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The following data and conclusions are based on the analysis of a random sample of 1,743 real estate professionals, including architects, survey respondents, designers, building contractors, and commercial real estate agents, throughout the United States. Responses are tabulated in this report by using the results of the same survey in the 2014 rankings.

The top five skills used to work in real estate, as of 2018, are:

• Technical drawing and design

• Business analysis

• Building design and construction

• Estimating

• Site management

The top five sources used to find information about real estate jobs, as of 2018, are:

• Facebook


• Google

• LinkedIn

• Twitter

On a local level, agents who belong to the NAR can be extremely useful resources. Use the Agent Finder to find the best agents in your local market.

To view the current rankings of the top 100 U.S. markets for real estate professionals, click here.

Note: As described above, the data and conclusions presented in this study are based on a random sample of 1,743 real estate professionals.

The following two conclusions are based on weighted averages of the 2018 ranks.

The most desirable job in real estate is real estate sales agent.

The second most desirable job in real estate is real estate sales associate.

Attending classes in real estate offers as a career is the lowest ranked job in the field.

Attending classes in marketing and advertising is the highest ranked job in the field.

Note: These results are based on a random sample of 1,743 real estate professionals.

1. The most desirable job in real estate is real estate sales agent.

The data shows that real estate sales agents are generally well-regarded and highly regarded by real estate professionals. Real estate agents who participate in more online marketing are also seen as more desirable.

How real estate sales agents are viewed depends on many factors. Some agents (known as millennials) are seen as the perfect blend of honesty and service, as well as innovation and creativity. They are also considered as driven and ambitious.

From a real estate agent’s perspective, the top three most desirable skills are technical drawing and design, business analysis, and business development. When it comes to business, real estate agents have the tools to help their clients make better business decisions

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Lifecycle management
The AutoCAD Crack Mac Lifecycle Management feature allows for the creation of lifecycle documentation to support the design/build/delivery process.


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Autodesk Wiki page on AutoCAD

Category:Computer-aided design software
Category:DACS Group software
Category:2014 softwareCisco announced a partnership with China-based cloud-computing firm Alibaba earlier this week, but the announcement is just a small part of a larger partnership that will see the two companies collaborating in a variety of key areas.

The deal will see Alibaba deliver 10 Cisco data centres in China and become a provider of services for the global networking giant’s cloud products.

By becoming the new cloud provider for Cisco’s cloud business, Alibaba will be able to offer a full range of services including data centres, cloud services, and managed network services. This will enable Alibaba to offer a similar service model to the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace Cloud.

Alibaba’s main aim is to expand its cloud computing business and build up its cloud computing services to allow for more businesses to take advantage of its cloud computing infrastructure.

The cloud computing infrastructure of the future is already here, and while it might not be the cloud computing model you’ve been thinking of, it’s here, it’s growing, and it’s becoming a bigger part of the way we do business.

We look at the market as a whole, and one thing that is clear is that every day people are moving more and more of their services online. As a result, we see cloud computing as a way to deliver on-demand services.

This agreement with Cisco is part of the way Alibaba will achieve this, and is expected to start bringing services to market in the first quarter of 2012.

One of the major announcements about this deal is that it’s bringing Alibaba’s cloud computing infrastructure to the US. This means that Alibaba can deliver its services anywhere in the world, and by doing so it will deliver more value to more customers.

By bringing its infrastructure to the US, Alibaba will be able to offer much of the same cloud services that it offers to customers in China and elsewhere.

Given that this deal is going to be important to Cisco, and this is such a major move for Alibaba, it’s not surprising to see that Cisco is revealing the deal now.

For its part, Cisco

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How to use a regex to identify a string without any apostrophe

I have an input field and I want to use a regex to identify that the string is no an apostrophe. It could be a string with apostrophe or a string with double or single apostrophe.


You should use a lookahead:

RegEx Demo
Note that if you have matching groups in your regex, you need to escape the apostrophe:

RegEx Demo
Alternatively, you can use a negative lookahead and look for apostrophe only

RegEx Demo
Note that this will also match strings with double quotes like this


What is the name of the music that plays when you press the power button on a mac?

I’m writing a bash script to power on my mac. If I press the power button a few times, the music starts and plays for several seconds. I don’t think it’s an official Apple sound, but I’m not sure what it’s called. What is the name of this music?


It is the “System Sound” that is played when the Mac is powered on.
It is the same as the one you get when selecting Apple Menu > Restart.
While not exactly the same, it sounds like the same thing to me.


SQL Server 2005 Last successful transaction id

I need to find the last successful transaction id for a particular table.
The table I’m looking at has 3 columns, id (the primary key), timestamp (for the exact time) and type (either insert or update).
I need to find out which was the last id to be inserted.


Assuming your ID column is your primary key (and you have some kind of valid

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Markup Assist helps you incorporate feedback into your drawing without losing context. For example, when you change a line, no matter what the line’s original purpose was, the assist prompts you for the new purpose so you’re not left wondering. (video: 3:15 min.)

You can access the Markup Assist button in a few different places. Once you’ve imported a design, you can access the Markup Assist button right inside the drawing to mark up drawings you’ve already created. Or, you can use the Markup Assist button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Markup Assist is completely free and available right in AutoCAD.

Enhanced Drawing Controls:

Unlock hundreds of additional drawing controls for more flexibility and speed. For example, you can draw traditional parallel and perpendicular lines, or more complex parallel or perpendicular lines with control points. You can also place dynamic text, measure, and customize the appearance of your lines.

Access a range of drawing controls with the new drawing tools panel. The drawing tools panel helps you quickly access a wide range of drawing controls from anywhere in your drawing.

Use the new dedicated keys to access many drawing controls. In AutoCAD, you can find your drawing controls within the drawing tools panel. You can also use dedicated keys to access many drawing controls.

Drawing Controls that you might expect to be part of AutoCAD have already been incorporated in. For example, you can select features, measure, and edit objects.

You can also access many drawing controls with the following menu options:

• Drawing Controls

• Drawing Tools

• 3D View (CAD/DWG)

• Drafting

• Drawing Options

• Mesh

• Text

Enhanced 3D View:

Make your drawings come to life with powerful visual experiences. You can experience AutoCAD as you would imagine it.

Use AutoCAD’s state-of-the-art 3D view to see and interact with your drawings like never before. AutoCAD’s powerful 3D view provides the 3D capability you need to design 3D models, place 3D components, and view 3D content.

Explore 3D Models:

Create models of your designs or even a physical prototype of your product. Use a template to rapidly create a 3D

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements
Operating System: Windows 7, 8 or 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen R5-2400 or equivalent (2.6 GHz or faster)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD RX 480 (4 GB) / Intel HD 530
Hard Drive: At least 40 GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: The Steam version requires 4 GB