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I tried it and it didn’t bother me at all. I was even bisexual once! In fact, I’m still bisexual. I just got stuck in a relationship with a girl because she had her own thing going on. I felt forced into it and I feel like I “owned” her. I started feeling guilty for wanting it that way and now feel bad about it because I have a responsibility to fix it or something. I feel bad about having feelings of wanting to be with another woman. The girl who I had my thing with told me she would leave me if I tried it again. But I’m just about to finish a breakup with my guy of seven years and I know he wants me to meet someone. I never thought I would get into such a long relationship with him at first. We were both 20 and I was always the one who left things first.
“Women and men who experience casual sex, like most people, do not form casual relationships but instead choose to have many partners, sometimes without commitment,” wrote a study’s author, Dr. Gail Saltzman, in Psychology Today. “This ‘casual sexuality’ is the result of perceived casual opportunities, favorable attitudes toward casual sex, and personal values such as attraction, being open to new sexual and non-sexual experiences, having a desire for sexual novelty, and a diminished fear of disease.” So, if you want to have casual sex, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it as long as it’s in a healthy manner. What does this mean? Is casual sex dirty? The answer is “no,” and the benefits far outweigh the risks. Is casual sex healthier or more fun? Casual sex can be totally fun.
But casual sex is also high in risks, even if you’re meeting for the express purposes of hooking up. For starters, someone who’s not entirely free and open to the possibility of sex can have a really hard time granting you the same courtesy.
A basic use of a dating site is to satisfy sexually. You are mostly looking for casual sex, not a relationship. Or do you? You are not looking for a relationship. You are looking for casual sex. You are not going to want to hear how a person feels about the other person, you don’t need that.
I believe that we’re all going to be happy without a relationship. But I honestly don’t think that marriage is necessary
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Aside from the possibilities of unplanned pregnancy, STD, and ruining your relationships, casual sex can also have some pretty serious short-term and long-term effects on your health. Namely, an injury or STD, getting preggers, and getting STDs and STIs. No matter what you call it, having sex outside of a committed relationship or with people you don’t find attractive or find annoying or unappealing, at the very least in the short-term, can be a risk, and potentially dangerous at the worst. So… is casual sex bad for you?
Those negative effects aside, what about the short-term positive effects? Are there any long term benefits? Yes.
When you have casual sex, it can help you bond with new people. I think it’s much easier to get to know people if you’ve slept with them. Once you’ve slept with someone, you’re in the same boat, you have a lot in common. And you bond over that.
Endorphins—specifically oxytocin—are released when you’re having sex. This encourages you to enjoy sex more.
Having casual sex is more intimate and intimate than most people—even close friends—get to experience. A big part of having casual sex is being in the moment. Being in the moment isn’t always easy in a relationship. It often takes effort to be in the moment. But if you’re trying to get intimate with someone, being in the moment is important.
The more you have casual sex, the less time it takes you to get back into the relationship you want to be in, because you have less of a history.
If you’re experiencing casual sex as something that brings you closer to people, then the risks of casual sex are a little less. You’re probably not as interested in someone as you would be if you were in a long-term relationship. And you know that’s OK. Being in a casual relationship isn’t about getting anyone pregnant or deciding whom you’re going to end up sleeping with. If you’re open to the idea of casual sex and having it be strictly for pleasure, then you shouldn’t be concerned with things like STD’s or pregnancy.
Casual sex: The benefits
The above-listed are your short-term benefits of having casual sex. But what about the long term health benefits?
Long term