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Catching Up on Remains of Winter 2016-17 Today it is time to catch up on the remains of Coding in a Remote Wardrobe’s winter (aka my winter). I am six out of eight with my Black Friday orders and I am still working on wrapping things up.

How to change your Facebook profile cover image URL in Edius (9) EDIUS : Change the email address and the Facebook URL of your Facebook profile without touching the post code. You can update the Facebook URL only if you are still on the Free profile.

Mull over the structure of the Edius 9 installation in the following video: : at 7:30 in the videoServices


Why Choose Us for your Linux System Installation and Support?

At Distinction Computing, we offer many services to our customers. One of the most popular is to help you get your Linux system up and running the easiest way possible. You can choose to use our installation service, our Linux customer support, or to have both of them work together to get your system up and running.

What’s Included in the Installation Service?

We offer our installation service with the greatest care and attention to detail. If you would prefer to use this service, we will set up your system right the first time. If you already have a Linux system, we can help you upgrade to a newer version. We will also test your system for security updates and perform a full virus scan.

What’s Included in the Support Service?

With the vast majority of customers, we simply set up your system and run virus scans. We do not install upgrades or new security patches, unless you specifically request this. You may also choose to have updates applied, if you wish.

What is the difference between the Installation Service and Support Service?

The main difference between the installation and support services is the scope of work. Our Installation Service sets up your system for you. We will install your operating system, set up your user account, and make sure everything is hooked up properly. We will also install and set up proprietary applications that you choose. Our Support Service is a bit more hands on. We will be performing virus scans and performing security patches on your system. Sometimes, when we are unable to identify and fix the problem, we will resolve the issue for you.

Professional Installation Services

We are proud to be a Certified Red Hat Enterprise Linux Service Provider. We

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php string handling based on the number of characters

I have a piece of php code where some string is checked. I have to test the string based on the characters type which must be in sequence. Like having 3 variables that store the number of characters..for example;
if (32!== strlen($data))
// do some complex operations

32 is the number of characters in my string of $data.
How can I achieve this??


Simple, just check whether $data is less than or equal to 32 in length:
if (32 Triều Chức Dân sự

Pháp Loan Triều Chức Dân sự là viên đá nhẹ nhàng và an toàn mà tất cả các nhà cung cấp của Quốc Dân tộc cai trị Pháp dễ dàng và nhanh chóng chuyên hàng trăm năm nên các người chơi rất nhiều lựa chọn.