Is Sex Addiction A Real Thing

This is a question dating sites and apps have been asked since the dawn of internet dating. Casual encounters vs relationships? Does casual sex lead to LTR’s or STDs? Is casual sex a taboo that we must break to keep civilization intact? The answer to all of these questions is no.

There is no logical reason that casual sex should be “bad” for you. It is just that, well, sometimes it’s not great.

Stress has its consequences. We are aware that it can be damaging to the body. Do not ignore that fact. The emotional and physical wellbeing of a casual encounter comes from having it responsibly. Is it bad to enjoy your sexual desires or to call it what it is – sex? Well, no.
We are not saying that the practice of casual sex is “good” for you. It is just that, under the right circumstances and with the right preparation, casual sex can be a great thing to do. You will not “get used to” having sex because of it. Your ability to enjoy sex will not dwindle nor will you, for that matter, become impotent. However, there are many issues that you may encounter in the context of casual sex that you should know. This article will lay them out to you in a clear and concise manner.
What is casual sex?

When we talk about casual sex, we are talking about two people having sexual intercourse with no intended consequences. This includes any type of sex that does not necessarily lead to any type of “endgame.” Strictly speaking, this could be a threesome, group sex or anything else that is not intended to lead to anything serious. What is common to all of those scenarios is that sex was not conceived as a shared experience and as such, no feelings or emotions were attached to it.

Casual sex can make you happy.

This may be all it takes for some people to meet the “One,” and the increased frequency of those encounters could possibly lead to more meaningful long-term connections.

While casual sex is a relative term, with very few people truly having casual sex, the very definition suggests that you are prepared for sex that is not defined by any type of serious commitment or relationship. You may find yourself questioning your perceptions and expectations around casual sex, as the term often brings to mind a wide spectrum of anecdotes and situations.

Is casual sex safe?

Yes. Casual sex, as we have defined, means no emotional
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Should you only have sex with your friends and maybe have just one-night stands? The answer may seem obvious, but it’s the kind of question that most people have in their heads. In the past, when discussing dating and even sex in relationship to our morals, a lot of people would feel a sense of guilt because they were about to do something they shouldn’t do — have sex outside of their relationship.
There are a lot of points of views when it comes to casual sex, but you should always be aware of potential consequences. As one of the designers of Swiped explained about the app: ‘The bars-and-hookup app for millennials is a safe space to tell personal stories about #casualsex. We’re

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