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Should I encrypt/protect my database with encryption/transaction/ACIDity/Isolation from CS

I am writing a small piece of software that will connect to a database and do it’s work using SQL statements. The database is going to be installed on the same computer as the software, but in a separate folder and only the application will connect to it. The database will have sensitive information that I would like to protect by using encryption/transaction/ACIDity/Isolation (I am unsure of how to put all of this into one sentence).
My question is, can I let the database encrypt and still use SQL statements? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using encryption/transaction/ACIDity/Isolation from the database?
I am trying to do a slight customization of the database engine, where the database knows how to store files and can use file encryption and has no need to be involved with transactions as the files that the database is storing is not connected to the transaction that the application is executing.


An application accessing a database should not be (in the general case) be expected to know how to encrypt/ACID/Isolate data stored in that database. You should not in general rely on “the database” to implement your security requirements.
I.e. you should design your database security such that it is something that is done as a thing in the database, separate from the application that accesses it.

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How can this work? It has an electrosound generator which plays a short sound. For example, when you use your car’s alarm system, your brainwaves generate. The other kind of sound it generates is a brainwave bender, which produces.Berkshire Hathaway Becomes First US Company to Report Fuel Emissions

Berkshire Hathaway is the first US company to report greenhouse gas emissions

By Matthew Taylor

22 Apr 2017

Berkshire Hathaway Inc., the company run by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, has become the first American company to report greenhouse gas emissions.

The company disclosed its 2017 emissions in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act of 1990, which requires major polluters to submit state-based data. For the first time, companies are now required to report their emissions under the federal energy and air pollution rules as well as under the California rules.

Berkshire said its CO2 emissions increased 2 percent, but the company claims that its energy consumption decreased by 8 percent as a result of an investment in solar power installations in the state. The company’s gas consumption decreased 10 percent due to investments in gas-fired power plants, as well as actions taken to lower its use of diesel-powered vehicles and trucks.

“The state and federal environmental regulations that require greenhouse gas reporting are important, and we are pleased to have these new rules apply to our company,” CEO and chairman Charlie Munger said. “They are another step forward towards making progress in combating climate change.”

The company’s annual report does not include emissions from international operations, and since Berkshire only has 14 percent of its business outside the US, the data is not as illuminating as a report from a leading US-based company like Coca-Cola, which recently announced it would be the first US company to report all its global greenhouse gas emissions.

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