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Designed to be efficient and easy to use, AutoCAD has replaced its competitor’s products and now dominates the CAD market.

Free License

AutoCAD is licensed as freeware. The license restricts its use to drawing and modeling activities. Users can create, modify, and archive their drawings for personal use. Users can distribute their drawings to other users, but they cannot sell them.

AutoCAD is free to use, however there are some things users should know.


AutoCAD is licensed by end users. If you download AutoCAD, you will receive a license with instructions for installation. Installation instructions come with the program. The license is accompanied by a certificate of registration. A second certificate will be sent to you via email shortly. It contains the serial number and your personal AutoCAD username. The license prohibits other users from working on your drawings.

Licensing Terms

AutoCAD is a commercial product. Licenses are available through Autodesk’s website. Customers of certain Autodesk products can pay a one-time fee to receive a serial number and certificate of registration for AutoCAD. At the time of writing this article, this was the only option for AutoCAD licensing. For many Autodesk products, a perpetual license is available. For this type of license, you pay a fee for each year. However, the cost is refunded if you do not use the software in the future.


To install AutoCAD, you must first download it from Autodesk. You can download AutoCAD from the Autodesk website. You may need to unzip the AutoCAD file before you can use it. On a Windows computer, a program called setup is included with the AutoCAD file.

When the setup program starts, you must accept the terms of use. The AutoCAD license comes with an End User License Agreement. Users who do not accept this agreement are not permitted to use the AutoCAD software.


AutoCAD can be installed on a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system. The installation process is straightforward. A series of dialog boxes guide you through the installation process. The installation includes a license and a warranty. After installation, the software appears in the programs list. You may have to accept the terms of use to continue.

Downloading the

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Getting help

AutoCAD has a help system that requires you to browse a page of help to get to the help you need. This is a good system for new users of AutoCAD but is not suitable for some experienced users who want to become productive immediately. If you need help please contact your AutoCAD distributor or reseller.


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Further reading

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If you encounter any difficulties while activating Autocad please consult this question : What does “welcome to the Autodesk network” message mean in Autocad 2020?


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What’s New In AutoCAD?

See your notes and requests in the design, view, and print process. Label notes and comments as “review.” Even better, use the “search” feature to find the information you want right away. Get all of your feedback right in AutoCAD, wherever you are. (video: 4:32 min.)

Use basic markup features like named markers and ladders to show customer’s feedback on the drawings you are preparing.

Data Management:

Create and manage large sets of drawings for many projects using a new navigation bar and “pin” feature.

Reuse your data for a project, using the new Data Management feature, which allows for reuse of data in drawings across projects, and in multi-project environments. (video: 1:55 min.)

Get faster, more accurate, and safer routings by using advanced navigational tools and routing-based context information. Use our new surface and profiles capabilities, together with a new drawing feature we call “Full Surface” to create more complex, detailed routings.

New Drafting Features:

Drag existing layers and attributes into your drawings, for more-advanced manipulation of parts of the drawing.

Selectively apply scale and rotation to a drawing object. No more dragging and resizing, just “drag to, rotate, and drop.” (video: 4:46 min.)

Build any size drawing right away, whether it is a medium or small, or even an interiors drawing. Just set it to large, and AutoCAD will automatically scale down to medium. (video: 4:00 min.)

Create any size drawing, including a mini- or micro-scale drawing. (video: 3:52 min.)

Save your favorite drawing settings for future use. You can import those settings and keep them in sync with your new drawing. (video: 1:45 min.)

Get unique versioning capabilities and benefit from the awesome Export to DWG and PDF functionality with the new ScriptX feature, and even better, with support for a more robust, feature-rich XML output format.

(video: 2:12 min.)

Faster Text & Markup:

Easily create and incorporate more text and lines into your drawings than ever before.

Edit text with rich formatting features. Use the text tools

System Requirements:

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