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AutoCAD is offered in two editions: AutoCAD LT (for use on personal computers) and AutoCAD WS (for use on personal computers and workstations). Versions of AutoCAD are also offered for mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

Key Features

Key features of AutoCAD include:

Vector and raster graphics design

3D modeling

DWG and DXF file format

Interactive tools


Drafting and editing

Drafting tools:

Dynamic guides


Floor and wall grids

Drafting features:

4-point dimensioning

Fit tool

Lines, arcs, and circles


Global themes can be applied to drawings to change aspects of their appearance. Common themes include:





Themes can also be used to create custom themes, as shown in the screenshot below.

Objects and Geometries

Objects and geometry used in AutoCAD include:

Organizational tools


Dot tool

Line tool

Ellipse tool

Circle tool

Polyline tool

Polygon tool

Polygon from points tool

Freehand polyline tool

Rectangle tool


Dot tool

Line tool

Polyline tool

Polygon tool

Ellipse tool

Circle tool

Polygon tool

Zoom tool

Snap to grid and snap to point tool

Extend tool

Line or arc selection tool

Multi-point arc selection tool

Edge handle tool

Dissolve tool


Snap to grid tool

Snap to points tool

Horizontal and vertical snap

Snap to dimensions

Dimensions and constraints

Dimensions and constraints in AutoCAD include:





Enter an expression that evaluates to a decimal value. The parameter is applied at the margin of the drawing area.

Inch (1/16 inch = 0.25 inch)

Left (0 inches)

Left/right (0.25 inch)

Centimeter (0.02 inch)

Left/right (2

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Autodesk Design Review is a component of Autodesk Design Suite which automates and streamlines the process of creating, managing and maintaining reviewable DWG and DXF files.

In the financial field, AutoCAD is widely used by banks for the design and construction of bank branches.

AutoCAD BIM (building information modeling) is a collaborative model for information exchange for architectural, engineering and construction, which combines 2D vector graphics, stereolithography and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies. It allows the specification and production of 3D printed parts in the same digital model as the house, mass production, making automated design data and manufacturing parts interchangeable. The shape of a model is given by a 3D vector model (a geometric specification of the shape, not a picture) rather than a 2D drawing. The elements of the model can be assigned to each other and can have attributes (a property) assigned to them, representing any sort of data such as material data (properties of the building materials used in the model), spatial data (properties of the model’s space and how it relates to other parts of the model) or contextual data (properties of the model’s surroundings such as the design team, the material budget and the required design specifications). These attributes can be assigned to the part, the assembly or the connection between them (an assembly connection). The parts are connected to each other via assembly connections. This connection can be an explicit connection (referring to another part in the model), implicit connection (based on the surrounding model), or the assembly connection’s constraints. In this way, the model represents a “digital twin” of the physical structure, allowing designers and technicians to model and test their designs before making physical models and parts. This form of collaborative modeling has been used in the construction and demolition industries for over 10 years and is now being adopted in other industries as well.

Multi-format views
An Autodesk product commonly used to render 3D models is Multi-format view. This product allows users to view a model in a variety of different 3D formats, including standard format (AutoCAD’s native format), VRML and 3DS. It is also possible to view the model in multiple windowed views simultaneously. The product was originally called Multi View, but was changed to Multi Format View to avoid confusion with other similar products such as Multi-format View and Multi-format Viewer.

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* Copyright 2012 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
* The code contained herein is licensed under the GNU General Public
* License. You may obtain a copy of the GNU General Public License
* Version 2 or later at the following locations:

#include “clk.h”

* struct clk_fixed_factor – driver implementation of fixed-factor clock
* @name: The name of this clock. It will be made available in
* the DT.
* @factor: The factor to divider this clock’s input clock by.
* @u: The divider’s current multiplier value (useful for divider
* clock adjustment).
* @best_parent_hw: A pointer to the hardware clock. This is
* available if the driver is asked to determine the current
* rate of a clock.
struct clk_fixed_factor {
char *name;
struct clk_hw_onecell_data *data;
int factor;
int u;
struct clk_hw *best_parent_hw;

static struct clk *clk_reg_fixed_factor(const char *name,
const char *parent_name,
int factor, int parent_index)
struct clk *clk;
struct clk_fixed_factor *fixed;
struct clk_hw *hw;
int ret = 0

What’s New in the?

Display the design’s markings as automatically layered 3D objects.

Document Printing:

Get the most from your printed design by quickly copying images from your drawing.

New page orientation:

Design in landscape, portrait, and ledger orientation. (video: 0:32 min.)

Task Panes:

Masterminds of design have long used to maintaining task panes to organize their work. The new task pane feature allows you to quickly group tasks together and be notified when they are updated.

Deep Search:

Get right to the information you need, no matter how complex it is. Quickly navigate to specific information, such as color, via the new deep search. (video: 0:22 min.)

New Workgroup Features:

Expand the available options for your workgroup by creating workflows and sharing custom templates.

Draw over the existing drawing, quickly and easily!

Modify the look of the Markup Assist Panel so that it’s even more useful.

Get into the groove with new tools to help you produce more accurate drawings.

Add custom icons to any command or toolbar so you can identify the most-used commands right away.

Better Guidance in the Help System:

Learn how to work the most powerful features of AutoCAD from scratch. Use the new advanced training mode to access helpful video tutorials and step-by-step guides. (video: 0:40 min.)

New Version Control Options:

Easily track the history of a drawing’s changes.

New Document Sharing Options:

Use the new comment functionality to set task states for easily tracking important features and documents.

Double-click on a task to quickly update its status.

Improvements in the Ribbon and Toolbar:

Choose how to customize the toolbars and the ribbon for your own custom-designed drawings.

The Drawing and Annotation panel is now larger and easier to use.

Improvements to the Palette:

Get the full power of the palette. When there’s nothing in your palette, you can always get something by clicking on the blue button.

Work with an unlimited number of windows open at the same time. The new windowing mode lets you keep three or more open at the same time.

Command Palette:

Click and drag to the top of the screen to quickly search

System Requirements:

NVIDIA SLI to be used (Intel users are asked to disable Crossfire).
To use GeForce Experience, you will need to be running the latest GeForce Experience version.
The NVIDIA driver version 236 or higher must be installed and the latest version of GeForce Experience must be installed.
De-activate your AMD CrossfireX technology on your motherboard (otherwise SLI, CrossfireX, or XFire can be detected incorrectly)
To optimize performance for your GTX SLI or CrossfireX configuration, change your driver to the latest version available (any version