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Click here for details of how to work on your iPad® or iPad® 2.

AutoCAD (in its latest version 15.0) is now a cross-platform app available on macOS, iOS, and Windows, with versions for Android available in 2016.

It is now installed on over half of all CAD drawings in the world and AutoCAD is currently the largest installed base of any CAD app in the world. For more information, please see here.

Additional information

The registration and license keys for AutoCAD (and AutoCAD LT) are provided by Autodesk. AutoCAD registration is an annual fee and can be renewed by Autodesk on your behalf at a nominal charge, as long as you are a legal owner of the software.

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Autodesk also offers 3D Warehouse for seamless cloud access to over 2.7 million 3D and OBJ files from leading CAD programs such as AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD, and Inventor.

For more information, please visit

I Love AutoCAD

Are you an AutoCAD user and have you ever heard of “I Love AutoCAD”? We are sure that you do, we have too! In 2015, TEC reported that Autodesk supports over a million AutoCAD users around the world. That is amazing.


SketchUp is an AutoCAD alternative, a web app based on 3D modeling and rendering techniques. It is a free download that is used by thousands of architects, landscape architects and interior designers.

A good example of its capabilities is the ability to easily drag and drop reference images into a SketchUp drawing, which then automatically become part of the 3D model.

For more information, please visit the official SketchUp website.

Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp is an AutoCAD alternative, a web app that uses 3D modeling and rendering techniques. It is a free download that is used by thousands of architects, landscape architects and interior designers.

A good example of its capabilities is the ability to easily drag and drop reference images into a SketchUp drawing

AutoCAD Crack Free License Key [Latest 2022]


Below are some examples for AutoCAD Serial Key commands:
BEGIN_TABLE This command applies to object type Text.
DELETE_LINES This command applies to lines in a drawing.
FILE_SELECT This command opens a dialog allowing the user to select a file to import into a drawing.
GO This command moves the insertion point to the lower-right corner of the current view.
LAYER This command allows a layer to be added to or deleted from the drawing.
NEW This command opens a new file.
NEW_LAYER This command opens a new layer in a drawing.
PAINT This command applies to object type Line, Arc, and Polyline. It allows the line to be filled, and the line’s interior to be filled or left as is.
PROPERTY This command applies to object type Text.
SELECT This command applies to object type Lines.
STATUS This command applies to all objects.
STYLE This command applies to all objects.

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Run the.exe file “AutoCAD 2018 Full V14 Patch”

Input the license key.

Click “ok”.

What do I do now?


You should first read the instructions in the readme.txt file included with the AutoCAD 2018 Full Patch. It will tell you how to obtain the license key. After obtaining the license key, you can then install the patch:

Install the AutoCAD 2018 Full Patch (downloaded from the Autodesk website)
Open AutoCAD and click File, then click Help, then click Software Updates and then click Install
On the first installation screen, click Next and wait for the installation to complete. The installation should prompt you to reboot your computer.
Go to File, then click Help, then click AutoCAD, and click Restart.

After restarting AutoCAD, you should then be able to run the patch.


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When using forms in CakePHP, are session variables reliably kept when the form is submitted?
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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

The Import button now functions as a Fast Change button. With this new method, changes made to a drawing are sent to the client immediately (with AutoCAD’s AutoSave feature) and the client can then accept or reject the changes before you have to re-send the drawing.

The Markup Assistant is now available with both the Markup Tool and 3D Drafting Views, and the former is accessible in any 3D View.

New features for Draw:

You can now keep your view on an annotated drawing as you continue to make changes to the model. AutoSave will keep the view as you make changes.

You can now add new dimensions to your annotated drawing. When you double-click the Dimensions shelf, a new Dimension window will open. You can quickly add new dimension points and dimensions.

The Edit ribbon now includes a Clipboard panel with tools to copy/paste annotations and dimension information to other documents.

The new Object Selection Tools panel includes a Select from Top menu that you can use to quickly select a part of an object. You can also select multiple parts of an object with the Select multiple parts of object menu.

The Markup Tool now has a Select next/previous function to quickly navigate between annotations in an annotated drawing.

All 3D drawing parts are now automatically dimensioned when you create a new drawing part.

New AutoCAD 2023 features:

The Markup Assistant now displays any annotation on the drawing in the Markup Assistant.

You can open and save your file from the command line with the new command-line parameter -showmarkup.

When you add dimension properties to a 2D object, they will now be available in 3D.

You can now change the drawing background color while working on it in the 3D Drafting Views (with the new AutoSave feature).

The Point Clipping Tool, the Direct Selection Tool, the Wire Selection Tool, and the Align Selection Tool are now available in 2D Drafting Views.

The set of commands to navigate to a view is now available in 2D Drafting Views.

The paper space and paper selection has been added to 2D Drafting Views.

The dimensions panel is now available in 2D Drafting Views.

The Edit ribbon has been expanded with several new command tabs

System Requirements:

Supported: Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (all editions)
Install Notes:
It will replace following files/folders:
Note: In order for drivers to function correctly, you must reboot the computer after installation is complete.
Customers who installed a previous version of this driver and has