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Time is running out…
The legendary kingdom of Northwind is shrouded in mystery. At first, it seemed that a treasure hoard buried beneath the quaint streets of downtown belonged to some brave adventurer. In reality, the capital of Northwind has been hidden beneath the peaceful façade since the time of King Arthur, supposedly revealing his secret lair. Your mission is to restore the throne and rescue the kingdom’s most precious history and artifacts. With your help, the people of Northwind will be able to restore the real history of King Arthur.
Key Game Features:
10 Unique levels to explore, and the best ones are featured in the special Collector’s Edition!
Use time manipulation to change history!
Time is running out… what can you do?
In a story-driven adventure, with clever gameplay and quality puzzles, uncover the secrets of a hidden world!
Enjoy an original point & click experience, with nice narration and memorable characters!
Join 3 heroes on an epic quest to uncover the mystery of the hidden kingdom of Northwind!
Earn points to redeem items for help and items to solve puzzles, such as bonus games, features, and more!
Discover a dozen incredibly unique locations, each with its own unique art style, puzzles, and narration.
There are over 60 puzzles with multiple solutions.
Character-specific abilities are used throughout the game.
Use time manipulation to change history!
Customize your heroes!
Decorate a room to make it more cozy, and see how it influences the puzzles in the game.
Open up the special Collector’s Edition of Northwind to the bonus mini-game!
Orignal Collector’s Edition Game Details
Northwind Collector’s Edition includes:
•Region-free: You can play on Mac or PC!
•Unlock every level and every puzzle!
•Save and start over anywhere!
•Extend your gameplay time with 8 hours of time in the bonus chapter!
•Discover the truth behind the legends of King Arthur!
•Discover a dozen insanely unique locations, each with its own unique art style, puzzles, and narration!
•Play multiplayer with up to four people!
•Transform yourself, upgrade your heroes and customize your rooms!
•The Legendary Book of Northwind
•Downloadable Wallpapers and Soundtrack
•Bonus Chapter: The Myth of King Arthur
•An exclusive look behind the scenes!


Pixel Puzzles Illustrations Amp; Anime – Jigsaw Pack: Little Dogs Features Key:

  • Engage in the rich story of King Arthur’s glorious exploration of his namesake land and the lusty adventures that follow, surrounded by excellent English and French story-tellers
  • Choose between a variety of playable characters, all featuring attractive special moves and comical charm
  • A working “fake-player” mode where one player can take advantage of the other player’s actions
  • Enhance your skills by fighting against legendary opponents from history and myth
  • Experience a visually stunning adaptation of the epic story of King Arthur and the Round Table where each story-telling is told by a beautiful voice-over cast
  • Working & Beta

    This game is still under development and will be included in the 360 Live! Update later this spring. If you place a copy of Xbox Live Arcade game Heads by Bread&Cake into your basket you’ll automatically receive the 320X title free of charge. Choose to redeem the voucher by talking to your Avatar once it has been added to your basket & notify your Avatar that the game is ready to download and play below the offer in your Marketplace.


    This game contains no in-app purchases.


    File Size:

    404.9 MB

    Spectacular – May 2011, PC, Xbox Live Arcade, DS & PS3

    i tried to use the XAP package and i faced the same issue/error for some other games that were on Xbox live, apparently the XAP package doesn’t allow me to apply that :/

    the cip file i used was the k2.dmg file located here:

    curious that i was able to get it to work by extracting it and then double clicking/launching (gui shortcut in the shortcut menu)


    Pixel Puzzles Illustrations Amp; Anime – Jigsaw Pack: Little Dogs Crack [Mac/Win] [Updated]

    Race the fastest 8-bit/16-bit racer in the world on fantastic hand-made tracks. Test your wits in a dynamic campaign mode, equipped with a collection of crazy tracks and vehicles – you decide which track to drive on, the speed, and the amount of tricks you want to pull. Test yourself!

    8bit Racing Stars is a free racing game for the PlayStation. 8bit Racing Stars is a brilliant racing game with a stunning modern art style and a fun arcade racing feel.
    Welcome to new 8bit Racing Stars! Dress up your character with the available skins and polish up your car from the smelly garage. Choose your car, choose a track and go for first place! But be careful, for a long distance you need to develop your skills. Use your steering, accelerate and brake as well as handle your jump kick! Build up your skill and buy new parts for your car to be the top racer of the era.
    Show the judges your best trick and fight for the high scores.

    A traditional and traditional way of video games
    “Fairytale” is a traditional and traditional way of video games, but the interface of the game itself is very clear and easy to understand. The game play itself is very simple, but there’s a lot of fun and interesting for children to.

    There is not much to do just ride around the city. The only things you can do are to buy a new sports car and to go for a ride around the city and to see all the animations of the car. Once you have beaten the game just go back to start and all your car’s information will be restored back.

    If you have a premium account you may access the cars you have bought after beating the game.

    • 3 levels of difficulty in the game
    • You can choose between three cars
    • A very cool soundtrack.

    This is a great game. For a mobile game, the quality is great. Graphics are great too, motion is very smooth, and the gameplay is simple but fun. It would be great if there is more gameplay besides that of riding around the city.

    There is a lot of fun and interesting for children to. Kids will enjoy this game. And adults may enjoy this game once in a while.

    This is a wonderful game. For a mobile game, the quality is great. Graphics are great too, motion is very smooth, and the gameplay is simple but fun. It would be great if there is more gameplay


    Pixel Puzzles Illustrations Amp; Anime – Jigsaw Pack: Little Dogs Serial Key [Latest 2022]

    Created by CirroNeko with assistance from Blueberry and DJ Mackey

    This is a 3D Dungeon Crawler. You can expect to fight Skeletons, Zombies, Demons, Slime, Ghouls, Ghastly Ghosts, Lizards, Behemoths, Nocurs, and Monster Kids.

    Our team is made of Joe, Ryan, and Blueberry.

    We’re currently looking for a voice actor to voice over the game’s main NPC, Sourpie! We are looking for someone with a distinct character and a good love of voice acting. Any race is good for the role. It is recommended that you send a recording of your voice. If you are selected, we will need at least 5 hours of sound work.

    We are expecting to release our alpha build in the first half of June.

    We are already working on a demo, so if you’d like to try before we release the game, you can go to our discord server.



    Slayaway Camp is a 3D dungeon crawler, and is a parody of the survival horror genre. You will be playing as Sourpie, a red haired girl, who is looking for her father. While on a journey, she finds a haunted house. You must work to survive, and find her father. You will encounter monsters, and fight them. You will solve puzzles, and learn new skills along the way.

    The story is completely hand made by CirroNeko. It will be a simple story, with new puzzles and monsters to find. You can expect to travel around a dungeon, defeating monster and bosses. You can expect to find items, levels, recipes, items, and monsters.

    Here are a couple of frames from the game, just to give you a look into the world.

    CYCLES TO HELL– A 3D Fantasy Anime (YES, REALLY)

    Cyclers to Hell is an anime inspired by genres of monster films, and scary games. This series will not be a true role playing game. We will be delivering a complete anime experience, with a story, enemies, and non canon universe where you can freely explore.

    Cyclers to Hell is an award winning game that will be completely hand made, and hand animated. This will be a full studio project with voice acting, and music, all created by the very talented


    What’s new in Pixel Puzzles Illustrations Amp; Anime – Jigsaw Pack: Little Dogs:

    /13/78 the Cafe Sidebar was the best of the year.

    The Front room. Buncha meet’n’s and meet’n’s. Shared bottles, that’s all I can remember.

    The Front and the back.. The back Parlor, Erik always hated that room, even called it the suicide.

    And we had an epic sissy’s party. And I am talking epic.

    Erik and his boy Fucker. That’s a picture bomb, that was in 80’s class.

    Look at the sissy’rs, and look at why. You just have to chuckle.

    The GTC, and its big ass liquor drink. They wouldn’t let Erik have a drink by him, so he kept buying. You can just imagine it.

    The GTC is where we did our favorite party of the year, the Mutiny.

    Evening of 2/16/79. I call this night my favorite because that year I met my best friends. I had finally took the big step, and took the Bond up and moved to a flat. Yeah, a flat! No more GTC grind. I didn’t need no more GTC grind.

    My roommates Dave & Elaine.

    The first time I met Dave, I was walking in DT with Dan & Steven. All 3 of us had fresh unbaked pizza. I was a sophomore, and wouldn’t let anyone order from the cafe. So even with a pizza, we were all still playing chicken and hiding the fact that we were too poor to get pizza like this. We had to look at each other as dorks and make sure we weren’t boning something up. I don’t know how long we stood there waiting for each other to get a slice out of the pan. I always remember very well that Dave was filming. For whatever reason Dan & Steven were being dorks, so we got insulted when they traded Dave & I.

    Chris Cuello, myself, Linn, John Macnamee and another friend. Want to move to a dorm? Well this is the place. As Linn said, “Hey John, we’ll make this our living room!”.

    As you know I have NEVER be a front porch kinda guy. But Tom was awesome, a year later we all worked together and I ended up living 3 houses from him.

    I met John for the first time, while I was majoring in film and he


    Free Download Pixel Puzzles Illustrations Amp; Anime – Jigsaw Pack: Little Dogs For Windows [Updated] 2022

    Beside these well-known characters, PC gamers also know Nikka Motorsports for its World War II gaming campaigns. Dauntless: Definitive Edition is the newest addition to the brand’s historical combat series. It combines the two World War II campaigns from Dauntless and Dauntless: Retribution.

    Dauntless is a hardcore combat game in which players control one of four Allied or Axis factions to fight in World War II. Through customization, in-depth weapon-crafting system and the unique new Combat Trials mode, players can step out of combat and experiment with different styles of play. Dauntless features a wide variety of weapons and vehicles from the era of conflict in the Pacific and Europe. Players can fight on land, in the air, on sea and underwater.

    Dauntless: Retribution is a fresh take on the franchise. It features a new fighting game style and more challenging gameplay for a more intense experience. It includes additional weapons, vehicles, missions, enemies and new gameplay modes. Players will take command of up to six factions in an epic 1v1 mode.

    Key Features:

    New Combat Trial Mode

    As players advance in the campaign, they will unlock new, more powerful combat trials that can be played to level up. A core feature of the Combat Trials, as players unlock new trials, they can gain access to new combat styles and weapons. There are five combat trial styles available, each with unique visual effects and attributes, allowing players to play in a way that suits their particular playstyle.

    Story Mode

    Players can play through a complete story mode, or they can play cooperatively in a ranked match. The 4-player co-op mode is new to this version of the game. They are on the “front lines” with you, and you can choose the way to defeat the enemy. Players can also play solo or in ranked matches with the AI opponent in multiplayer.

    Campaign Mode

    Players can advance through the history of World War II, each with their own faction. As you play, you will progress and unlock new equipment and upgrades for your factions. While the campaign will be familiar to veteran players, Dauntless: Definitive Edition adds a new story campaign with the inclusion of Dauntless: Retribution, as well as three new vehicles, the PT-76 light tank, the M22 Locust light tank and the AMX 32 AMG.

    Gigantic Single-


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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7
    Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Intel Core 2 Duo Memory: 2 GB RAM
    2 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 7600 or higher, ATI Radeon HD3850
    Nvidia Geforce 7600 or higher, ATI Radeon HD3850 DirectX: Version 9.0c
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