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AutoCAD Cracked Accounts was originally released as AutoCAD (Drafting Edition) in 1982 for the Apple II platform. Version 1.0, the first beta of AutoCAD, was released in late 1983 and supports a wide variety of file formats.

The first version of AutoCAD for the IBM PC platform (32-bit) was released in 1990. AutoCAD for the Apple Macintosh was released in 1992. Later versions of AutoCAD were released for IBM OS/2 Warp (1994), DOS (1997), and Windows (1998), among other platforms. A new version of AutoCAD was released for the Apple Mac platform in 2008 and for the Linux platform in 2011.


AutoCAD provides a graphics package with several tools to create and edit objects. By creating drawing and annotation layers, it is possible to view and work with separate parts of a drawing, allowing multiple drawing stages to be completed simultaneously.

Autodesk provides an extensive library of drawing components and objects, including geometric primitives, text, graphic shapes, and symbols. The company provides over 300 drawing components, or “design objects,” to accomplish simple to complex geometric designs and mechanical tasks.

Another important feature of AutoCAD is the ability to process drawings in editable format using a grid and rules-based approach. The user can enter grid information and standard dimensions and produce a uniform appearance for all AutoCAD drawings.

The basic AutoCAD model format is known as “DWF”. Other formats include DWF2, DWG, and IGES. In addition, AutoCAD also allows DWF file import and export to other file formats.

Additional features include the ability to create, edit, convert, print, plot, and publish drawings, as well as linked or embedded files such as textures and 3D solids, which can be viewed from other programs. AutoCAD also supports layers, a copy tool, and reverse-engineering, among other advanced features. It can read and write most of the popular CAD file formats.

Additional features in later versions of AutoCAD include:

User preferences – the user can set a variety of preferences, such as the drawing tools, resolution, color schemes, and layout options. These options are called parameters.

Object snaps – the user can select two points, or “snaps,” on two different objects and move one object relative to the other. The user can also rotate or scale

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A history of development has been maintained on the Autodesk blog.

AutoCAD Cracked Accounts plugins

AutoCAD has a plugin architecture that enables third-party developers to create plug-ins to provide custom functionality to the program. These plug-ins (or AutoCAD extensions) are usually written in the LISP, Visual LISP, VBA or.NET programming languages and work by executing inside of AutoCAD’s LISP interpreter (AutoLISP).

Plug-ins are usually offered for free and can be downloaded from the Autodesk Exchange. Autodesk Exchange is a web-based application that provides access to a wide variety of AutoCAD-related applications including AutoCAD extension applications.

Plug-ins are usually organized into categories and sub-categories. Each of these categories provides a set of standard functionality which can be used as a starting point for the development of plug-ins. Some Autodesk products provide integrated plug-ins that can be used in place of the standard AutoCAD plug-ins, but these are normally designed for specific use cases.

In the case of basic operations such as running a command or editing a document, basic plug-ins can be developed by anyone with a working knowledge of AutoCAD and a rudimentary understanding of the programming languages. In the case of more advanced operations, however, it is usually necessary to have a degree of programming experience. AutoCAD provides a wide range of ready-made plug-ins, including, for example, geometric, topological and mathematical tools, CAD visualization tools, 2D and 3D coordinate conversion tools and applications for importing and exporting data.

The plug-in architecture also provides a means of extending the functionality of AutoCAD. It is common for programmers to write plug-ins that provide additional functionality and capabilities. The plug-in architecture provides a straightforward means of extending AutoCAD and is used in the development of third-party AutoCAD-based applications, too.

In the process of extending AutoCAD it is also possible to share one’s own extension with others, and AutoCAD users can also add their own plug-ins to extend the functionality of their software.

AutoCAD’s ability to run plug-ins was upgraded in 2002. Up until then, an AutoCAD installation had to run at least AutoLISP version 2.4 for plug-ins to run. In order to run newer versions

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Type set fonts:

Edit your master type library with all three fonts: Bantu, Mongolian, and Arabic. (video: 4:40 min.)

Image Bank

Insert your own custom symbols from an image bank. Set the size, shape, and transparency of images in an image bank to automatically adjust to the settings of the drawing. (video: 3:25 min.)

Comparison Window:

Draw faster with one-touch, context-based comparisons in the Drawing Window. Draw and compare two objects at the same time by drawing a rectangle with four points. (video: 3:00 min.)

Drafting Components:

Use the Drafting Components tool to control the order of components when you construct a drawing. Click the arrow to the right of a component to toggle it on or off in the order you want. (video: 2:30 min.)

Vector Tools

Use the Pen tool to create paths on screen with a series of connected points and connected lines, as well as to draw out or erase paths. Create gradients with the Gradient tool. Bring tools back to their previous state with the Undo tool. Create and edit the Shape Select tool, which lets you draw freehand shapes and then convert them to paths. (video: 2:30 min.)


Import and export 3D content from other CAD files, and from other CAD file formats, such as AutoCAD.DWG or AutoCAD.MDL. Add 3D content to a drawing with an “attach to object” option or create your own. (video: 2:30 min.)

Additional features in AutoCAD 2023:

Advanced rules

View print settings in the drawing

Show and hide “Inherit” and “Clone” properties

Edit or remove the titles in drawings

Enhancements to the command-line and Ribbon UI

Work with CAD files on mobile devices

Integrate your drawings with the BIM Cloud and BIM 360 Design, Cloud, and Design Services

Polar Coordinate system

Easily switch between rectangular and polar coordinate systems

Ribbon with multiple sections

Snap When Displaying Scaling Marks

Aspect mode with shape or text wrap

Integrate typefaces with the Type Library

Reuse the same typeface in multiple drawings


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9300 or equivalent
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or ATI Radeon HD 4850 (1024×768)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 250 GB available space
Sound: WONDER KV-SZ1 or 1.5 GB/s 7.1 channel sound card and 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible drivers
Additional Notes: For this game to function correctly, you must turn on Game Audio in your console’s