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Name Talisman – The Blood Moon Expansion: Legendary Deck
Publisher galcha
Format File
Rating 4.96 / 5 ( 5276 votes )
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Fast paced arcade action. “High” Difficulty.
Respect the memes.
Play the game. Build the best vessel to return home.
You are a fire-proof dragon in a firey spaceship.
Destroy the enemy memes!
Watch out for stasis beams!
Throw your favorite meme at the enemy to destroy them.
Use your favorite weapons of meme destruction!
Catch more memes to upgrade your ship and make it more formidable!
Collect stars to upgrade your space ship!
Race against your friends, and beat their scores!
Earn achievements!
– Early Access version is free
– Final version is NOT currently in development.
– I will add features if I have time.
– This game is stand alone, so your entry doesn’t need any previous knowledge of memes or meme dragons.
*If you have any feedback, feel free to contact me at:


Most Meme Dragons Survived the Apocalypse

Most Meme Dragons Survived the Apocalypse

Most Meme Dragons Survived the Apocalypse

Meme Dragons were our early emergency backup in case the electricity went out on New Years Eve. As we know, nothing lasts forever – but the internet proved victorious again!
The meme successfully returned with Lightning Storm equipment for its incoming storm in October of 2017! The Electric Velocity logo was found in a very shallow pool with its head still attached to its body. The head had to be cut off due to the location and the presence of debris, but I was lucky to get the great look at the beginning of its journey in the stream last month.
This video is our biggest attempt to date to track down all of the remains of The Mighty Meme Dragons, and live-stream their reassembling back to their position in the world. Many members from the Discord server have helped out with this project, and it’s now finally finished.
If you’d like to see my Patreon donation page here is the link below, this will allow us to continue helping these Meme Dragons continue their reign.

My Facebook page:

My Twitter:

DarkSky Streaming:
| @darkskystream



Talisman – The Blood Moon Expansion: Legendary Deck Features Key:

  • Simple battles
  • Earn Battlecards by winning each battle
  • Study the Leaderboard to see how you are doing
  • Earn Progress to unlock: High-Tech / Heavy Duty Gauges, Warps, Boosters

    Step into the cockpit of the enemy base and attack allied troops in real time.
    Look after your crew while you are in combat, watch out for enemy fire, maintain your shields,
    and maximize your power ups to get ahead of your enemies in Endless mode to unlock Boosters.


    Your mission is to get ahead of your enemy and attack their base.


    Balance is crucial to winning, sometimes you’ll need a diversion to give your crew time to destroy their base,
    otherwise you’ll have to use your Sidearms on enemy troops:
    Cripple, Choke, and Kill.


    • Crew of 3
    • Sidearms
    • Basic Armor


    There is nothing too excessive in your equipment, apart from the 4 Player 1 Option you can play in single player.
    This is your crew, improve them, and improve the design of your base.


    We’re trying to keep the game relatively balanced but we’re still looking for playtesters and feedback.
    Please get in touch on ct@playablethq.com

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    Talisman – The Blood Moon Expansion: Legendary Deck Crack + Full Product Key

    • You’re a powerful Mutant warrior, capable of tearing down hordes of monsters with one swipe of your massive sledgehammer!
    • Craft powerful gear to become the ultimate hero, unleashed and ready to save the realm of Jayde!
    Key Features:
    • Die-hard Shooter Action – This fast-paced action shooter game delivers constant action with over 25 powerful weapons and a wide variety of locations to explore.
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    Survival: Danger is looming near! In a world torn apart by war and famine, only the strongest survive! Use a combination of strategic thinking, skill and tactics to battle hordes of monsters and avoid the traps that await you.
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    Time is running out. Survive!
    • Fight for the survival of the strongest!
    Survival: Danger is looming near! In a world torn apart by war and famine, only the strongest survive!
    How to Play:
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    What’s new in Talisman – The Blood Moon Expansion: Legendary Deck:

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    System Requirements:

    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1800+ / 2.0 GHz
    Memory: 128 MB RAM required
    Hard Disk: 2 GB available space
    Video Card: Direct X 9.0 compatible graphics card, 64 MB VRAM
    Input device: Keyboard and Mouse
    Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
    Graphics card driver: Open GL 1.1 (version 9.0)
    Recommended: DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card, 128 MB VRAM