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ISLAMABAD: Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said that Pakistan Army (PA) has started a new round of military operations in KPK and Balochistan regions. He was speaking to the media in Islamabad on Friday following a meeting of the security committee which held a meeting with the military chief of staff (COS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa and the commanders of KPK and Balochistan. Asif denied media reports that the operation in KPK was PA response to India’s Operation Valor, saying it was not in any way related to India. He said the meeting had also discussed security situation in Gilgit-Baltistan. Asif refused to comment on any offers for dialogue with India to sort out the issues. “Everything is on track. We are ready for dialogue as we had offered to start it before the meeting with India. We need to discuss with them on the other issues like the Kishanganga project [dam in Jhelum River]. We are waiting for their response. “If it does not happen, we will initiate the operation. The first aim of the operation is to bring security in the region.”. Pakistan Army has intensified its military operations against terrorists in Balochistan and KPK in retaliation to the recent terror attack on Karachi airport. Pakistan Army has been blamed by the government for the incident in which a suicide bomber blew himself up at the airport. The blast killed five people and injured over 50 others. The attack led to the suspension of flights to Karachi. Pakistan Army is believed to have started its operation to enhance its presence in the region to establish law and order. According to a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the military launched military operations in support of the law enforcement agencies in the areas of Swat, Shangla, Malakand, South Waziristan and Mohmand. The statement further stated that the military will be strengthening security in the regions of KPK and Balochistan. The Army would also be working on clearing the borders with Afghanistan and Iran of terrorists and smugglers, and other foreign elements. “We have laid complete foundations for a modern state, which will be part of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). We are moving along with the goals of the G-20 summit and UN reform. We have identified problems areas and the government has identified the areas that need to be resolved.” Asif also said that President of the World Bank, David William M Fischer had endorsed Pakistan

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How can I create a singleton using a factory?

I have written a singletone object factory which creates objects from a constant value:
public class SingletonFactory {
private static SingletonFactory instance;

public static SingletonFactory getInstance() {
return instance;

public Singleton createSingleton() {
return new Singleton();

However, this doesn’t seem to be valid C++98. What are the alternatives for creating a singleton in C++98?


Since there is no destructor in C++98, you cannot use a singleton as a pointer/reference.
There are however two possible solutions to this:

You can make sure that the singleton is created before you use it. This can be done using static data members.
You can dynamically allocate the singleton object using the new operator, which will destroy the singleton at the end of its life cycle.

Bill Woods puts the City of Houston, Texas at the center of his imagination in the episode “The City.” As its namesake, Houston had its roots in a cluster of trees that marked the meeting of the Colorado and Buffalo Rivers. Although the law forbids the practice in Alabama, Woods chose to depict Houston as a forest so as not to confuse the viewer. Wood’s vision was so strong that it stretched beyond this traditional medium to include the city’s downtown skyline, interconnected neighborhoods, and dense grid pattern.

The image comes from the episode “Soft Lights” which was also produced by Bill Woods. Originally aired in 1988, “Soft Lights” was the first episode of the third season of the original “Columbo,” and it was, incidentally, one of the last episodes directed by John Frankenheimer.

In this episode, the newly-appointed chief of police (Kurt Russell) investigates the death of a man who