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In Pink Ribbon Charity Pack the story, the role and the impact of a real trucker at your disposal.
Control yourself and others in a story of responsibility, responsibility, responsibility.
One of the most vivid stories in trucking comes together in one of the most dynamic stories in videogames.
Our story is real and it’s happening right now. Our characters are real and real truckers.
Our elements are inspired by their personality, stories and worries.
You are one of them. Choose your story.
As you will see in the help menu, we did our best to make it as much realistic as possible.
In our story you will find the beautiful pink ribbon which will support the research and awareness.
Every time you enter a truck or visit a truck, you will see pink ribbons over your truck, to help all the participants in the fight.
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Features Key:

  • 4 new vehicles: FTR Jeep (Factory Turbo – $64.99), Woody Mobile Home (Welsh Cottage $44.99), 7 x 4 Ford F-350 Super Cab (Two Door $59.99), and Super Duty Ram (Three Door $100.99)
  • Champion Trucker Van
  • Music and Parking game modes
  • Park anywhere in Shoreline
  • Hire additional trucks
  • New eco mode, rain and snow effects


American Truck Simulator – Pink Ribbon Charity Pack Free PC/Windows

This charity pack includes 9 unique in-game trucks and a unique set of real-world trucks from various truck manufacturers. For those players who prefer to play in a virtual truck simulation, we have the perfect truck simulation to enjoy. All proceeds from Pink Ribbon Charity Packs will go directly to the BCRF to help fund their groundbreaking breast cancer research in the hope of finding a cure.Pink Ribbon Charity Packs are easy to purchase: start with a 1-year license, upgrade to a 2-year license for only $1.00 more, or purchase a Lifetime License for $20.00.
-Buy the Pink Ribbon Charity Pack now from:
-Will all the various trucks in the Pink Ribbon Charity Pack be available for private purchase at a later date?We will be releasing the trucks in the Pink Ribbon Charity Pack in a
period of time throughout the year.
Please keep checking this Steam page for Pink Ribbon Charity Pack updates and more information.
Install Instructions
1. Run the game.
2. Launch Steam.
3. Go to
4. Install the game.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
6. Restart Steam and close it.
7. Run the game.
About The GameAmerican Truck Simulator – Pink Ribbon Charity Pack is free and can be downloaded from the Steam client (
More information on
For bug reports, problems with the Pink Ribbon Charity Pack, or any other issues, please contact us through
If you have a Steam account, you can invite your friends to follow this link:

Important Notes:
The playable versions of the Pink Ribbon Charity Pack are from ScS Interactive.
The Pink Ribbon Charity Pack does not include the original game.
The Pink Ribbon Charity Pack does not include road signs (all signs will be the Pink Ribbon Charity Pack signs)
This content is owned by ScS Interactive LLC. All rights reserved.

Minimum Requirements


To play the game on your Linux desktop computer, you will first need to install the “yum” package repository. You can either follow the below steps, or launch the “dnm


American Truck Simulator – Pink Ribbon Charity Pack With Key Download [March-2022]

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This is the Complete World 2020 edition of American Truck Simulator DLC. The mod was made ​​by S33ft. It’s a total conversion of American Truck Simulator and it is based on a new map. New features include: a new map, new vehicles, new sounds, new missions and scenarios, new police system and new sponsorship systems. It contains changes to the time system, roads and many objects. New features include: highway entries, highway exits, commercial areas, super highways, toll booths and a new system of road maintenance. New missions include: trucking missions, speed jobs, convoy missions and police missions. New vehicles include: new trucks, lorries, semi-trucks, tractor trailers and buses. New jobs include: delivery services, commercial areas, road signs, billboards, big billboards, truck stops, trucking equipment and truck drivers. Scenarios include: a series of truck driver tasks to unlock new trucks. The map is a total conversion of the original American Truck Simulator map. It includes Highway 101, Highway 99, Highway 287, Highway 52, Highway 12 and many new features. It also contains Highway 50, Highway 80, Highway 312, Highway 64 and many new features.
Download this version now:

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This is an unofficial American Truck Simulator map and mission pack.
The update features a new


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