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AutoCAD Serial Key was introduced in December 1982 as a desktop CAD application for IBM PC compatibles. The first version was developed by Roy Hunter, an industrial designer who was working at a small company named Par-Lee Manufacturing Co. at the time. Hunter began developing the program in October 1981, after he had been working at other CAD programs including Silversmith, to see what was available and how much better it was than his own designs. Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen was developed from the ground up. No other program could have given this level of functionality to the beginning user.

AutoCAD was conceived as a desktop product but eventually expanded to mobile and web-based applications.

The original version of AutoCAD was released as a DOS application that ran on a 12.5-inch floppy diskette. Later versions ran on a personal computer (PC) hard drive. The first version of AutoCAD only came with a basic text editor, which did not have many features. The first version of AutoCAD was a proprietary software application and required the purchase of the entire AutoCAD system.

AutoCAD was released as an AutoCAD Setup program, which was a single executable file that contained all of the functions and features of AutoCAD. This setup file was run, and the user was asked to insert the floppy disk containing the AutoCAD files.

AutoCAD 2000 added new features including improved 3D graphics, the ability to construct complex solids in 2D, and a comprehensive set of drawing commands. AutoCAD 2003 was released on October 29, 2002, with a redesigned user interface, new tools, a new drawing editing feature called SmartDraw, a new engineering drafting feature called Precision Engineering, and the ability to link graphics files with engineering documents. AutoCAD 2004 was released on June 9, 2004, adding more features, such as the ability to work with the external company AutoCAD LT, the ability to save as an AutoCAD DWG file format, and a new cross-platform version of the program called AutoCAD LT, which allows it to be used on a variety of platforms. AutoCAD LT 2004 allows users to design two-dimensional drawings in the standard AutoCAD DWG format and move them to the 2D planes of three-dimensional drawings. AutoCAD LT 2005 allows users to create drawings in two-dimensional format, or bring their drawings into three-dimensional format. Auto

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Spatial data visualization
AutoCAD has been designed to enable users to take advantage of 2D and 3D drawings, including being able to rotate a 2D drawing or build a 3D model, a visual database or an associative network with analysis functions. Its diagramme generative feature (called d’Arbeloff) enables it to create complex diagrams that are available with the spatial data. This spatial data can be stored in any of the formats supported by the software, including its native drawing file format, or any of the file formats used by other CAD software. Data stored in the drawing file is identified as “features”, which contain all the objects, such as a line, a circle, a text, a polyline, a polygon, or a surface. Each feature, and thus each object that it contains, can have associated text, labels, color and other properties. The ability to add text, labels and colors to features is a key feature that distinguishes AutoCAD from other CAD programs.
The “Simple Features” framework has been added to the software, allowing the creation of a visual database from the design of a 3D model. One of the first uses for this feature was to create a “skeleton” of an object, which can be used to design the structure of the object or as a modeling tool. In addition, this framework is able to import and export spatial data in the GML format, enabling it to be used in many other applications.
A development environment has been designed for creating development tools, called “AutoLISP.” This tool supports the creation of all of the AutoCAD commands and allows users to create their own programming extensions, called Plugins. More than 30 extensions have been created by Autodesk.
A proprietary Windows-only API for automation is available, called AutoLISP. This tool allows developers to create programs that run in the Windows environment.

AutoCAD won a number of awards:
AIA Global Awards—’Awards Program’—Product of the Year (2012)

Autodesk 2016
AutoCAD for Windows was the winner in the Workplace Productivity category in Autodesk’s 2016 Product of the Year Awards.

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angular 2 design mode does not work

If you visit this link you can see a plunker with the latest Angular-2 version (version 2.4.9), try to remove the browser’s (chrome) designMode and then you can see that the browser’s designMode do not work, where it is even more needed!
Another weird point is that it works on my local computer, but not in the http-server. (with version 2.4.9)
Does anyone have an idea what’s the problem or where the problem is?
thanks a lot!


If you try to launch your app by visiting localhost:4200 (or whatever the IP address of your server is) you’ll get the same result.
Solution: ensure your server is serving the manifest.json, by adding the following:

Then make sure your server is sending a Content-Type of:
Content-Type: text/cache-manifest


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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Automatic alignment and dimensioning of shape outlines and text

Eliminates the need to re-draw dimensions or to “align to geometry” when you move or rotate a shape, text, or other graphic element.

Improvements to the display of extruded and exploded views

Now, even with 3D and exploded views, you can access the Properties Manager in 2D to change views and properties.

Better feedback for your perspective drawings

Smoother curves on slopes, edges and vertices on graphics and layers.

More useful features in the diagramming tools, drawing tools, and prototyping tools

More convenient and powerful tools to trace a 2D shape

Equivalent 2D Alignment of 3D Surfaces

Easily adjust the position, orientation, and scale of a 3D shape without recalculating all its dimensions or 2D extents.

3D scaling using landmarks on existing 3D objects

Scale, rotate, and translate 3D objects based on 3D landmarks.

Improvements to the 3D modeler

Simplified 3D modeling experience

The Model and Section dialogs are now easier to navigate and include more options.

Object snap is smarter:

Snap to objects in the model that aren’t currently selected.

Adjust automatically when moving a graphic element.

Create models automatically based on shape types.

Keep your model compatible with the current session.

New shape snap behavior

Interactively use shape snap to rotate and snap to adjacent shapes.

New editing tools

Use new tools to apply and remove 3D-specific layers, edit points, and adjust extruded and exploded views.

Better support for the DGN file format

Import and export DGN files in batch.

Switch between drawing in 2D and 3D mode in the same session.

Add an annotated view or adjustment grid to your drawing.

Duplicate existing graphics in the 3D modeler.

Create a Snapshot for a drawing, and then load and modify it later in the current session.

Simplified Image Import dialog

Quickly import an image into your drawing with one click.

Attach transparent layers to your images for easier editing.

The View menu shows the light source for each drawing view

With all drawings open in the same session, you can now view

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

2 GB Free Disk Space
Windows XP/Vista/7.
Supported Languages:
The working example will use a handful of characters from the Russian alphabet.
Alternate Western Alphabet Characters: