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“Way of Boy” is the series of action-adventure games about the adventures of “the last boy,” “Xer”, who with the help of a “Kharakatz”, manages to overcome all his enemies. He is not afraid to deal with hardened criminals, dangerous gangs and other ruthless hoodlums. And the battle for the survival of the hero “Xer” can be a long one, but at the end of the day, you will overcome evil and destroy it.
Game Xplorable, as long as the “Way of Boy” series, will further develop.
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Rift Keeper Features Key:

  • Mission – You will have to complete 5 missions in order to get your revenge in LoroMotives.


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For lovers of fairy-tales and adventure games, this game takes you to dark dimension of a world in which you participate in a quest to rescue the princess from the clutches of a wicked witch. Help to the Prince to set free the frog-princes who have been enchanted by the Fairy-Tale Fairy, and to achieve the happy ending of all the fairy-tales once and for all.
Each princess of this game was chosen for the fairy-tale by the heart of the hero, and it is all due to him that the princess-princesses will save the hero’s love. Nevertheless, the prince will help the Fairy-Tale Fairy to restore the happy endings to all the fairy-tales at all cost.
All the new methods and adventures will make you participate in a quest to find all the hidden love of the heroes and the princess in the magical dark dimension of the world in which you are a part of.
The fantasy story will be dressed up in such a fairy-tale style that is associated with good moments of the fairy-tales.
All the characters of the fairy-tales are placed within the world of the game. All the fairy-tales will be turned into game-modes, and all the hidden love between the heroes and the princesses in the game will be revealed to you.
– Full of fantasy fairy-tale style
– Complete happy endings of all the fairy-tales
– All new adventures and methods
– Beautiful graphics
– Some important changes and improvements to the gameplay
– Multilanguage
What’s New
June 30, 2018
– Bugs fixing and improvementsQ:

Problem with Angularjs Scope

I have a controller and a service. The service injects the controller and I have a list in the controller.
I want the list items to change from one to another according to an object in the controller.
Here is the service:
.service(‘abcService’, function() {
var abc = “Test”;

this.setAbc = function(newAbc) {
abc = newAbc;

this.getAbc = function() {
return abc;

Here is the controller:
‘use strict’;



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