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Can someone please translate this into English? I can understand what the problem is and how to fix it, but I just can’t understand this. (Is this a bad translation I made, or should I ask “who is this guy”?)


From the word order, it seems like it’s a phrase from
Minna no Nihongo (大多英語)
Translates to 多大英語
“The English language is an import, done to those who have learned it. To those who speak or understand Japanese, it is as nothing.”
I get “The English language is a good language which is different from Japanese. It is good for those who have learned and/or grown up with it. It is a language that those who don’t speak or understand Japanese cannot achieve.” as a result from this.
Because Japanese people recognize English as a ‘foreign’ language, they usually think of it as a good language, or try to avoid doing it as much as possible.
The man in the picture is probably trying to say that learning English is like cooking. Cooking is something that they have mastered, and they are trying to tell those who don’t know how to cook that they should learn to do it.

514 So.2d 1363 (1987)
4 Div. 445.
Court of Criminal Appeals of Alabama.
August 25, 1987.
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Rehearing Denied June 4, 1988.
Donald G. Davis and Drew Schutte of Coale, Helmsing, Lyons & Sims, Mobile, for appellant.
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Working in such a way, then, does really give you a sense of ownership over what you are making, and it is important to understand this fact. Everyone’s eyes are going to be on your film no matter what happens. The kind of outcome you are achieving is like a dog chasing its tail. There is no “end result” when you are making a film this ambitious, and you


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