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In early 1982, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) hired Bill Lorentzen to design a software application to be sold to AutoDesk, the company then owned by Jack Kent Roberts and sons. In August 1983, the product was released as a stand-alone application, Autodesk Inventor. AutoDesk intended Autodesk Inventor to be the first of a series of AutoCAD Download With Full Crack clones.

A few months later, Roberts, chairman of the board of AutoDesk, put together an Autodesk team that included engineers from Burroughs Corporation and Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) to further develop the product as AutoCAD. AGI, a firm that specialized in CAD software, had been formed in late 1981 by Ray R. Chare, Jack Kent Roberts, and Dan R. Morgan. On May 1, 1983, Chare, Roberts, and Morgan, along with Bill Lorentzen and Roger Borland, who were part of the original design team at NCSA, formally established Autodesk, Inc. as a software and services business.

The Autodesk Inventor product became AutoCAD in 1986.

In 1993, the AutoCAD product was first released for microcomputers with no graphics cards, and first released for PC-based platforms. Later the product was released for DOS and Macintosh platforms. AutoCAD was initially released for use with PC-based platforms running Microsoft Windows operating systems. Later it was also released for use with Mac OS and Mac OS X.

AutoCAD is a 3D CAD software application for 2D drafting, 2D and 3D computer-aided design, and mechanical engineering. It is a cross-platform, multitask application with AutoCAD DWG (Drawing) and DWF (Drawing Exchange) files serving as the core for architecture and engineering data interchange.

The desktop version of AutoCAD software was first released in December 1982 as a CAD application running on microcomputers, particularly the AcornBBC microcomputer. In the early years of AutoCAD, it was used for architectural and engineering design, and later it was used in virtually all disciplines, including civil, architectural, mechanical, industrial, and electrical engineering. It was generally used as a cad workstation.

As of July 2016, AutoCAD LT is available on the market. It is a PC-based version of Auto

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Internally, AutoCAD Download With Full Crack uses Open Architecture Architecture (OpenArch) software, developed by Hydrotech and currently maintained by Petri IT. OpenArch was made available as an alternative to Autodesk Architectural Design.

AutoCAD was originally developed by A.I.M.E. Systems. Autodesk bought the company in 1993. In 1994, AutoCAD was first offered to customers as part of the Autodesk Design Suite.

The main edition is AutoCAD, which has been available since 1991. AutoCAD ModelDraft is a visual database creation and editing tool used in AutoCAD. It is useful in creating a data model, which can then be used in the production process.

In 1992, AutoCAD as well as CorelDRAW, a competitor from Corel, were released.

In 2007, Autodesk released AutoCAD 360° (formerly AutoCAD LT 360°). In 2011, Autodesk released AutoCAD 2011, which was introduced with a new user interface with integrated drawing creation functionality, as well as CAD data management through a unique cloud-based architecture.

In 2009, Autodesk released a line of plugins for Microsoft Office that included PowerPoint for AutoCAD, AutoCAD for Word and other Office-related plugins such as Word Merge and Excel Merge.

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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.


import android.content.res.Resources;
import android.view.View;

* Converts a bounds from native to {@link android.view.View#getLeft()}.
class NativeBoundsConverter {
private static final float NATIVE_INCHES_PER_PIXEL =

* @param recyclerView The {@link RecyclerView} to convert bounds from.
* @param view The {@link View} to convert.
* @return The {@link View}’s left bound.
public static float convertNativeBounds(RecyclerView recyclerView, View view) {
float nativeBounds = ViewCompat.getLeft(view);
if (nativeBounds == ViewCompat.INVALID_POINTER_ID) {
nativeBounds = ViewCompat.getLeft(view);
if (nativeBounds == ViewCompat.INVALID_POINTER_ID) {
nativeBounds = ViewCompat.getLeft(view);
return nativeBounds;
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What’s New In?

Approved drawings can be sent directly from AutoCAD to or BIM 360, without having to manually export the design to a format that the software understands.

Version control in the database—compare versions of your documents to find out when your designs diverged from the approved version.

Autodesk Plant Design (video: 4:05 min.)

Bill of Material (video: 1:42 min.)

Integrated Materials Manager (video: 3:05 min.)

Integrated Content Search (video: 1:50 min.)

OpenSIPS (video: 1:40 min.)


Make drafting and drafting, especially with 2D sketching, much faster and easier with improved 2D sketching features.

The new 2D Sketch Engine in SketchUp brings together the many features of 2D and 3D sketching into a single, fully integrated experience.

Choose from an array of paper, computer and hybrid paper-computer modes to mimic traditional mechanical drafting tools.

Take advantage of an intuitive geometry interface to be able to snap 2D sketch lines to 3D shapes or bring a 3D model into SketchUp.

Predictive 2D sketches help you stay on track and avoid making unnecessary edits in the first place.

Drag points, lines and text to create 2D sketches on a 3D model, allowing you to explore your ideas before committing to drafting with traditional tools.

Comprehensive engineering capabilities that connect 3D modeling to 2D drafting and CAD.


Add to the robust engineering workflow.

Import complex mesh surfaces, such as those created with Rhino, into AutoCAD for high-precision surface modeling, full surface editing and UV texture support.

With the new Import Mesh Surface tool you can import point clouds, meshes, surfaces and polyhedra, and use them to model complex surface geometry. You can add vertices, edges, faces, tris, quads, quads-to-tris, and maps, and export the result to the relevant formats.

Autodesk Revit Architecture

Create 3D buildings.

With the new 2D Sketch Engine in Revit, you can easily add and edit 2D sketches directly on the 3D model of your building, and create a 3D representation of the building’s

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Mac OS X 10.9.x or later
Intel or PowerPC (Snow Leopard only)
Microsoft Windows 7 or later
Minimum configuration:
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