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multiple GET parameters in jQuery.GET request

I’m using ajax to make a get request to my get.php script, what i need to get is the php value I gave.
‘id’ : $(‘#id’).val()
function (data)
alert(data); //displays “id=5”

I’m looking for a way to get 5 instead. I can only seem to get it with a single, static value.


You can use a regular expression match as follows:
‘id’ : $(‘#id’).val()
function (data)
alert(data); //displays “id=5”

If you want to get all match results, use $.each(), like so:
$.each($.parseJSON(data), function (key, val) {
console.log(key + ‘:’+ val);

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jQuery: How do I target the class created with the $

The following is the jQuery function to add/remove a class.
I need the element that is created as a data attr($‘hidden’)) and then is removed.
How do I target it?


To target the element you could use
var elem = $(“#hidden_div”).data(‘hidden’);


Do you mean by this
var elem = $(‘#hidden_div’).data(‘hidden’);


1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to an image reading apparatus equipped with a cover that covers a document feed tray on which a document is placed and a side plate that covers an image reading window for reading the document placed on the document feed tray.
2. Description of the Related Art
In an image reading apparatus, it is important that a document placed on a document feed tray be faithfully read. As a general method to prevent reading errors due to dust attached to a document, a cover is used to cover the document feed tray to temporarily remove dust from a document placed on the document feed tray.
There are generally two methods to open/close the cover. In one method, the cover is opened or closed when a power switch is turned on or off. In the other method, the cover is opened or closed by a user’s operation.
In a conventional image reading apparatus with an open/close operation of a cover by the user’s operation, the user opens or closes the cover by pressing on one or both sides of the cover, so that the user needs to judge whether the cover is open or closed by looking into the apparatus or by listening to the sound of opening or closing the cover. Therefore, it is difficult to detect the opening and closing operations of the cover reliably. In addition, it is difficult for a user to do stably an operation on the cover without moving.
In a conventional image reading apparatus with an open/close operation of a cover by a power supply operation, the cover is always open, even when a power supply is on. Therefore, dust attached to the cover cannot be removed, and reading errors sometimes occur. In addition, it is possible that