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* Zoom to study the world’s largest star and spend the day in its depths in scientific exploration mode, or just admire its beauty!
* Discover and compare 3 worlds of stars: Messier, Rorwicki and Swan.
* Explore 30+ star systems: choose your solar system, type a planet, and dive in the universe!
* Use the real time control to study constellations: Pan, tilt and slide the sky to enjoy the beauty of constellations.
* Use the tracking marker to study the skies and the stars just like our ancestors did!
* See what the real world looks like from the star’s point of view, using real VR cameras!
* Enjoy the seamless integration with Google Earth and Google Maps!
Tell your friends about Uncorporeal!
Uncorporeal is a brainchild of artist and science-fiction writer. He created this demo as a part of a VR community exhibition called “Cosmic Explorer”.
The game has been created by writing and coding. By using Unity and VR room technology, we get a smooth and realistic experience of the Virtual Reality.
Game is in development. Help us and be part of a community making this world closer to the next generation of Virtual Reality.
More info about Uncorporeal and IEO Demo:
Uncorporeal is the FIRST Space-based VR demo for Virtual Reality.
It’s a first party product made by VR-Oculus and is destined for a public release very soon.
It allows you to study the World in a totally different way!
The basic goal is to get you to explore the world around you, get you discovering new things and have fun.
It’s just a personal project of a single developer from few hours to few days. The complexity of the project seems like it’s going on an infinitely long trip. That’s probably one of the reasons why it took almost 6 years from its beginning to finish!
The project is going on a crowdfunding campaign to support development,
you can find here :
About the game:
Uncorporeal is a VR project that takes the player on a journey that lets them discover the stars and constellations.
The player takes part in a crowdsource funded virtual reality project.
The players experience the cosmos as the night sky looks like a hundred years ago. They can discover the universe just like our ancestors did.


Features Key:

  • Automatic Updater: it will auto update games when the updated version is available
  • Gaming: online play
  • Friendly Games: invite your friends to play with you online
  • Chat: Get invitres game keys on your chats. Simply send your friends a link to download their free games

Key Features:

  • Compete against players globally; win prizes, reach higher level and earn experience points
  • Immerse yourself and be part of an epic adventure
  • Travel through dungeons, pyramids, castles, catacombs and more
  • Discover new lands and complete quests
  • Fight against hordes of undead creatures, wizards, skeletons, dragons, vampires, werewolves and more.
  • Chat with other players and conquer the AI

How to install it for Free?

  • Download and run the CollabHub for Mac Installer.
  • Read more feature details
  • Tap on Allow when asked to install the game key


Winged Sakura: Endless Dream – Soundtrack Crack + PC/Windows (April-2022)

At first, Sangeetha, author of “ReMind: Meditation for Stress Relief”, was not interested in this mindfulness exercise. But she kept on listening to her students’ feedback about the need of Mindfulness exercises for a stress-free day, and this really helped her to find the shortest, easiest and easiest-to-understand mindfulness exercise for beginners and intermediate meditation practitioners.
Try this 30-day wellness program to find out how the ReMind can help you to find the method and the practice of daily meditation.
ReMind has been designed to help you increase your mindfulness, enhance your focus and remove stress throughout the day with just few minutes of practice, every day, in little bursts of 15 minutes.
– You can practice it anytime, anywhere: on your own or with a friend, your partner or any other person you choose
– It’s short, easy to practice and motivating.
– No previous meditation experience is required.
– No specific instruction is required.
– No specific space needed.
– No special posture needed.
– No special equipments needed.
– No long term commitment.
– Easy to follow, step by step guided instructions.
Key Features
– All your practice time is automatically captured so you can view your progress over time
– Learn when and how to practice ReMind for maximum effect
– Set a reminder to automatically start each day’s practice at an easy to remember time
– No other commitment
– No long term commitment
– No special equipments needed
– No previous meditation experience is required
How To Use:
– Log in to your ReMind account
– Select one of the ReMind meditation exercises
– Add the ReMind app to your smartphone or tablet and start to practice mindfulness every day.
– You can listen to an audio version of any exercise on your device or at
Supported Platforms
– iPhone (iOS 7+) & iPad
– Android (4.4+)
– Windows Phone (8.1+)
You may not use this product for commercial use. You are given a one-time, non-refundable license to use the ReMind App for personal use.
Click here to purchase ReMind as an Android App or iPhone App.

Buy on Google Play

Buy on Apple App Store


Winged Sakura: Endless Dream – Soundtrack X64 [March-2022]



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Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Team Ice Cream VR plops you down on an island to make ice cream to hordes of customers. Either go it alone as a solo ice cream maestro taking on the world of ice cream in VR or get assistance from a friend playing on the PC.

When playing co-op, only the assistant playing on PC can see the customers’ orders, so better sharpen your communication skills! Prepare for hours of hectic fun!

Get Money – Make sure the ice cream you deliver to the customer is quick and tasty and your tip jar will fill up nicely. Fail to deliver a cone up to the customer’s standards, however, and your reputation may take a hit.

Get Good – Making the perfect cone of soft serve isn’t as easy as it looks! Scoops come with their own challenges, too, as some customers may want multiple flavors in a single ball.

Get Help – Play as The Assistant on PC to help the Maestro out. You get to perform noble tasks such as attracting customers, taking orders and keeping seagulls away from tables!

Get Fancy – Show off with an outfit only fit for ice cream royalty such as yourself or go wild and express your artistic side, it’s all up to you. Of course, you can only dress in what you can afford.

Features Day & Night Cycle – Work from dawn ’til dusk

Ice Cream Physics – Drop your ice cream and watch it slop on the ground

Local Co-Op – Have a friend on the PC help you out, everything is more fun together

Player Customization – Make your character your own

Tip System – Earn money from tips to buy upgrades that help your game

Upgrades – Buy upgrades that help you earn more tips, faster


“ The most immersive ice cream parlor game out there! ”

– Kotaku

“ The icing on the cake is just how much fun it is to be a cone swinger on the lookout for customers and delivering the perfect cone… Whatever life, ice cream or otherwise, has to offer. ”

– Penny Arcade

“ Fun little game with a creative premise and lots of


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