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The Game School Fab Lab VR, is the first virtual reality designed by K12 educators for K12 educators.
School Fab Lab VR is free and open source with no monetization. The game was developed by the Game School in Toronto, Canada, and has been used in collaboration with schools across the US, Canada and the UK.
School Fab Lab VR is also a huge online community of educators. We started by enabling educators to watch and share 3D-printing process with other educators and end-users through our online documentation. We expanded to other topics, including tutorials and virtual-learning games.
We have a wide range of apps that educate on the same topics with educational video content created by K12 educators.
In addition, our apps reach early learners with the Sesame Workshop apps Dino Lab VR and Sesame Street Fab Lab VR.
More about the Pivot VR App:
The Pivot VR App is our most advanced open source virtual reality.
This VR app allows you to:
* Fly a drone in a virtual space
* Build a digital space station
* Explore other planets
* Create your own 3D printer in VR
* Change the dimensions, 3D print your digital space station in a wide range of size and shape
The Pivot VR App is free and open source. It is available on all the major VR platforms, including: Steam, Oculus Go, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Android and iOS.
Our mission is to bring education to all. We are reinventing learning in a digital world through the use of VR. Our goal is to open the door to learning in a new environment and a new way.
We have a wide range of apps that educate on the same topics with educational video content created by K12 educators.
We create and manage open source and free content. We work in collaboration with teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs and technologists. We are driven by giving back to our community.
We invite you to get involved and help us transform how teachers and students learn, develop and share.
Sesame Workshop Apps:
More about the Games:
We create and manage open source and free content. We work in collaboration with teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs and technologists. We are driven by giving back to our community.
The Game Lab App provides games that are clean, simple and engaging.
For those looking for high production quality applications, The App Lab App provides high quality applications.
We create and


Features Key:

  • 3D – 1 Player Game
  • 4 Fun Free Gift – Coin Collector or Lotto
  • 16 different moveable objects
  • 128 Color Maps
  • No Ads or pop-ups
  • Parental Controls
  • Help Menu
  • Support Forum


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* Hardware requirements
In order to play the game, we need:
– Windows 7 or later
– Minimum OS memory: 4 GB
– Mininum OS performance: 2 GB / Core 2 Duo
* In order to use this application, you must have a headset for support.
* Format exclusive to Play Station 4.
* There are two methods of installation.
– Downloading the game using Play Store.
– Downloading the game using Agetro web site.

E4/GA portlet error messages in the viewport

When using the E4/GA portlets (eg tag files that come with the thing), there are often error messages that pop up in the viewport that are NOT displayed in the same region that the portlet is used for the page. I’ve looked through the CSS and the code and could not find any reason why.
Are the error messages supposed to be in a different region?
If so, what tag or any other explanation of why the error messages are not displayed for example in the footer region when they are used to render tags that belong to that region?


The error messages and other not-obvious data that the portlet generates in the webapp are added to the component tree. They end up in the regions where the portlets are, since they are rendered in that same component tree.
However, there may be a case for where you want the portlet to generate a hierarchy of elements that will be rendered in an area of the page above the portlet. In such a case you can use the portlet’s renderXxx() methods to add extra components to the parent region. This will cause the portlet to generate those extra elements in that parent region.
For instance, the following portlet uses the renderXxx() methods to add a couple of fields to the page:


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The Gameplay Golf: Par Bundle is a collection of golf games that focus on letting you experience the best golf courses from around the world in a diverse set of well-designed mini games. There are 3 different golf games, where you can play through some of the best golf courses in the world, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of these historic golf courses and the diverse and unique regions they are found in.
3 unique mini games to play: Hold, Pitch and Putt, Plucking the Bling, and Stacking the Cups
Approx. 2,000 real-life golf courses: From the Open Championship in St. Andrews to just around the corner in Las Vegas. Experience how some of the best golf courses from around the world are played.
A diverse set of golf courses from around the world. Experience how some of the best golf courses from around the world are played.
A breath-taking collection of unique scenery from around the world.
Bonus mini game: Pipe Shot, a bonus mini game of Pitching the Bling, a fun mini-game to play to score bonus points by working in sequence to collect the bling pieces and complete the picture before the timer runs out.
High score tracking: Race to beat your friends and challenge the world!
Social integration, leaderboards and achievements: Compare your progress with your friends and see where you stand!
Over 2.5 million downloads worldwide and growing!
Developer / Publisher: Astragon Studio Inc.
For information about other apps by Astragon Studio, visit:





By Scorpiongnome

Great game! I just can’t wait to buy it now!



By Snowbetty

great game, love the style and vibe, so wish it was on PS4!!! also like the fact it’s free!!!!!

Outstanding game


By Ereel Games

Brilliant game. User friendly, great graphics. Fantastic price.

Amazing game!


By UltraSuper

Amazing game! This game has a great number of issues such as lack of a variety of guns, lack of health packs and supply boxes, lack of


What’s new:

– 8/19/2016

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Songj Torbel – 3/26/2015

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Take control of either a male or female character as they explore a world filled with deadly creatures, ghost towns, dungeons, ruins and ruins.
Find 8 Elemental Orbs scattered across the land.
Protect them from the Darkness using 6 different story elements.
Find 9 different types of keys and items.
Battle 6 different beasts.
Fish 6 different types of bait and pole.
Create 3 different different types of gear.
Create over 250 different items and weapons.
Collect over 1000 Herbs and Bolts and create 250+ new combinations.
In different version’s of this game you can craft items and weapons.
Fight boss battles.
Use the Rogue’s and Wizards’ skill trees.
Create new adventure maps to explore.
Explore new game zones and cities
Use skills and receive upgrades.
Trade items in your shops.
Visit your home in the town square.
Find new enemies and beasts across the land.
Learn new levels of fishing.
Learn more about the many dangerous caves and dungeons.
Mine 6 different ores and merge them into stronger ore types.
Miles and miles of dirt road.
Pick up 2000+ different items and items.
Find over 1000 Herbs and Bolts and create over 300+ new combinations.
Pick up powerful new items and items.
Fight bosses.
Recover in towns and cities.
Fish using different bait types and levels of fishing poles.
Fish deep into the sea.
Fishermen can mine a total of 6 different types of ore from the depths of the sea.
Herb hunter’s can mine 6 different types of ore from the depths of the sea.
Fishermen can craft up to 100 new items and weapons in different versions of this game.
Visit merchants and trade items in your shops.
Fight bosses.
Fight bosses in different versions of this game.
Pick up items and items at different levels.
Fight bosses on different versions of this game.
Customize to be a hero.
Sell your items and items in your shops.
Use and sell over 70 different types of herbs.
Increase your fishing pole level.
Mine Ore at 6 different levels of ore.
Mine Ore at 3 different levels of ore.
Fight bosses.
Battle bosses on different versions of this game.
Collect 5000 different herbs and bolts.
Create herbs and bolts for your crafting.
Create herbs and bolts at different levels.
Use herbs and


How To Crack:

  • Copy Game Girls & sweets from cd/zip-file or other location
  • Paste game Girls & sweets
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System Requirements For Project Altheia:

Wii U
Wii U Online Access
Windows 7
Windows 8
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 640, or later
AMD Athlon II X4 640, or later RAM: 512 MB, or later
512 MB, or later HDD: 10 GB, or later
10 GB, or later Wii U Console
Red Ring of Death error code
Red Ring of Death error code Display Type: HDMI 1.4a
HDMI 1.4a Resolution: 720p


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