The unique two dimensional gameplay makes Circuit Dude challenging and a lot of fun! The piano keys on the title screen actually work! “Circuit Dude is not just another game: it shows the kind of player’s innovative spirit that we cherish!”
    “Lots of people must have enjoyed the simplicity, the ease of working with the physics and the complete control of the players.”
    “It’s unique and has its own look, and gives the player the feeling that what he is doing is actually important.”
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    This game uses a simple mechanic to keep it challenging; you can only move through walls and floors, making the game easy to learn, but challenging to master.

    Each level consists of 40-100 puzzles that you can solve in either a short or long time.

    Your wire connects to numerous terminals in each stage, with some short ones or long ones. You have to connect wires to the correct terminal in order to complete each level.

    The number of connections you can make with any given wire only depends on the number of stages available to solve in a level.

    To do this, you need to follow a certain set of rules to solve each level. The rules are:

    – The wire must start on the first floor and end on the second floor

    – The wire must start on the second floor and end on the first floor

    – When you connect two wires to a certain terminal, you can’t just connect one wire to another terminal

    – Some terminals have multiple inputs and outputs so you can connect to multiple wires in one go

    Try to solve all the puzzles of each level to win a highscore and be the best on PASSPORT.

    These are “stage layouts” for easier and more accurate gameplay. If your own custom solution is different, you will need to upload your own stage layouts.

    – Daily Screen and Theme/Background images will be deleted with every new submission of a custom stage layout.
    – You don’t need to send your own images! We will take care of providing you with a daily screen or “stagescreen”, instead.

    How to play:
    – Select a level from the Menu
    – Press the A button to start the game
    – Try to solve all puzzles in a few moves or don’t waste time – try solving every stage in a short time
    – Use the D-pad to rotate the game board, pushing the panels in your way
    – Use the analog stick to step on switches or walk through walls


    To add content to the game, you will need to create a new level layout.

    The current layout will be saved into a text file that we need to place in the “Layouts” folder in order to start the editor. You will only be able to use functions available in the editor, so make sure you know how to use the editor and how to use the editor to create your custom content.

    We will be using some example


    What’s new in Circuit Dude:

    Circuit Dude is a Vaucluse, New South Wales musician and sound artist, best known as a founding member of English indie rock band Radio 4. He has collaborated with artists including Peter and Gordon, Alexis Kanner and Joseph Arthur.


    Circuit Dude was born in Sydney, New South Wales to two musicians. He was adopted by a close-knit music family, who took him along to many of their gigs and introduced him to a wealth of talented people. Nylon Magazine described his parents as “aspiring pop music lovers and improbably talented (but sadly untrained) musicians, and their childhood home quickly became a clubhouse, a meeting point and a place of musical enlightenment.”

    A little-known fact about Circuit Dude is that he prefers to perform with non-keyboard instrumentalists. He has performed onstage with his guitar and synthesizer using sequencers, electronic drum machines and other instruments for the live show, rather than a keyboard.

    Circuit Dude is also an accomplished player of gongs and drums, and he has been a member of a number of bands across the region and from Sydney to Melbourne. In this role, he has frequently provided sound design, keyboards and other instrumentation for many Sydney bands such as Fishtank, his own solo project under the name ‘Guitar Mom’. As well as performing onstage with Radio 4, he also has a unique, distinctive, and distinctive voice.

    As part of Radio 4’s farewell tour on 18 October 2017, fellow founding member Alexander Fischbach described how Circuit Dude is “always in the control room behind the scenes at the moment and as a result we always have him in the loop of what’s happening in the middle of the weekend… By the end of every tour we’ve probably lost our voice [laughs] and we’re pretty happy about it,” before adding “but Circuit Dude is never allowed to miss a weekend. He’s like a neglected father figure, so always trying to make us sound fucking fantastic.”

    Music career

    Circuit Dude has played in a wide range of bands, both as a leader and collaborator. Some examples are

    Magicland Child (with Jeff Koons and John Condins)John Murphy, Magicland Child (21 May 2001), Sounds, N.Z.
    The Summer (with David McNamara)
    The Ryhouse Band
    Zerovator (with Lincoln Anderson, Barry Kanna, and Joe Stone)


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