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Conceptually, AutoCAD is an app like many others, with user interface elements you’ve seen before, like menus, toolbars, buttons, and so on. Although the user interface of AutoCAD is not unlike most commercial CAD programs, AutoCAD is unique. Like many of the applications you use every day, AutoCAD “listens” for you and responds to what you’re doing, suggesting commands that would make it easy and convenient to design and create. AutoCAD may sometimes be compared to a word processor or spreadsheet, but that does not do it justice. AutoCAD is a full-featured drafting program that creates architectural, engineering, and other professional-level drawings.

This article introduces the many features of AutoCAD and helps you decide which version is best for you. We discuss the differences between the desktop, web, and mobile versions of AutoCAD and their features and functionality. We also explain how to download the latest version of AutoCAD and prepare your system for it.

Since the beginning of time, people have been designing and creating masterpieces using paper and pencil, and then transferring their designs to canvas, paper, or wood with pens, markers, or paintbrushes. Now, however, the tools of design and creation have advanced beyond paper and paint to computers, where you can design and create in programs like AutoCAD.

Computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) programs have been around for decades, but only in the last decade or so have they become the go-to programs for professional-level designers and engineers. “CAD” stands for “computer-aided design” and refers to any type of program that allows users to design and create drawings. The drawings may be in architectural, engineering, and other types of professional applications, such as mechanical design, equipment design, and so on.

To use a CAD program, you first need to download the software to your computer. Depending on which version of AutoCAD you use, this process may be more complicated than with other apps. For example, you have to have a copy of Windows operating system on your computer or you can’t install AutoCAD on your computer. Furthermore, there is no AutoCAD version of a blank CD-ROM, so you’ll need to purchase one.

Another reason why CAD software is so popular is that it’s relatively inexpensive. This is true even of high-end versions

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AutoCAD does not always support importing other CAD file formats. For example, it does not support importing STEP, IGES, Parasolid, CATIA, Solidworks or other formats.

Support for AutoCAD’s predecessor, AutoCAD R14, included a similar API. The main difference is that it does not support Visual LISP, and instead supports a proprietary LISP called “ADF”. Both are available for download in the Autodesk Exchange Apps.

Autodesk has supported extending AutoCAD since its debut, including with Visual LISP and Autodesk Exchange.

AutoCAD supports extending its functionality through the use of plug-ins. AutoCAD can open files from different file formats, including 2D CAD and architectural design and drafting (engineering) standards like IES and DWG. An AutoCAD program is the software engine, which contains the Autodesk application. A separate program, called a host application, controls the AutoCAD program and supports the interface between it and the user.

Another kind of extension is a plug-in, a software module which is designed to add new functionality to an AutoCAD program. An extension can access AutoCAD’s functionality using an application programming interface (API). Plug-ins are based on the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and the concept of message queues, to implement a loosely coupled architecture.

Visual LISP

Visual LISP is a programming language designed to be used for customizing and automation of AutoCAD. Visual LISP is an interpreted language. Users can write an application in Visual LISP, which will run inside the AutoCAD program. Visual LISP was developed at Autodesk as a method of extending AutoCAD. The Visual LISP programming environment provides a customized command line interpreter. Visual LISP syntax closely resembles English. It uses similar commands to what is found in a programming language such as PHP or Visual Basic, but uses AutoCAD specific commands. The Visual LISP coding environment supports the Visual LISP User Interface, a form with buttons, text boxes, etc., used for creating code. It also allows the user to view a list of all available code objects.

When a Visual LISP application is run, it will run in the AutoCAD program, using the Visual LISP runtime environment. This allows Visual L

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What’s New In?

You can now import visual markup from:

Hand-drawing (using the Autodesk® Pen/Touch® app), paper or PDF file formats

Static and animated Autodesk® Vector™ graphics, including Adobe® Illustrator (.ai) files

Text-based text and imported PDF files

Use the same method for importing any type of markup, including visual, text, and shape data.

If you are running AutoCAD LT 2020 or earlier, the Markup Import feature is not available in that version.

Fully Visual Workflow:

Embed annotations, text, and shapes in drawings while working on a model, as opposed to at design time.

Insight-driven design:

Use the improved Visual Environment for efficiently and effectively managing information and interactions that arise during the design and development process.

Designer productivity:

Improvements to engineering data that support the creation of complex design models, and a new AutoCAD Professional subscription option.

Color design:

Create custom color palettes and auto-correct color inconsistencies.

Project collaboration:

Improve the collaboration experience within your Autodesk® project files.

How to prepare:

To get the most out of the new AutoCAD 2023 release, you’ll need to update your AutoCAD software to the latest version. AutoCAD is fully integrated with AutoCAD LT, meaning you don’t need to upgrade to AutoCAD LT to get these new features.

There are two ways to update your AutoCAD:

Autodesk® 360 Upgrade: Using Autodesk® 360, as your only AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT software, you can update your entire installation or the parts of your installation where you don’t have Autodesk® software already installed. AutoCAD can be updated in any installation mode (i.e., licensed through an online subscription or purchased as a perpetual license). Autodesk® 360 is also an essential part of the new AutoCAD Release and you can get AutoCAD LT in an upgrade to Autodesk® 360.

Autodesk® Professional Upgrade: Autodesk® Professional allows you to purchase and install the latest version of AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT through an AutoCAD Professional subscription. When you have Autodesk® Professional, you can install the latest version of AutoCAD

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, or Vista, Internet Explorer 8 or higher, 2GB RAM
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