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As I can see, the colons are not correctly escaped. So, I have tried two different methods.
a) I have inserted the lessors manually before the 2nd colon. Unfortunately, it does not work as expected. In the output, the escaped colons are appearing as:


a) I have inserted the lessors manually after the 2nd colon. But it seems to not work because the first colon was ignored. In the output, the escaped colons are appearing as:


b) I have used a custom version of the sql escape string and escpaed the colons accordingly. But I have the same output as in a).
So, how can I escape the colons correctly?


Correct SQL Escape String
Correct SQL Escape String :
1.) We need to escape the period because that is an additional data in a SQL query. So, let’s say we have this word “HELLO”, so this “Hello” is sent in a SQL query and the runtime is trying to execute that. To execute that, it needs to escape the period:
hello. –> hello\
Now, if we have this word “Hello” instead of this word “HELLO”, then we would like to have this “Hello”. So, we need to escape the period. Let’s see how:
(hello\). –> hello\\

Please Note :: This escape string is multi-byte escape string.

2.) We need to escape the double quote character, single quote character and backslash character. Let’s see how:

Then one of the simplest way is to simply use this :
!u002f –>!
!u0061 –> a
!u0062 –> b
!u0063 –> c
!u0020 –> ”
!u0022 –> ”
!u0040 –> @
!u0026 –> &
!u005C –> \
!u005C –> \
!u003A –> :

How to escape a string?
We have to escape the String before we insert it in the database. Let’s see how:

1.) We need to start with

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saldras de esta max lucado ejercicioWednesday, April 21, 2008

More boy bullshit

I wish I could say that the schoolboy bullshit is out of bounds at only this one school, but it’s everywhere. In this, the first year of my son’s life, he’s had no such advantage.

Today, at lunch time, my son followed a schoolmate outside and kept following him. When this schoolmate went into the store, my son followed, even after the schoolmate told him that he didn’t want him following him into the store.

My son followed him to the checkout stand, where he kept following him around the grocery store, into the car, and onto the school bus. In spite of the fact that my son came to school that morning, got up in his bed, had breakfast, and dressed himself and came to school and spent the entire day with his