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Choose your class, upgrade your deck, and prepare to fight your way across six awesome planets as you uncover the mysteries of the Void.
In Void Tyrant Download With Full Crack you will:
– Fight using a unique Blackjack-inspired combat system to defeat memorable and often times ridiculously strong foes.
– Level up and earn new cards by defeating enemies and gathering artifacts. You can even customize your deck while you travel from planet to planet.
– Craft new items with your upgraded tools and gear.
– Explore alien ruins for new loot to prepare you for the fights to come.
– Raise your ship for a speedier way through the massive levels.
– Discover challenge rooms where you will play against a number of AI enemies.
– Explore six different planets: Planet Zero (full of strange animals), Planet Evac (fight aliens over a live planet), Planet Divides (loot artifacts and raise ships to help fight off an army of enemy spaceships), Planet Boom (special room that requires special cards to open), Planet Plague (where using guns is illegal) and Planet Tomb (where you must play to avoid traps).
The original Void Tyrant on iOS has been downloaded over 20 million times.
Check out the original trailer:
– Six planets and exciting missions
– An 8-bit retro theme with an 8-bit feel
– Trophies for completion
– Over 350 enemies to defeat and 100 types of items to collect
– Upgrades and skills to master
– Multiple endings
– A dark fantasy setting
– Three characters: Hero, Fyster, and Tastes-A-Lot
– Hundreds of cards to choose from
– Simple and fun mechanics
– Easy to pick up and play
– Fun and frantic, even in endgame

This sounds very similar to Galaxy of Fire, but for free. The only real problem is that there is no tutorial. After the second planet is free-roaming with the “control” map, and there are no instructions for doing anything. The iPad version is somewhat smoother, at least in the control screen and other places. There is no text or anything to explain how things work, just instant action.

Void Tyrant New (January 2019)

Developer: 4Shadows

4Shadows has announced a free update to Void Tyrant.


Void Tyrant Features Key:

  • Large variety of crazily fast-paced PvP, PVE & WvW maps.
  • Build the greatest collection of over 400 weapons.

  • Face in epic guild battles or go solo against other players.

  • Engaging 3rd person fantasy-style shooting with the most fluid and responsive control scheme

    Weapons available for sale

    Fall from Glory  now boasts dozens of new weapons, flashbangs and other items for sale. Some of these items can be used in missions or WvW to give players an edge.

    Antique-Grade Weapons

    (for more info & stats)

    This package includes an ancient, legendary weapon that will make you
    feared in any setting. Add one to your arsenal and show the lesser
    creatures who’s boss.

    You’ll get:

    A saber designed and cast by master forgeworkers to withstand even the
    mightiest of warriors. Two handed or one-handed this dual-wield weapon
    serves well at close and long range.

    Unique Weapons &


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    Choose a hero and venture through an ever-changing galaxy in this hybrid deckbuilder RPG!
    Duel your enemies in turn-based combat across 6 planets to reach the Chaos Pyramid and restore the Eyes of Chronos to save the galaxy.
    Using your wits and an upgradable deck of ability cards, battle quirky aliens in strategic Blackjack-like combat encounters, disarm traps, upgrade your spaceport, and more.
    Do you have what it takes to defeat the sinister Wruut once and for all?
    Customize a powerful deck from hundreds of cards as you venture across the galaxy as one of four unique classes: explorer, thief, rogue, or wizard.
    Collect artifacts and loot from treasure chests and defeated enemies.
    Spend Guldins to upgrade your town for new powers and adventures.
    Strategize to take on challenging bosses in card-based combat.
    Anticipate and disable traps, defeat odd aliens, face surprises, and more.
    Play the game your way with various accessibility improvements made with the PC version of Void Tyrant in mind. These include editable key bindings, the ability to turn off flashing lights and screenshake, and more!

    Void Tyrant is coming to PC for the very first time as a paid premium experience with all the upgrades and special items of the original. Whether you’ve saved the galaxy before on mobile or you’re entering the Chaos Pyramid for the first time, you’re sure to keep coming back to Void Tyrant’s blend of deckbuilding, strategic risk taking, and roguelike design.

    In this episode of The Filling Station, join myself and DP1E, as we enter the Primordius. Along with the Skelter on the Dragonfly, we bring our highly trained in-game team of experts on deck and game mechanics to learn what classes are right for you and tips on becoming the best player you can be. Please join us in the Primordius and enjoy the show!

    How to install? Install/update game – Select your version of the game, and install/update.
    In-App Purchasing: Gain unlimited access to our Gold Royale DLC content by using real money. Note that this isn’t a free trial, you are not getting a free game because of this. It’s a very


    Void Tyrant Full Product Key Free Download For Windows

    A Deckbuilder RPG with a Roguelike twist! –

    Trailer & Screenshots

    Recommended system specs:

    OS: Windows XP

    Processor: Intel Pentium III (2000) or higher

    Memory: RAM 3.4 GB

    Graphics: Intel GMA 950

    Graphics RAM: 128 MB

    Recommended video card specs:

    OS: Windows XP

    Processor: Intel Quad Core 2.6 GHz or higher

    Memory: RAM 6 GB

    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT, ATI Radeon X1950, or higher

    Graphics RAM: 128 MB

    Network: Broadband Internet

    Void Tyrants mission is to save the entire Universe. You play a guardian of the Cosmos with a very special weapon. Soon you will experience all the virtues that bring the Universe to a new level. As a hero you start with a deck of cards. On the way you will build new abilities and abilities and weapons. Therefore the game is very simple, but also very deep. Build deck of cards and make money to buy abilities and also money for new deck building.

    We offer this game as free trial. If you want to keep the game as it is then please buy the premium version. We want to do this because we love you and we would like to offer our best version to you, the players.

    Do you like playing with dice? Void Tyrant is a fun dice rolling game about saving the Universe. You have to roll dices with your character (and one special die). Save the Universe by following the chance and the evil alien forces!

    Game Play Void Tyrant:


    Card Building Game: Void Tyrant is a deckbuilding game. You will start with one of four unique classes and choose the skills and weapons you would like to build up. Then you will make a deck of the same class, or combine two decks into a single deck!

    Learn to Play: The game offers a simple tutorial, allowing you to learn all the basics and getting you up and running quickly!

    Roguelike elements: Void Tyrant is a hybrid roguelike game with elements of a traditional turn-based strategy game.

    Game Modding Support: We love playing, modding, and sharing games! Void Tyrant will be easily moddable by any game developer who wants to expand on this unique turn-based game.

    Add-on Support: Want to enhance


    What’s new in Void Tyrant: